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  1. I am pretty sure that just about all thermostats will work, most of the digital ones need batteries, I might be wrong but I don’t think so…
  2. Actually about all we can do is pick up after them, a few words and a small fine is not going to change a lifetime habit…
  3. Mostly all I have time to do is patch the mouse hole’s…
  4. Hey, why not. I have not seen to many fishermen that could handle two lines let alone three or four. Not only would the DNR benefit but we would sell a lot more fishing rods and that would be good…
  5. Try unzipping them… Filet fish and after removing the skin and rib bones hold the filet up tail first and split filet at the bloodline. You will then have two pieces of fish one with no bones and another with the bloodline and Y-bones, take the piece with the bones in it and peal off the bloodline and Y-bones. Try it; you will be surprised just how easy it is.
  6. I can only speak from my experience, I once was caught on the lake with out a current tag and the warden told me as long as I was not fishing out of it I did not need a tag on it. I would think that if you were not fishing in it but just sitting on it that would hold true. I think it depends some on the Conservation Officer at the time.
  7. Gee Whiz, I never new that there was such a thing as Boat Ramp Etiquette, I always thought the boat ramp is where the real person shows his true feelings about his fellow fishermen. Just kidding but I have run into some really rude people at the boat ramp, it is to bad it has to be this way. Just a thought but maybe this is the training ground for future ice fishermen?
  8. That is exactly why if sold my radios on hsolist and now just use a cell phone, no mater what you do some goofball has to mess it up…
  9. If you head way north of the Twin cites there is still lots of ice left…
  10. Maintaining an access in the winter is an expensive proposition; unless someone is willing to work on it on a daily basis it is almost hopeless. The movement of the ice sheet is very powerful, when it wants to move something it just does and there is not much any one can do except clean up the mess afterwards.
  11. Upper Red Lake is in Minnesota and of course you need a shelter license.
  12. CWMN, My sentiments exactly, it is the snowmobliers responsibility to travel safely and not abuse the privilege of riding on lakes or they will have their own selves to blame.
  13. RogersResort

    Extended Warr.?

    I feel that it is just a waste of money, buy your wife (girl friend) something nice instead…
  14. Evening, especially after a long day at work, better than sitting home and watching TV anytime…
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