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  1. My dad stores his boat outside but he has a custom made cover for his. I 've seen boats outside like the one in the picture and I feel this urge to rescue the boat
  2. Looks like next weekend I'll be going. Even if I don't get one it should be exciting
  3. I don’t see as many as I did during around the late 70s early 80s. But there still out there A few years ago, I strapped on my snowshoes and decide to go for a nice walk in the winter woods one warm February day and towards the evening I started seeing a few
  4. I’ll probably end up going unless it’s 20 below zero. I’ve got a ton of 7 1/2 shot left over from the grouse season. This should be adequate, right?
  5. I was invited to join some folks for a hare hunting experience behind beagles this winter. I’m not much of a hunter except grouse only but I’m thinking of accepting their offer. I used to hunt snowshoe hares with a 22 rimfire as a teen. Right now I just have a 20 gauge for small game hunting would that be OK in that situation or should I go buy a 22? Has anybody done this and what did you think of it?
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/01/10/entertainment/neil-peart-rush-drummer-death-trnd/index.html I had a chance to see Rush back in the early 80s. I didn’t even know he was sick
  7. Took Mrs. Tacklejunkie to Elton John last year
  8. I also had a chance to troll spinners with chubs this past fall just right in the Wisconsin entry doing the same method and it worked. A lot of people are into the belief that walleyes are bottom dwellers and that’s true for the most part. But they can also be very aggressive predators when the conditions are right
  9. I walk every day for exercise. The difference between any other season and the bird season is I’ll carry my shotgun with me. So because I go every day anyways I did see a good number of birds. There was a lot of Woodcock this year. I don’t shoot them because they are kind of small and when I was younger I shot one and cooked it and did not care for the taste
  10. The rain we had in October didn’t help mine. I did see a lot of birds and did get a couple on my last day hunting before I hung up the shotgun
  11. Did you get an opportunity to go? My wife and I rented snow machines a couple years ago and enjoyed it. Going to do it again this winter
  12. Strikemaster 40v. My son owns one and I sold my propane and use his and it's slick
  13. Mrs Tacklejunkie has a get together with her family were they have a day where they will make Christmas cookies and candy and many of their items looks just like those in the picture
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