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  1. Jeff88

    Carp Pictures From This Year

    It really depends on the time of the year, body of water, etc. In Spring you can find them really shallow, usually on flats. During the Summer they move to deeper water around drop offs. Since Carp love eating small berries, try finding areas that have trees hanging over the water. Carp are very skittish. If sight fishing use light weight sinkers or no weight at all if possible. Once frightened they will leave the area for a while. Trying different areas and techniques is the best way to figure out what works best for you. Good luck.
  2. Hello everyone. I thought I would post some pictures of Carp from this year. Both of these were around 10 pounds Double This is one of the bigger carp I caught this year, a little over 20 pounds. It was a great year for carp fishing. Caught about 5-6 carp weighing around 20 pounds. Average fish weighing 10 pounds. Any comments and/or questions are welcome.
  3. Jeff88

    new Xbox 360 games?

    Here are some other games that are worth looking at: Silent Hill: Homecoming Dead Space Fallout 3 Tom Clancy's EndWar Mirror's Edge Left For Dead Need For Speed: Undercover Prince of Persia
  4. Jeff88

    Bait for carp

    I highly doubt that it was a carp. The reason being is that they have very small mouths. Like stated above carp also make long runs, even smaller ones. You could have snagged a carp on its fin, underside, etc. I've snagged small carp(4-5lbs)that fought like they were a lot bigger. Maybe it was a catfish?
  5. Jeff88

    River Smallies

    Nice fish. I love fishing for bass in rivers. What baits were you using?
  6. Jeff88


    I've used boilies for carp many times. They work well. The main appeal with boilies is you can buy or make almost any flavor you want. I make my own, and the two best for me are vanilla and strawberry. However boilies are not my first choice, I prefer corn most of the time. The reason being is a can of corn is very cheap. It takes time to make boilies and if your in a hurry corn is the way to go. Another bait you should think about is soft doughbait, works also. Experiment with different baits and flavors to determine which ones work best for you. Good luck.
  7. Jeff88

    Call of Duty 4

    I'm a run and gunner style player. I like to be able to maneuver quickly, so I use sub machine guns the majority of the time. My favorite is the MP5, a beast. I prefer to use the red dot attachment on most of my guns. 3 frags, stopping power, and steady aim are the perks I use. Some maps like showdown, countdown, etc. I prefer to use assault rifles. For assault rifles I like the M4 and Ak47, with the same perks. The only map I snipe on is bloc, other than that I don't. The best way to get better at this game is gaining experience. Try out each weapon with different perks and attachments to determine which suits you're playing style the best. Getting familiar with the maps, knowing the common hiding spots, etc. is very important.
  8. Jeff88

    Hair Rig Questions

    It depends on the bait you are using. Corn can get a bit damaged from the knot but not too bad. I mainly use Corn with hair rigs, but also use boilies which work well. I'm not sure if you've read up on this already but you will also need to buy a bait needle. This will be needed to thread you're bait on to the hair rig.
  9. Jeff88

    Hair Rig Questions

    Hello. It is kind of hard to explain so here is a link with descriptions and pictures which should help you. [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.] This is the same hair rig I use for Carp fishing, works great. If you have any more questions just ask.
  10. Jeff88

    hodgepodge of roughfish photos

    Very nice fish.
  11. Jeff88

    Carp Net?

    Hello. Well you will need a net large enough to accommodate the fish. Also look for a net with a soft fine mesh that will not harm the skin or fins of the fish. I use a carp specific net, 6 foot handle, with a 42" wide net head. It works rather well actually. If I'm fishing an area where I can't use the long handle I will just use the net head without the handle. The net head folds up small, except for the handle which you can't reduce its size. If you don't want a large net like I described there are smaller nets available. I believe Cabelas has a telescoping net that looks pretty good, not sure if its large enough for carp. PSfishing also carries carp safe fishing nets. Check them out online to see if they have something you would like. The only time I use a net is if I'm going to weight and/or take a picture of the fish. If not then I just unhook the carp while it is still in the water. Hopefully this helps you out some.
  12. Jeff88

    Question for you Carp Guru's?

    Any bottom rig should work just fine, I prefer a slip sinker rig. Use strong line, 8lb is the minimum in my opinion. Small hooks, size 6 or 8. I like to use octopus style hooks. I agree with the above statement regarding corn, works very well. With corn you wouldn't really have to worry about other species stealing your bait Good luck.
  13. Jeff88

    Carp/Sucker Pics From Last Week

    Thanks for telling me the exact species. Well the rod I use is a 7'6" Medium Heavy spinning rod. A decent sized spinning reel spooled with 12lb trilene big game line. The rig I use is a basic slip sinker rig, consisting of a 1/4-1/2oz egg sinker, bead, swivel, 6-12" fluorocarbon leader, and a number 6-8 sized octopus hook. For bait I use corn usually plain, or sweetened with a fruit flavoring. Sometimes I'll use boilies which also work very well. I'll use a hair rig if I remember to make some. I love Carp fishing, so much fun.
  14. Hello everyone. I went fishing for a couple days last week and caught some carp and suckers. Here are the pictures. The first two pictures are the bigger carp I caught. Couple smaller ones. This is the first sucker I've caught that looks like this, not sure of the exact species. Very interesting looking fish. Well thats about all. Any comments and/or questions are always welcomed.