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  1. What about Whitetails Unlimited they are a national organization?
  2. norm25

    smoking with dump apple tree

    I can think of one way to find out! Try it with a inexpensive piece and find out.
  3. norm25

    Accord Hesitation and Rant

    Curious what the code was.
  4. norm25

    Accord Hesitation and Rant

    I would say there is a good chance you need you EGR ports cleaned. I have Cleaned many. Google "1997 Accord EGR Port clean" check the first link TSB 013 it give a good description and cleaning instructions. Good luck!
  5. norm25

    Accord Hesitation and Rant

    Is it a 4cylinder or a v-6?
  6. norm25

    Smoked Pork Butt or Roast

    Got it. Thank you!
  7. norm25

    Smoked Pork Butt or Roast

    I would love to see that template for excel!!
  8. What if a person did not care about down imaging, side imaging, or anything along the lines and just wanted a large screen depth finder with a gps. I don't want si or di or structure scan. I just want a depth finder with a gps big enough to read both screens for under $500. Give me 11 inches of mediocre and I will be happier than a three whateverd billy goat.
  9. May be fake but a good lesson to keep a hang fire down range!
  10. norm25

    Granlund goal vs Russia

    I couldn't have done that with my hands, let alone a stick, on skates. It was pretty amazing!
  11. norm25

    watch this

    NO But it may be on a slot lake. How long is it?
  12. norm25

    Hub-Style Mods?

    Have you folded and unfolded it with the reflectix installed?
  13. norm25

    Caught a loon...wow

    I am not sure I would get sick of it it's too bad you feel that way. I have quit fishing because of immature loons a couple times now. They have all the good spots covered. It made for some great pictures though!!!!!
  14. norm25

    Cabinetry Help!!

    I would say that looks like what they did.