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  1. looking for a nice place to take my dad lake trout fishing this ice season..looking at renting a fish house and cabin for 2 days maybe even a sleeper if they have them??? any suggestions??? we want to stay in the us so Canada is out.
  2. i take mine apart and put the head in a crate.it fits better that way in my tahoe
  3. i have a 20k btu but my perm house is very well insulated.i use 100lb tank last about 10 to 12 days.heater is always on low like i said its very well insulated.ppl from lotw said i should have atleast a 30 btu up in the cold tundra but my 20 btu works well but then again my house is very well insulated lol
  4. my brother bought a 10 inch last year.i was very impressed by it.we left it outside with the propane tank not hooked up cause they say disconnect the tank when not in use.the temp out side was -15.the next morning connected the tank and 3 pulls it fired up and drilled holes with out a beat.we got 28 holes thats including redrilling about 10 of the 28.it redrills holes without a problem.so i bought a 10 inch aty the icefishing show and love it.when i haul ny auger around i take the head off and keep the head up right not laying down.in my oppion this propane auger is awesome.no fumes or mixed gas to worry about.
  5. got a 10 inch yesturday for $450 right out the gate,plus 2 covers and a hat.plus i went back and bought few lures and the extension i needed all at a discount price.cant beat reeds on certains things.but i got a great deal on a fl20 2 yrs ago from marine general.just have to shop around before you buy.
  6. making good ice on the range ppl been out already on the smaller lakes.
  7. 1.beer 2.fl20 3.rod bag 4.tackle box 5.cooler with food and more beer 6.bait 7.headed to sleeper on lake of the woods. 8. lowrance with lake of the woods chip
  8. yes they were and the clam girls were in good form also.bummed me out they are charging for the calenders now.and yes the 1st day you get the best deals.thats why i try to make it the 1st day.
  9. when traveling long distance like red lake or lake of the woods.call the resorts or local bait shops 1st.that simple.
  10. picked up 10 inch jiffy propane auger for $450 with 2 covers going price $519 with no covers plus discounts on everything i bought at reeds.love going to reeds Drew gives some awesome deals 1st day of the show.
  11. the best deals are 1st day of the show.cant wait for friday.
  12. here is my 2 cents on mw3.in my OPPION its way better than black ops.like some ppl said hit detection and it takes less bullets to drop a person.and lag black ops is the worst call of duty game for the lag issues.as for the maps on mw3 like TurnUpFishing said its like a rat in a maze.maps are huge with lots of buildings or lots of (camping) spots as i call it.if some ppl like to snipe there are what like 2 maps you can snipe on??as for the knife.the knifing is way better on mw3 than black ops.now the perks.i like blakc ops perks set up way better than mw3.you shouldnt need 2 perks tobe undetecable.to thats just not right but i make it work after playing a few.to me they got all the perks in the wrong spots.and some of you played with me im a huge fan of hardcore lol
  13. mine is locked.if i go to the resort to tip back a few i lock it.when i go and take my day house out i lock my sleeper.but on lake of the woods no1 realy messes with houses.well at least not mine i got lots of ppl lookin over my house.
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