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  1. dufek

    2009 carp and other Rough fish pics

    Ugly beast from today...
  2. dufek

    Mirror Carp

    Couldnt even tell ya where I got it. First one, in the TC somewhere. Was up visiting a friend and got put on the spot by a helpful FM'er.
  3. dufek

    2009 King of the Cats Contest

    One skinny devil and one break off thursday Finally starting to pick up around here...let the games begin. Gloved hand simply because that wind was dang cold. I'll have to try the impalement technique next time.
  4. Those carp I pulled out ice fishing this summer were suspended on a waxie and man did they hammer it. I plan on giving them a shot as soon as I can sight some.
  5. dufek

    2009 King of the Cats Contest

    wow...where have I been. Didnt even know this was going already. Looks like time for Rochester to top the leaderboard before being beaten down severely by the Red.
  6. dufek

    how to Ice Carp

    I hooked into two a couple weeks ago on a jig and waxie while panfishin. They were cruising 6-7 ft down in 13 ft of water. Went back the next day properly geared but no luck. 31"
  7. dufek

    Carp Rigs

    This video shows exactly why I use light line, a small single hook, and no sinker. Leave just a little slack in the line and it shows any pick ups towards or away for a quick set. Windy days make it a little tough to use this method unless your boat fishing and can put your back to the wind. I have had these hair rigs on the back burner though...one of these days.
  8. dufek

    Fishing with 2 poles?

    I moved here from WI last year where you can use 3 rods. Salmon/trout, carp/sucker, and cat fishing were the only times I used all three and that was usually just to find out what was working and then switching down to one or two. Most the time running that many rods loses more fish than it catches when they are hitting. When they aren't its nice to have though.
  9. For those who haven't seen elsewhere I pulled my first targeted carp through the ice last week. Keys were: Current (i was fishing 4 inches of ice in one hole and 8 in the other) Shallow water Learning after the first fish that two 6 inch holes are not big enough to bring a carp through the ice. A suspended waxworm took one and a single peice of corn on the bottom took the other. Lots and lots of time and patience as most of them just swam by. Took many many many many carp swimming under my holes before I found one that was feeding.
  10. dufek

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    Fixed...my bad
  11. dufek

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    My biggest of 2008 48" A closeup of it inhaling my lifelike perch.
  12. dufek

    Crazy video

    How big do gizzard shad get? These things were massive comparing them to the gills. I'd venture a guess of 20 inches or more.
  13. dufek

    Dead decoys

    This northern was caught after he started feeding on minnow chunks we had on the bottom.
  14. dufek

    Crazy video

    It was the guy I was fishing withs camera so im not sure of the specifics but I know there is a box you can buy to hook up to some cameras that will record video and take pictures. It sucks the battery alot faster to use but worth it at times. If you look at his other videos youll see we got a norhtern hittin my minnow too. Pretty neat.
  15. dufek

    Crazy video

    Got out fishing in the winona area and caught these guys on film...they cruised underneath us in these schools at least 4 times. At first I thought mooneye but second quessing myself because of their size. Any ideas? Some kind of carpsucker? Youll see they were very unimpressed by my wax worm lol.