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  1. I joined my youngest son and his buddy when they were out on one of the local lakes and the snow and the slush were horrible that you couldn’t even keep the snow out of your ice hole unless you sat perfectly still. I am sympathetic to the plight of these resorts but when you’re in your business is determined on what the weather does it’s a huge gamble Although I went to Lake of the Woods and rented an ice shelter at the beginning of January and conditions up there weren’t too bad
  2. https://www.duluthnewstribune.com/business/small-business/4886917-Bad-ice-winter-creates-regional-disaster-for-resorts-bait-shops
  3. I’ve never seen a Pine marten or a lynx. I have seen plenty of fisher, though
  4. Some of the critters we have up here definitely say "DA Nort woods." This and just recently there was a picture someone took along the north shore of a family of lynx
  5. Same here. I have my own property to hunt on and I used to hunt deer every season when I was younger but no longer
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/hunting-is-slowly-dying-off-and-that-has-created-a-crisis-for-the-nations-many-endangered-species/ar-BBZA5Pc I know many, including myself, don’t do a whole lot of hunting anymore like we did when we were younger. I tried taking up deer hunting again a few years ago and it didn’t interest me. I did go hare hunting a couple weekends ago but that was only from an invite. Since I walk every day for exercise, I still bird hunt but mostly just for the exercise and the walk in the woods. But hunting isn’t something that fires me up anymore like fishing does and many of the people I went hunting with heavily in high school don’t hunt at all anymore. And admittedly, those of us who don’t hunt a whole lot or have given it up completely does have ramifications
  7. The hare was good. I wish I was a better shot and contributed at least one rabbit to the meal. Not like wingshooting a flushing grouse
  8. Seen a lot of grouse tracks but no grouse. I'm assuming they're burrowed under the deep snow
  9. Saw a few hares. Got none. Fast little buggers when chased by dogs. But it was an enjoyable way to spend a mild winter day outdoors. Hopefully, an invitation will come for next year. Next weekend the Mrs and I are invited for a hare dinner Way different way to hunt them than as a youth plinking sitting hares with a .22. Does anybody snare them, anymore?
  10. Well heading out tomorrow morning. Pretty warm weather so I’m planning on sweating a little bit
  11. Thanks. I’m not a big hunter but I have to admit my predatory instincts must be surfacing because I’m actually looking forward to it. Looks like a mild weekend next weekend to boot
  12. My dad stores his boat outside but he has a custom made cover for his. I 've seen boats outside like the one in the picture and I feel this urge to rescue the boat
  13. Looks like next weekend I'll be going. Even if I don't get one it should be exciting
  14. I don’t see as many as I did during around the late 70s early 80s. But there still out there A few years ago, I strapped on my snowshoes and decide to go for a nice walk in the winter woods one warm February day and towards the evening I started seeing a few
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