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  1. tacklejunkie

    2018 Grouse Report

    I snuck out after work and heard 5 flushes. Heard but still too many leaves to see anything to shoot at. But I agree that if this any indication, we’re in for a better bird season than last year
  2. tacklejunkie

    Just Food and Drink

    I guess to each his own ,or her own, but I have never understood drowning out the taste of good, natural food
  3. tacklejunkie

    Just Food and Drink

    My wife does the same thing when I cook fish. I won’t put tartar sauce on fish or steak sauce on steak. Sometimes I think she eats fish only to eat the tartar sauce
  4. tacklejunkie


    When I was a kid, we came across a small flock of pigeons along a railroad track while grouse hunting. Shot three and my mom put them in a crockpot with other ingredients and, although I prefer grouse, they weren’t bad.
  5. tacklejunkie

    Motor had carbon build up

    So I sent an email to Evinrude and made a phone call to an authorize Etech mechanic and evidently my chain was being yanked a bit. I just thought if anyone here has ever heard of that
  6. tacklejunkie

    Motor had carbon build up

    I’m revisiting this thread because of a conversation I had with another fisherman. He told me that running it for 15 to 20 minutes wide-open alone should be enough to prevent carbon build up. He said prolonged use of things like ring free or carbon guard can actually dissolve any seals over time Is this true or was he just talking out of his one-just-like-silly-me?
  7. tacklejunkie

    Smoking rock bass

    I have caught a few rock bass trolling for walleye and I’ve always wondered if they’re palatable
  8. tacklejunkie

    Slow death rigs

    How do you determine when to use blades or just a plain hook? Or is it just a preference thing?
  9. tacklejunkie

    Slow death rigs

    I’ve been reading more and more about these but I don’t know anyone in my circle of fishing colleagues that uses them. i’m thinking of adding them to my walleye fishing arsenal but what can people tell me about them. Do they have to be trolled behind a bottom bouncer? How fast you go with them? Can you use them in any water type? For example, could I use them in dirty water or are they just a clear water fishing technique?
  10. tacklejunkie

    Smoked eggs

    Do you boil the eggs before smoking them?
  11. tacklejunkie

    Woodstock nests

    That picture Leech posted looks appetizing so maybe I'll have to shoot a few this fall and try some recipes for woodcock.
  12. tacklejunkie

    Woodstock nests

    Do you like the taste of woodcock? I never took to it
  13. tacklejunkie

    Bait for the opener

    The best entertainment is watching the boat landings on the St. Louis river on opening day
  14. tacklejunkie

    Legal question fish spawning did i break laws

    This might of been one of those cases where contacting a conservation officer first might have answered questions and potential future headache
  15. tacklejunkie

    Bait for the opener

    Plus, weather wise, it looks like a typical Minnesota opener