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  1. Glad you had a good trip, gatoreye. We were staying at Winoga Lodge on Abram Lake and making the run to Minnitaki. Not much wildlife on our trip aside from the eagles we saw. Sucks about the bear landfill. Some idiots have to ruin stuff like that for everyone. We really struggled up there. Here is my report: We just got back yesterday from a Thursday-Sunday trip. Fishing was slow for the most part. The boat I was in had good fishing on Friday pretty much all day. The fish we caught on Friday were all off the top of mid lake reefs. The reefs came up to 5-12 ft and we caught fish right on top and then on the drops off the sides. The other boat in our group struggled to catch fish on Friday. Saturday was slower in the morning. Still fished the reefs and picked up a few but the best fishing came off of wind blown points that day. We were catching fish in 25-30' that day and the boat I was in caught a couple slot fish along with a nice 22" but that was the big for our trip. The other boat struggled again and the boat I was in took out the lower unit at the end of the day which put a damper on the trip. Sunday was a struggle and with three people in our boat, we just couldn't find fish consistently. We could pick up a couple fish at every spot we went to but it would pretty much shut down. The wind was constantly changing speed and direction. That, along with the warm temps and sun beating down on the water most of the days, made it tough to stay on fish. Minnows and crawlers were the baits of choice. They fished pretty equally but I'd say crawlers were slightly better. Good luck.
  2. Winoga is great! The cabin we stayed in was awesome. Clean and tidy with newer appliances and the whole deal. Talk to Troy, this is a very nice place.
  3. Got back Saturday. We had very goofy weather with unpredictable wind while we were up there. Wind would blow for a few minutes then lay down. It made it difficult on days when the sun was beating down on us(which was almost every day). Fishing was pretty decent, but not spectacular. We brought home limits so no complaints! We caught fish anywhere from 6-30ft of water with a couple stragglers in 30+ft of water even. No color seemed to outfish any other but I will say that anything with chartreuse on it was a good bet. We only used minnows which we kind of regret but minnow fishing was pretty steady. Lots of the fish we caught were in the 12-15 range. Caught a good handful of slot fish though. Not real pigs, our big walleye for the week was a 24". For those who care, we caught quite a few northerns while we were walleye fishing. Some were pretty good size too. I'd love to go up to this area in September in the hope of catching some bigger walleye. All in all it was a good trip up north though.
  4. Heading up tomorrow. Any specific bait, color, presentation, or depth we should try?
  5. Mbakwe, continues to make me say "WOW". Nolen, he is the reason they beat West Virginia. Without his free throw shooting and defense on 3, they lose that game big. His offense isn't pretty but he is effective when he can get to the line and he did. Literally carried the Gophers down the stretch. Hoffarber, looked great at times but we generally solid throughout which is huge. That 'oop to Mbakwe, huge spark and nobody else on the team puts as pretty of a pass on that one. Sampson looked good in the first two and obviously not so good against WestVa. Good to see Iverson step in and play some big minutes.
  6. p.s. I love the avatar, chise!
  7. Sampson was very good but I agree that he will likely not have it that easy inside against UNC. Same story going into BigTen play. Mbakwe. What needs to be said? Dude is beast. I have been critical of Rodney so far this year and I still question why he is a starter, but he was a big contributer last night. He still made some awful mistakes with the ball, he needs to clean that up asap if he still wants to get minutes when Joseph gets back. The freshmen came in and made the same kinds of mistakes as well, can't have that kind of stuff going forward as the half court offense looked bad when no one was moving. Nervously excited to see what happens tonight against UNC. My gut says they lose by double digits. My heart says they pull out an upset win. My head is hoping that they can just keep it close and make this game look good on a resume come March. No matter what happens, they need to clean up the turnovers, half court offense, and FREE THROW SHOOTING to have a chance against good teams like UNC. Should be a fun matchup!
  8. Oh come on, Westbrook was such a hothead, hotdog, and had a "look at me look at me" attitude. Heck of a player but he never just played the game. I am glad to be rid of his attitude this year. I think a big thing for Iverson and Sampson is to play with some emotion. I thought they looked the best in the sconnie and Purdue games at home last year where the crowd was into it throughout and they fed off that. As well as the BigTenTourney run where all the players looked like they were jacked up and having fun. p.s. The Gophers only play sconnie once this year so a sweep won't be quite as impressive
  9. If the Gophers don't sweep, the season is over. Looking forward to seeing the results of tDogs vs sconnie and UNO/sue. Both should be fun series.
  10. Tubby has publicly said he has major confidence in his freshmen and it shows because they come off the bench ready to contribute. I just hope the big guys not named Mbakwe get back to playing strong like they did down the stretch last year in that BTT run they made. They were back to looking soft like they did as freshmen.
  11. Agreed on Mbakwe, I have been to the two regular season games so far and the word I have been using to describe him is beast. He gets rebounds he has no business getting. He gets after loose balls. Most imprtantly (as long as it doesn't get too over the top) he is bringing some emotion to this team and the rest of the guys can feed off that. I think Nolen has taken some heat from people but I think he has played well and smart so far this year. Freshman look ready to step in. Namely Hollins has looked great to start the year as well as Chip off the bench. As for Puerto Rico, the Gophers have to find a way to beat WKU. See what happens against UNC. The will likely lose that game but you never know. Then they will likely end up playing West Va or Vanderbilt. All of those games will look good on a resume come March if they are fighting for a tourney bid especially if they can fight out 2 wins. The teams that will be in the loser's bracket don't look to be very impressive and will not look so good on a non-conference schedule.
  12. Isn't Joseph more of a two guard anyhow? He is a scorer more than he is a point guard. He was kind of forced to play it last year when Nolen went out and the next best option at the point was that Cobbs. I don't like Nolen, but I agree that the Gophers are going to want him in there for defensive purposes as well as being a leader. He brings almost nothing offensively. I am interested to see how long the Joseph drama lasts. He was a lock for big minutes this year after the way he finished last year. What a doorknob! I agree with da-chise. You can't blame Tubby for this garbage. He has handled this stuff about as well as he could. Can't help that some of these kids are dumbarses.
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