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  1. jaymack10

    6.5 month old lab retreiving issue

    I made a fetching coridor in my back yard using snow fence. i used that for about a week and it solved that problem for me.
  2. The season was great because the light can on for my dog. This is her second year hunting and she did great. I couldnt have asked for more out of my dog then what i got this year. This was the best late season hunting i have ever had. On the last day of the season i hunted with 7 other people and we limited out in 1.5 hours out by Chamberlin SD. The first thick food plot we stepped into i bet there had to be 150 birds in there. It was the largest flush i have ever seen. I can wait to do it again next year.
  3. jaymack10

    Layout blinds

    if you go to the cabela's HSOforum you can get one from there between $120-$150 depending on what camo you want. you can get a all whit one for $70.
  4. This is great and i know it is funny, now just think if instead of one dog there were two dogs and both were sliding and running into each other.
  5. jaymack10

    Show some class!!

    Yep that sucks when it does happen. The problem i have here in SD is that people will park there vehicles in a public hunting area but then get in with there buddy's and go somewhere else hoping no one will hunt that since there is a truck there. This weekend i was hunting an area and there was no trucks before i got there. i was making my way to the back of the area when i hear some shooting coming from the front. I then stood on top of a hill so they could see where i was just to make sure no one shoots me. The guy gets about 100 yards away and notices me and begins to turn around. I call to him and he stops so i go up to him. This is a big area with a big slough on the front end and great cover on the back end with cut corn. I go up to him and he says he is sorry. He said he seen my truck but couldnt see anyone hunting. He said he has had the same problem as i have with people parking there vehicles there and then leaving. We both figured that it is big enough for both of us and that we would hunt it together. The next hour we ended up with our limit which is 6 roosters and probably flushed 30 hens and seen about another 20 roosters flush out of range. It ended up being a great hunting experience and both of us limited out. We are planning on hunting it again together this coming weekend. Well the moral of the story is first " if you not hunting an area dont park your vehicle there to try to save it" secondly "give everyone the benefit of the dought" and lastly "communicate with other hunts that are there to find the best solution." That is all i have.
  6. jaymack10

    Doggie Daycare?!?

    The only benefit i see is that your dog isn't just laying around the house getting fat. if the dog has the opportunity to run and play with other dog i think it would be good exercise and a good time for your dog to socialize with other dogs. If the dog is just in a kennel not interacting with other dog and/or people then there is no reason to bring the dog there.
  7. I shot one yesterday that was 24.5 inches long. I shot him close to a fence line and the dog had to go through the fence and in a slough to retrieve it. It was a really god retrieve. i have it in the freezer trying to talk the wife into let me mount it. Lets just say we are continueing to negotiate the deal. At least i didnt get a No right away.
  8. jaymack10

    Pheasant with bow?

    yes you can, if you go to you tube and do a search for pheasant hunting with a bow it should pull up some videos of people getting pheasants with a bow.
  9. South dakota has 4 zones and it works pretty well. http://www.sdgfp.info/Wildlife/hunting/Waterfowl/Duck.htm
  10. So i pull up to a slough about 6 am and no one is there. Im thinking great because i did my scouting and noticed about 2 doze mallards in there the night before. I get out and go to the slough. I am hunting the open water to the east and there is some open water to the west about 25 yards from me on the other side of the reeds. i get out there and setup by 630. By 730am i have 2 mallards and notice that a truck pulls up next to mine and they start checking me out. when they are eyeing me up with the binos i get another mallard. They sit up there and look like they are just talking to each other and about 8am they starting walking down to the other open water spot about 25 yards from me. At this time i am thinking to myself boy i hope a flock of mallards dont come in when they are walking the 100 yards to that spot. Well no longer then 2 minutes later a flock of about 2 dozens northern mallards are heading my way. I look at the mallards then at the young kids walking my way and think there is no way this is going to happen. The mallards start swinging in and they dont care about those kids walking in. they get about 30 yards away and they i hear "god i hate you chris" then "Oh Sh** there are ducks" then about 8 gun shots. No ducks dropped. At this point i am steaming mad. I pick up my spread and head to the truck. I didnt go out and yell at them or anything bc i dont like the thought of yelling at someone i dont know with a gun. i get to my truck and drive off. I would have had no problem with somone else hunting in that water if they would have been there and setup before shooting hours. That spot was my second choice that morning bc someone else was at the other spot i wanted to go to. i just wish people had more consideration for other. If you cant get out there before shooting hours dont go to a place where others are after the shooting has started.
  11. jaymack10

    Pheasant Mount

    I would have to agree that it would have to be the story behind it. I got lucky and the one i have mounted has a 25 inch tail feather but it is the 1st bird my bird dog flushed and retrieved for me. It was last year and she is my 1st bird dog i have trained myself.
  12. jaymack10

    Chessie pup decided the grouse was his lunch!

    i had the same problem with my pup at that age. She would try to play keep away from me when playing fetch. I would first make what is called a fetching corridor. The one i made was about 10 foot wide and about 15 yards long. i would play fetch with my pup in that and she couldnt run off on me. Make it fun for your dog and that will help. i used some snow fence to make it. I would then invest in a E-collar. Using a e collar is not a bad thing as long as you know what you are doing. Make sure the dog knows his commands before using stimulation. If the dog knows what sits means and the dog doesnt want to sit i would first use the vibate feature on the collar and then if the dog still doesnt listen use the stimulate. I would use a low setting on the controll bc you do not want to over stimulate the dog.
  13. I would love to make a trip to Canada or Argentina. I have seen some hunting shows that have great hunt in both places. Unfortunately my check card tells me to stay in the Fly way of South Dakota for a mixed bag hunt of ducks, geese and of course pheasants.
  14. jaymack10

    First hunt help!

    I would recommend putting some rocks in your pocket to help with marks instead of using shells (too expensive). I also would recommend taking something with to tie the dog down. you would hate for your dog to jump in the water or go out in the field to retrieve a bird and another big flock starts to come in but the dog scares them away running or swimming through your decoys.
  15. jaymack10

    Introducing the collar

    anytime is a good time as long as you know what you are doing. Just remember you should teach the dog to do something before you use the collar for a correction. For example if your dog already knows the sit command use the collar to reenforce that command. I would use the vibate feature first for a correction then give a verbal command. If that doesn't work then use the simulate feature. Don't turn the collar up to high either. the dog should just be able to feel the collar without hurting the dog. I would also let the dog wear it for a little bit to get the feel of it before actually using it on the dog. This is what i did and the collar works great on my dog. She knows when the collar is on it is time for business, normally fun time because we are either training or this time of the year she knows we are going hunting.