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  1. tview

    Battery Post broke on Marcum

    Check Napa I know the have connections like that.
  2. tview

    Scarlet Tanagers and Oriole

    Seems to be ok they don't seem to mind it!
  3. Scarlet Tanager and Oriole sharing feeder, We have a few hanging around hope they stay!!!!
  4. tview

    eagle claw in line ice reel

    Have caught a few bigger fish on my EC no problems !! One from today
  5. tview

    2.0 cable

    System requirements – PC only computer with 2.0 USB port and a 2.0 USB cable. Do not attempt upgrade without 2.0 port or cable. Save the LX6main.bin file from the MarCum HSOforum to your desktop (do not change the file name or extension).
  6. tview

    eagle claw in line ice reel

    Liking the 3 I have!!!!!!
  7. tview

    Navionics app accuracy

    Mine seems accurate for the lakes I have been on. I wish it could tell you how far you are from a way point like my h2o does unless I missing it some where
  8. tview

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    One from last night loving my inline reel!!!!!!
  9. tview

    Eagle Claw Inline Ice Reel

    I have a lead on some combos Pm me
  10. tview

    Make of jig.

    Yes it's a lindy toad just found on there web site. Thanks for refreshing my brain!!!! It has been my go to jig this year!!!! Need a couple more . Thanks
  11. tview

    Make of jig.

    here it is
  12. tview

    Make of jig.

    Yes working on getting it small size,,,,
  13. tview

    Make of jig.

    I can't seem to remember what make
  14. tview

    After 9 years of serious ice fishing................

    The DNR response was as follows -- This applies to MN. Once you take a fish out of the lake and put it in your livewell, on a stringer or otherwise - posess, the fish - it is in your posession. As long as you have a total number of fish of a particular species that are LESS than the TOTAL limit for that species on that body of water - you can CULL fish at will. i.e. you can remove any or all of the fish and replace it / them with a different fish. However, once a limit of fish of a particular species has been reached for the body of water on which you are fishing, you can no longer "posess" any more fish of that species. i.e. you can no longer "Cull" if you posess - or have a full limit of fish in your livew