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    small hunting dog

    www.lynchgundogs.com I sell alot of dogs to people in your situation. English cocker is a good choice. My springers dont run much bigger then my cockers. My female cockers are between 17-25lbs males 18-33lbs. Female springers between 25-33 males between 28-43.
  2. Lynch Gun Dogs

    Over heating/ Panting?

    I thought anaplasmosis should be treated for 4-6 weeks. I highly doubt that anaplasmosis has anything to do with a dog panting. 90 percent of dogs with this or lymes are never treated and live just fine as their natural imun system fights it off. Black Lab, summer heat = Panting. Let us know what you find out?
  3. Lynch Gun Dogs

    trapping mink or weasel?

    I so not know much about trapping laws but hey it is my rabbit to eat or whatever i would think? I have 3/4 acre pen fenced in with chicken wire and last year i would pick up 1-2 dead rabbits a week with only the heads eaten. That kinda [PoorWordUsage] me off.
  4. I have what i think is a mink or weasel getting into my pigeon pen and also had something last fall kill a bunch of my rabbits in my rabbit pen. Only would eat the brains of my rabbit and left the rest. any ideas? i am dog trainer not trapper... how do i catch my killers...
  5. Lynch Gun Dogs

    Multiple retrieves?

    You have a very good insight, the more natural ability they have (retrieve, soft mouth, pace, level head, desire etc) the easier it is to train a dog. Some of my best dogs require the least amount of training time.
  6. Lynch Gun Dogs

    Multiple retrieves?

    Duck Buster, you are not the bearer or bad news just ignorince. You are missing the point, try reading the post again. This is not a debate sesion from me to you it is to give advice to a fellow member about a dog issue. I do not pick apart anyone elses advice as you should not mine. I stated why I dont like to force fetch unless i have to. Force fetch is a tool for dogs that dont have the desire or you want to or need to dominate them and show them you are the pack leader. Maybe it is because you are a trial guy and need the dog to retrieve stinky ducks that have been sitting all day. Maybe all of the above huh. Maybe i can get all of the above acomplished without the use of a table and a collar. Maybe i am smarter then most dogs i train?? I have been around a while and fully understand the reasoning. I still will use the table and collars if i have to and as i said before i understand the reasons for using it. Some dogs are smarter then me i admit. I know of many dogs that have had little desire to retrieve and or hard mouth but this was corrected on a table and they turned out to be good dogs. Should we use these dogs as breeding stock? You can but i will not. In my opinion i believe that collars and FF has screwed up the lab breeding program. They are tools for dogs that have problems. Every dog i breed in my program was not and will not be put on a table or collar trained. In my opinion if i have to put a collar on them to get them to do what i want then i dont want them. They can still make great gun dogs but will not be bred here at my kennel. One of my mentors told me we trained dogs for 500 yrs before collars came along. I think that was posible because they did not have the tools (collars) to control them and had to be more selective to improve by breeding. What ever happened to trying to improve the breed and breeding by genes not collars or tables. Do you think they get the desire to retrieve and please the owner by Force fetching them? If i take a young dog and put him on the table how do i really know what i have got from mom and dad???? as i stated i will do it only if i have to. Let me ask you this simple question. Can Force Breaking cover up faults in a dog? Do you understand what i am trying to say yet? I hope you understand my statements better know.
  7. Lynch Gun Dogs

    trapping mink or weasel?

    I dont think a possem could get through the chicken wire and i have pretty much desimated them from land. I have a preditor trap in my johnny house and have got several possem in that. Have not seen them much latley as i think i exterminated them. They will go through the very small recall funnel for the quail but cant get out. I thought i might get weasel or mink in their but have not to date. I am going to try the Rat trap box with live rabbit in other side, maybe use wire mesh for the divider?? what you think??
  8. Lynch Gun Dogs

    trapping mink or weasel?

    Thanks soo much guy!!!! apreciate the help and will get on it!!!!
  9. I am not into the american lab market so i am sure you have way more acurate information on the numbers and percentages then myself. Thanks.
  10. Lynch Gun Dogs

    Multiple retrieves?

