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  1. I also had a tough opener. Walked for around seven hours and flushed just 3 birds. No dogs though.
  2. Geez... if thats not an excellant way to give up at least a general location I don't know what is! Beutiful fish
  3. Whats everyones favorite strech along this trail?
  4. Hey Hemi, Is the piece that rests on the ground actually angled so that it rests level on the ground? BTW, you should really think about patenting this idea.
  5. Great idea Hemi! Any chance that you could give me some dimensions of your set-up? I think we have the same size sled so measurements would match up perfectly. I've got an '06 Polaris Supersport 550. Also have the plastic bedliner so this could work well. Ever had any slippage issues, particularly when you back up your truck or do you have some safety chains or something? Also any problems with level surfaces as mentioned earlier?
  6. Finally getting my first sled. Anybody have any experiance with those ramps that you use to drive your sled into the back of your truck? I'm thinking of getting one of those fold-up ones to avoid buying a trailer for now. Just curious as to how user friendly they are and such.
  7. Looking to buy a sled for the first time. Just wondering what people's thoughts were on the make/model I'm thinking of buying. As a beginner, I'm thinking of an '06 polaris 550 supersport since it's relatively economical and I don't need the power/speed so much. Sled will mostly be used to ride trails and ice fish with.
  8. You could keep bullheads alive for a long time; bullheads have very low dissolved oxygen requirements
  9. A couple of years ago DNR fisheries put out a publication called "Report to MN Anglers." I believe it had the info you guys are looking for. If I remember correctly, it had various pie charts of how the Fisheries divisions' budget is broken down. Very nice informative publication. Of coarse, it costs money to produce and distribute such material. I think you now can get this info off the DNR HSOforum, costs them less. You guys should make an effort to find this info for yourselves and not just expect to get it handed to you on a silver platter from St. Paul. After all, would you rather have them out doing trout research, stocking and improving habitat, or working on a glitzy magazine to show you that they are actually out in the field doing something? The reason that you now must pay for the stamp itself is for the very reason you guys are discussing; so that the money raised for trout management is used for trout management, not printing and mailing stamps. I believe we have one of the most fiscally responsible DNR agencies of most anywhere, and they don't get credit for it. You guys shouldn't let a couple incidences from years ago effect the great reputation our agency has. Ask yourselves this... Would you rather be trout fishing 20 years ago, or now?
  10. That's why I used the word TRUE in the previous post. What you guys are refering to is the naturalization of browns to a particular stream, meaning that species is able to reproduce NATURALLY in the given stream system. An 18" brown is indeed a fine trout in anyones book. Congrats. ...17" whatever [This message has been edited by fish4ever1000 (edited 06-23-2003).]
  11. Keep in mind that the only true native stream trout in MN is the brook.
  12. Madtoms generally are found in streams, and do not grow larger than a few inches. You may try netting. If you try to fish for them with a tiny ice fly you'll probably only catch creek chubs, suckers, or bullheads.
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