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  1. tednugefan

    Lets see the turkey pics

    congratulations to everyone. them are some nice thunder gobblers. hopefully i'll be able to put a picture up here this year
  2. tednugefan

    I got my "Halloween buck " mount back

    that looks really good. where'd you have it done
  3. i like your style Pickelfarmer
  4. what if we just got rid of all the bonus tags and let people shoot what ever they want still.
  5. lungdeflator where do you hunt up there. my cabin that i hunt at is in brimson
  6. tednugefan

    Son is considering Air Force / Navy

    im thinking of joining the navy. my dad just retired a couple years ago after being in it for 23 years. he did electronic warfare. it was some of the coolest stuff ive ever seen. the military is a different lifestyle that takes some getting used to. im only 17 and having been around it my whole life ive learned the lifestyle and have a love for the navy. id like to do electronic warfare but i still have to take the asvab to see what i can do.
  7. last year i shot a deer in a mbrb metro bow hunt just to donate. you know what, the butcher was telling us they wont take a deer if part of its been cut out just because of risk of diseases or something. they have the right to turn down any deer they think isnt acceptable to the standards. they check everything on the deer before they agree to take it, then the state has you sign some paperwork.
  8. i can only hope we dont get an antler restriction. its hard enough hunting up north west of two harbors. every one that hunts up there know's how hard the winters can be. [email protected]#t im sure this year will be a hard year with all the winter storms they got. im sorry our deer dont have corn fields or whatever to run out in and feed in. some of us would rather hunt and not have to count antlers. most of us that hunt up there are lucky to see a deer during the weekend. thats just my .02
  9. tednugefan

    license question

    thats what i thought
  10. tednugefan

    license question

    i got a surplus license and was wondering if i can get an over the counter archery license for the last two weeks. just incase i dont fill my tag with the surplus one. i know either way i can only take one bird.
  11. tednugefan

    favorite frozen pizza?

    totinos. its about the cheapest one you can get but it tastes really good