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  1. Down to Earth

    20, 30 & 50 amp eletric sites

    Camped plenty in a pop up growing up, but am now new to it with my family as an adult. Bringing home a 2000 Coachman Catalina Wednesday and have questions on the different levels of amp services at sites. What are the limitations with the lower amp sites in what they allow me to hook up and run? Thanks.
  2. Down to Earth

    Camping/Fishing in MSP area

    I would recommend Baker Park Reserve on Lake Independence. Nice sites, excellent facilities, and reasonably priced.
  3. Down to Earth

    New Lens Option - Take 2

    Thanks for all the help. After weeks of reading hundreds of reviews on B&H and Adorama from users as well as reviews from other camera sites I placed my order tonight on a Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM Zoom Lens i. As i do plan on walking around in the woods with this lens, I was drawn to the Canon 17-40/4 due to its dust resistent qualities, but in the end went with the Sigma due to the flexibility of the f/2.8 and lower price, which just gets me to the Canon 85mm a little quicker. It won't get shipped out until Monday since B&H is closed for the Holy Week so I still have a few days to change my mind. Its been fun and difficult at the same time going through the process.
  4. Down to Earth

    New Lens Option - Take 2

    Yeah Dan, when I bought my 50D from Finnbay back in 2010 I was able to pair it up with a used 70-200 L-series lens so I know what you mean when your talking about the cost of quality lenses. The Tamron is coming in at at just $500. You may just have me thinking that waiting another year and using the point & shoot for more general stuff, I could probably have the money to put up for the L-series 24-70mm. Thanks for the help.
  5. Down to Earth

    New Lens Option - Take 2

    Thanks for the feedback. I am doing some low light no flash indoor sports shooting, so I am leaning more towards the Tamron lens so I can take advantage of the 2.8 fixed apeture when I need it.
  6. Gonna try and do this link free so bear with me. Here are my two options I'm looking at to add to my Canon 50D Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM Lens for Canon Digital Cameras v. Tamron Zoom Wide Angle-Telephoto AF 28-75mm f/2.8 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) Autofocus Lens for Canon EOS Differences between the two: Telephoto range 17-70 for Sigma v. 28-75 for Tamron with Macro capabilities for the Sigma lens. Minimum f-stop on Sigma f/22 v. f/32 for the Tamron, max is listed on Sigma as 2.8-4.0. Anyone know why it is a range on not just 2.8? Canon (APS-C)format for the Sigma v. Canon (APS-C), 35mm film/full frame digital sensor for the Tamron Image stabilization capability on the Sigma not the Tamron Both are similar in price where I would buy them and equally rated on the consumer reviews. Thoughts? Thanks.
  7. Down to Earth

    New lens option

    Its been close to two years now since I bought my Canon 50D off Finnbay here and paired it with a 70-200 L series Canon lens and I've been more than happy with it, especially shooting my kids swimming events. I'm finally getting around to buying a smaller zoom lens and would like any input on Tamron and Sigma glass. Here is a link for a comparison of the two I'm looking at: [Note from admin: Your post has been edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.] Thanks.
  8. Down to Earth

    Nesting Canadians

    The wetlands by Rochester Community & Technical College has a few Canadians nesting at the moment that I have noticed driving by so I brought my camera into work today and took a little trip over my lunch hour. First three are the same goose and then the head on shot another nearby (a bit over exposed I think).
  9. Down to Earth

    Swim Shots

    Here are a few shots from Gabe's practice about a month ago. Got another swim meet next weekend so plan to get some more work in there as well. Little by little, I think I'm getting a bit better. Freestyle: At the Bulkhead: Backstroke: (Wish the hand was clearer.) Backstroke Face Close Up:
  10. Down to Earth

    Swim Shots

    Well, experimented around a bit tonight and thought I was getting some pretty good shots when looking on the camera screen, but got home on the computer and things were pretty grainy. I played around during warmups and zeroed in on a setting of f/5, 1/500, and ISO of 12800. Gonna have to start taking the camera to practices as well so I can get some more practice in. All shots are taken at the above mentioned settings except the freestyle stroke which was at f/6.3 Entry: Breaststroke Turn: Freestyle:
  11. Down to Earth

    Electronic Waiting Room

    Had issues on Saturday as well. Looks like next year, I'm gonna have to go for the 20 game season ticket package. Sounds like it'll have to be on the Christmas list this year.
  12. Down to Earth

    Swim Shots

    Dan, Thanks a lot for the great feedback. My son has a local club meet on Wednesday night and I am going to try an put to practice some of your suggestions. Curious how where you able to pull my EXIF data from the pics I posted? That's a beyond my level, but I'm glad you were able to figure it out cause it provided me with some great feedback. Thanks again, and I'll try and post some follow up shots later in the week.
  13. Down to Earth

    Swim Shots

    Been putting to good use Finnbay's old Canon 50D during my son's swim season this year. Here are a few shots from recent meets that I'd like to get some feedback on. Everything shot on the "Sports" setting using Canon's 70-200 L-series glass. Thanks.
  14. Down to Earth

    Duck ID Help

    Thanks. I was told while up there they were Hooded Mergansers, but when I double checked an image on 'Google' it didn't match up. I'll try and post a few other pics of my trip later when I get home.
  15. Down to Earth

    Duck ID Help

    Came back this weekend from a week stay of fishing in Canada. Got plenty of opportunities to use my new camera and lens. Not quite sure what kind of ducks these are in this photo. This is of two females. The males were white bodied with a black head, of which I have a picture of at home so I may post later if this won't do. Thanks.