    I would drop a bumper, tell him to leave that and walk him away on leash 20 yards and drop another. Go back half way and line him up for the last one you dropped and send him with a command that means get away from you and retrieve something, i use the get out command. You need to have your basic body language involved with linning him up, i dont care how you do it just be consistant. Some people will do it from the side or make a wall with your body. It is a line you are sending him on. Make sure he only gets the one you sent him for and start out with it being the fresh one in his memory. Make him stay after the retrieve and you walk over and pick up the other one. Keep him wanting more. Do this a few times and change which one you send him for with you always picking up the other one. Keep him wanting more and hey my leader likes to retrieve also. This is a start to getting him to do what you want him to do not what he wants but it should still be fun to him. Take the second bumper retrieve in question away from him for know by you picking it up. . YEs you are a retriever also, competion for you dog. Only let him get 1 of the 2 retrieves. He will have to pay attention to you as to which one he can get. When i am working some of my older trial dog i may drop 10 bumpers all over in different spots so dont be afraid to add 3 or 4 if it starts going well. If you can get this down for a month and he is dependable about doing it try sending him for the Second one. Dont get discouraged if it does not work smooth the first few times, you can't just read this try it once and say it didnt work. Dog training is work and you dont always get instant results. You need to think like a dog and be smarter then they are which is hard for most people. BY doing this you are not imbedding the current problem but taking it away for know. IF you can remove a problem by doing a different drill and erase it then he you are smarter then him. I am not a big force fetch fan. This is only because it hides problems that i consider to be traits from mom and dad. I want to see a good desire to please and to retrieve from genes not a table. I have force fetched many dogs and made them good retrievers only to see them bred and produce pups that NEED to be force fetched. I understand the need for it and reasoning for lab trial guys to do it i am just not a big fan of it for the above reasons. I like to try to be smarter then the dog if the desire to retrieve is in him.
  11. Lynch Gun Dogs

    Pigeon training, not dog training...

    I have had a lot of questions on how i train my pigeons lately not dogs, kinda funny but here is how i do it. You need to buy homing stock or at least half and half for good results, no different then buying a dog out of the paper or from experienced breeder. You need to get young birds that are just starting to fly and leave them sit for several weeks. I can provide for you if needed. You can train them by putting them into a recall trap and letting them learn to walk back through the bobs see pictures on link. It is hard to explain and if you view pictures will make more sense http://www.lynchgundogs.com/pigeons.htm I do NOT shoot a lot of birds over my dogs until they are older. I will use the pigeons for fly aways. The pigeons who have been trained will come back to use another day. Much cheeper when they come back at $5 a piece. I want them to learn to find and flush game then sit or hup. The marking and retrieve i have allready instilled in the yard with dummies and ground work. This will come natural to them not the sitting on flush. Hope the pictures help out if any of you are interested in your own pigeon home.
  12. Lynch Gun Dogs


    In a previous post i saw people looking for training birds. I have pigeons avaliable and most times will have chuckar and quail.
  13. A few good articals here about bringing along a young flushing dogs by a good friend of mine. Thought some here may be interested.
  14. Lynch Gun Dogs

    Yellow Lab is having puppies! HELP!!!

    i would start checking her temperature. When they get close it will drop about 1 degree and they may start chivering or chattering their teeth. When this happens they should start having puppies within 24hrs. i dont like to go more then 2 hours between pups but i have gone 4 hrs many times with no problems. if longer then this you should bring her in in case you have one stuck or breech. try to keep the pups at 100 degrees on a heated tray or something. I use these trays from Lovette electronics and they are the best by far You can cut out a hole in a platform or box above the ground and mom can lay around the tray while pups in the tray. this keeps mom from being so overheated. the pups cant maintain their own body heat until atleast 3-5 days old. so this is very important. If you get one that is small or not thrieving i will lead them to a teet (squeez out some milk for the smell and taste) and try to get them to latch on many tmes a day for the first few days, if they dont thrieve after that it is your call but sometimes mothernature knows best. GOOD LUCK! It may be too late but i could borrow you a lovett heating tray as they cost $250 or you can borrow one of my boxs with the tray built into it if needed.
  15. Sorry didnt see page 2, some of you allready added to definitions.
  16. good information here and good topic. I thought i would add to the definitions for people who dont understand what they mean. 1. PRA, Progressive retinal atrophy, Progressive retinal atrophy, PRA refers to a wide group of inherited or sometimes acquired eye conditions which eventually causes blindness in dogs. The disease first attacks the rods and the first symptom usually is nyctalopia. The disease is progressive so it will also attack the cones. This could result in total blindness. Usually loss of eye vision starts to impair at the age of 4-6 but it is possible that symptoms begin to show until age 7-8. There is no cure for PRA at the moment. Both parents would have to be carries of the gene for this to happen. Pretty unlikley if you are buying from a long line of Field trial champions and or field trial winners but not imposible. One note i would like to say here is i have had dogs that are what i call Naturally good markers and others that strugle and both could test negative for all tests. Good breeders will only use the better of the dogs to use as breeding stock. Use the one that has good genes from mom and dad, this is how we try to improve the breed. You can take a average labrador and make him very good in the right hands but this does not mean he is breeding stock. I prefer to use the ones that stand out in training with good natural abilities. The backyard breeder will not have this option as he may only have 1 labrador to choose from. EIC, exercise intolerance and collapse, Both parents would have to be carries of the gene for this to happen. Again coming from a long line of champions and winners this would be unlikley but not imposible. CNM, Much like muscular dystrophy in humans, both parents would have to be carries of this gene. AKC, all this means to me is a place to register your dog. As it could be much much more!! A lot of people put to much emphasis on the title as it really means very little. They think if the dog is registered with the AKC it should be ok health wise, very untrue. STDW, see the dog work, One of the main things i could advise is to go to several kennels and see the dogs work. If you drive a pinto and never drove a corvette you would not know the difference. Any good kennel will take the time to show you the dogs working or atleast one parent. I will take the dogs out and shoot over them for people. I dont mind doing this and it should be a requirement for someone looking to buy from working stock. Any serious breeder will be willing to do this for you.
  17. Lynch Gun Dogs

