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  1. walleyeseeker

    2014 Fish house build

    I think your house turned out great. Are you a small business with a liability insurance policy? If not, be very careful building trailers for anyone else. I to was approached by several to build their fish houses. I am not a certified welder but can weld just fine. After talking with an owner of a local metal shop, he warned me that I am liable for any problems with the trailer. If a weld breaks three years from now, their insurance company can come back after you. Just be careful as one lawsuit will most likely ruin your future.
  2. For sale is my one year old 8" Ion auger. This thing cuts great and is everything they advertise. I used it for one trip last year and cut about 20 holes. Unfortunately time and work won't allow for any use this year so it's time to let it go. Asking $400.00. Contact Scott at [email protected]
  3. Did you know it is against the law to sell a used mattress? Good luck.
  4. walleyeseeker

    Garage Door Adjusting

    I've had this problem with doors in the past. What I found was the track was to close to the wall. Loosen the side brackets and move the track away from the wall at the top. Check that both sides are the same distance away. A quarter of an inch can make a huge difference.
  5. walleyeseeker

    Finally a 10" ION !!!

    I did that last year and used it on Upper Red Lake toward the end of the season. The ice was close to 30 inches thick and I was able to get 6 holes drilled before running out of battery. It was difficult and the auger made some funny noises. I decided to go back to the 8 inch bit and call it good. Maybe you'll have better luck.
  6. walleyeseeker

    Hail Damaged House

    If insurance is paying, why are you wasting everyone's time with bids? You can only collect the amount billed less your deductible. As a contractor having dealt with storm damage the last four years, nothing is more annoying than doing unnecessary estimates for people thinking they can screw the system to pocket some extra money. If you're just looking for the lowest price, good for you. Try to remember that after a big storm that the local contractors with a good reputation are booked first. Also be very careful with out of town storm chasers looking for work. Most that will approach you are only salesmen and do not do any of the work. Also, most will close their company after completing a years worth of work to avoid having to do any call back work.
  7. walleyeseeker

    Which atv to pull large wheelhouse?

    I know a lot of guys around here have taken off the back shocks and had a solid tube made to put back in their place. I can't say if it really hurts the atv much, but they eliminate the squat and keep the front end down.
  8. walleyeseeker

    CRAZIES and their large shacks.

    This is the attitude that keeps our rescue squads on call.
  9. walleyeseeker

    Heating a foundation over the winter???

    I am a contractor and have built houses in the winter before. We have always been required by the building inspector to keep the basement heated all winter. If the foundation were left to freeze, he said it would need to be replaced.
  10. walleyeseeker

    Adding a sill plate to a pole building

    At the rate you are saying this building is coming up, the problems are going to start growing exponentially. Your best solution would be to dig around one of the poles and see if it is sitting on a concrete pad. Also, you can see how deep they are buried. If you find it is actually lifting, then you would be best finding a good pole shed builder to advise or help you get it under control. If you cut the poles off, your building will fail in a big wind. It is not designed to stand that way. Good luck and be safe.
  11. walleyeseeker

    Stain new cedar fence?

    Steve, I would have to disagree with staining right away. Cedar should be left to weather for a minimum of six months before finishing. Cedar has natural oil in the wood that repels finishes. Letting it weather helps these oils disapate. The finish will last much longer if you let it weather, clean it, then finish it.
  12. walleyeseeker

    Stain new cedar fence?

    Thompsons is the last product you want to use on good cedar wood. Like was said earlier, let it weather for six months to a year, then treat it with something. It must be cleaned first, but will look good for many years.
  13. walleyeseeker

    Landmark shingles blowing off roof

    Hanson, I agree there was a problem with Certainteed a few years ago. They were sued, lost, and had to pay. What you aren't mentioning is your other choice, GAF, also had a class action suit against them for shingle problems. They also lost and had to pay. Both products are good products today. The main difference is the length of time since each lawsuit.
  14. walleyeseeker

    Fish Finder Question Humminbird vs Lowrance vs Garmin

    That's like the Ford/Chevy/Dodge debate. Everyone has a favorite and an arguement to back it up. I have had Lowrance for years and love them. Their customer service has had some problems, but the products I have purchased didn't cause me any issues, so I didn't need to call them. I think all three companies have some good products, but my money goes to Lowrance.
  15. walleyeseeker

    Electric outlet question

    If this is considered commercial property, you can NOT wire anything yourself. ALL commercial wiring must be done by a licensed electrician. Also, if it is commercial, all wire must be run in conduit. You can no longer use Romex style wire.