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  1. Looking to get a fourwheeler, but I would like to pick up a trailer first. I've been looking at 5x8 which have enough room for what I need, but how about tongue weight and wheel size? I will be making every other weekend trips up north, south metro to Leech lake area, so will be putting miles on it.
  2. I have a Lab/Husky mix, she is the best hunting dog that i've hunted with. Some things she picked up fast others I had to work on very hard. I spent $190 for her and come out of the woods with Grouse everytime, could have been better but I didnt train myself as hard as I did with her. Just get the dog out there and work with it, you should be fine, the hunting breed of the dog will come out. You dont need to spend alot of money on any dog to make it a great hunter, kind of like golf, you cant buy a good swing.
  3. I think you should not hunt if you don't like or want the meat. It just tells me that people hunt, just to kill something or put a rack on their wall, because they themselves lack something.
  4. Wow, your son is a man now. He took it in stride, I can remember my first deer. I was 16 sitting in the stand by myself for the first time. I heard gun shots, then a little 4 pointer came running by scared out of it's mind. I took 2 shots and watched it slowing down, then i heard another shot near by which made me nervous that someone was sitting that close to me. I sat in my stand and waited for about 5 min., to excited could not sit any longer, good thing I didnt. I followed the blood trail over a hill and there were 3 adults standing over my deer. One dude hunting with 2 pistols, other dude
  5. I would go to the vet just to it checked out, so its not your dogs last fight.
  6. Many youngsters were taught differently than others. When I started out my dad didnt care that I was cold,bored,hungry,tired or just miserable. I didnt have a cell phone or game thing to keep me occupied, it was about sitting still and walking still. It all depends on how we were trianed, I hated it at first, now I love it. We didnt scout at all just knew where we wanted to hunt, "a week before sit down" with our a hunting party. Now, people come crashing through the woods, with their vehicles parked right next to yours. Back in the day that wouldnt happen. Four wheelers driving up and down th
  7. My lab mix did that for awhile around the same age, now I cant get her out of the water. I would just take her to places where she would not have a choice, but to swim. Just throwing the dumby not to far because you may have to show her how its done, by going to get it yourself. It just takes a little time and award it when it does swim. It looks like it retrieves well, naturally its lab blood line will get sick of looking at stuff you throw, sitting out in the water and just go get it.
  8. I just bought the sportdog 800, it is like night and day. She always was good for a couple trails, then she felt like doing her own thing, no matter what I said. Now, when she sees a rabbit or squirel, she looks at me to see if it would be ok to chase it. I dont use it at home, just in the woods then when I put it on her she knows its game time until I take it off. Now we both have fun hunting not just her, I just had to spend $200 to make us a team again.
  9. six thousand four hundred sixteen and 00/100------------
  10. Yes I do, I also know the old adage, that an apple doesnt fall far from the apple tree!
  11. They say deer in other states are just walking during the day in open feilds. Makes me wonder why they only do that here before and after gun season, it tells me that they are just a little smarter during the season. Smart a--
  12. Hey, I can't help that throphy hunters and shed hunters are not finding what their after. As I said on earlier posts I have no problem finding big deer in Minnesota. Maybe I'm lucky Maybe I'm good, but I put alot of time in scouting. I do see Monster bucks out there during scouting, sometimes they are not there during Deer season. Deer in Minnesota are just smarter then anywhere else,which creates a challenge, that some people just cant handle. The terrian is different up here with acres and acres of thick woods, huge swamps,which they are most likely laying down until night comes. I dont have
  13. A proud Minnesotan,cheers for the Vikings,Twins,Wild,Timberwolves,and hunts,fish his/her own state no matter what!
  14. I have hunted Montana for Elk, considering I could'nt find any here!!!
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