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  1. dairyman

    First Ice

    the tires were studded --front and rear
  2. dairyman

    First Ice

    saw this on the ice last nite
  3. dairyman

    First Ice

    I was out last nite----7 inches of ice
  4. dairyman

    Mora blades

    anyone know if the mora 8" blades will fit an Ion 8" auger
  5. I would give the minkota charger a try. I use it in the summer on my deep cycle batteries. I've got 2- -12 volt deep cycle hooked in parallel. Does a great job in my opinion.
  6. I bought the new Otter hideout and really like it. Flip the sled and your ready to fish. Totally insulated and easy to heat---use a buddy heater. It's light weight and easy to handle
  7. I've got extra batteries so that's not a problem. I've got a few of those batteries that they use in the emergency lites in buildings that I plan on carrying on the 4 wheeler
  8. I made up about a 4ft section of jumper cable for my 4 wheeler in case it dies on the ice. I was able to start it using my flasher battery. I disconnected one side of my battery connections to simulate a dead battery. I will be carrying an extra battery in my 4 wheeler. Thought I would pass along this information
  9. here's some picturesI added a set of ski's on the bottom of the sled to protect the sled and also make it easier for me to load into the back of the pickup. There is plenty of room in the front for a couple of holes and then put the heater in front of those. Really looking forward to using it this winter
  10. I just picked up a new otter hideout for not much more then what clam is telling you---totally thermal too. Reeds has them in walker and they do ship
  11. The new otter ice houses are at Reeds ----check their web page I just picked up the new otter "hideout',ran up Sunday and picked it up---$449 totally insulated looking forward to this ice season
  12. dairyman

    boat seats

    thanks--for the info
  13. dairyman

    boat seats

    Uh,what brand would that be??
  14. dairyman

    boat seats

    I'm looking for another boat seat,I've tried the tempress brand and didn't really like them.....any others out there that some one would recommend thanks
  15. for that kind of money -----GO for it!!!
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