    What to do with a biting dog???

    i have worked with several dogs like you are describing. If it were my dog i would use a 12 gauge with a hot dog on the end of the barrel but since he is yours and you may not want to do this then listen carfully. Dogs are not born this way but some (i believe) are more likley to develope this behavior then others. I say this because i know i breed dogs that no matter what you did with them they would not turn out this way but others could. i would bet the dog has just been a pet and has never had any sort of structed obedience training. A happy dog is a dog that is trained. IF he were one of my clients i would start by bringing him in my catch pen with other males on a lead and make him be submissive to them. Let them sniff him and make him lay down. If it were bad i would use a collar to correct anytime he showed any signs of agressive behavior. You need to put his head in a place that he is just part of the pack not contending for anything else. He needs order in his life. I would prefer to use the collar to correct. I do not like to treat agressive dogs with physical agression. The collar works great and a stern voice. I would then teach very strict obedience commands sit, stay come. teach him to leave dummies you throw and pick others, Make him do what you want not what he thinks is next. He needs to be reprogrammed and you are in control not him. I worked with many dogs with behavior problems and after several weeks of this type of training you can see great changes. It will be something you need to do and keep up with for the life of the dog. It will require you to think different and act different with the dog. If you dont think you can change past practices then dont attempt to change, get rid of him.
  18. Lynch Gun Dogs

    An American Ally

    Hello Labs. Good luck with the little cocker. I have been running English Cockers in cattail sloughs for a long time. I love hunting western MN cattails. The ones that figure out how to run under in the tunnels and not jump can be fantastik. His Range may open up more but enjoy it for now. Nothing is better then be able to relax out in the field. A good days hunt you will use zero whistle and find birds in gun range.
  19. Lynch Gun Dogs

    How many years does a lab usually hunt?

    With a lab considering temperment desire and drive are equal it has a lot to do with genetics and size of the dog. I can get 12-14 years out of some of my cockers and springers but have never got much more then 10 out of a american lab. Some of my British labs (45lbs) have gone to 12 or so. If you have a larger american lab you may be aproaching the end of the road for long days in the field.
  20. Lynch Gun Dogs

    Rookie pheasant hunter Qs

    I have pheasant hunted west of you for 20 years. It does get much better if you go west. I have hunted the area you live also and it does get better as the season goes on. When the cattails freeze and you can walk them do it. I think i have hunted every wma in your area and there are some good ones once we get the ice we need in the cattails. Bring extra boots and pants for when you fall in, i do every year at least once or twice.
  21. Lynch Gun Dogs

    Dog won't bring back birds.

    The pup doesnt need birds at 14 weeks. You are just creating problems then trying to fix them. Let the dog be a puppy and teach it to be a good house dog. I dont start training serious until 6-8 months of age. All the above informaton is just telling you that she is not ready for what you are trying to do. I take small steps. Pups want to chew, if you give them a wing they will want to chew it at her age so avoid it by using a dummy or tennis ball. Again you are creating problems by giving a baby a knife to play with. If she does come back in with the ball or dummy dont take it from her right away, sratch her belly and praise her. You dont want her thinking you take everything away from her right away. If she drops it then throw it again right away. Dont be to hard on the pup or you will make her hand shy and she will not want to bring it in at all. Dont do this more then 3-4 times and if she wont do it yet just leave it for a few days and try again.