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  1. Thanks to the Brainerd Muskies Inc Chapter for another great banquet last night. Also thanks to all the sponsers for all of the great prizes!
  2. woodboat

    Jiffy auger problems.

    I had the same problem so I spoke to the folks at Feldmann Engineering (they make the Jiffy Augers) As stated in another reply, the engines are set-up at the factory in warm weather/temperatures. This makes them run way to lean in cold temps. Feldmann recommends that you "turn the right cap (red caps on the carb) counter clockwise 1/8 - 1/4 of a turn. This will allow more gas into the engine." I took the red cap off and adjusted the mixture screw. My auger works much better now and I no longer curse Jiffy while trying to start or keep my auger running.
  3. woodboat

    New to Ice Fishing

    Hi All, I'm new to Minnesota and ice fishing. I'm hoping for some helpful tips/hints. I'll start with the basics. I live near Nisswa MN and want to hear opinions on what lakes are the best for ice fishing in the area. I need a list of "can't do without equipment". Where do you recommend I go to purchase equipment. Thanks. I'm looking forward to starting my ice fishing career................JB