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  1. tacklejunkie

    What Killed This Fawn?

    Birds are notorious for picking out the rear end of a dead deer. I’ve seen it quite often with roadkill deer when ravens and crows and Eagles find them first. Any canine predator would tear it apart more and there would be a sign of a chase When my boys were little, we went snowshoeing up near Isabella, Minnesota and found a deer that was killed by wolves and it’s a pretty violent site
  2. tacklejunkie

    Best electric fillet knife?

    Mick Jigger....lol!!!
  3. tacklejunkie

    Repairing Portable Ice Shelters

    Good as new
  4. tacklejunkie

    Repairing Portable Ice Shelters

    Thanks. I’ll check them out
  5. tacklejunkie

    Repairing Portable Ice Shelters

    It’s one of those pop-up types
  6. tacklejunkie

    Repairing Portable Ice Shelters

    I have a good, used portable shelter that I got for dirt cheap but the zipper is torn. Does anybody know anybody in the Duluth area that could repair this?
  7. tacklejunkie

    Lets Be Honest. Eat While Ice Fishing Is A Must

    I’ll admit that my icefishing it is just a way to pass time in the winter until the real fishing starts and cooking a meal on the ice is just another way to add a little spice to an otherwise very boring activity
  8. tacklejunkie

    Lets Be Honest. Eat While Ice Fishing Is A Must

    We used to have one of those old-style small camp stoves, the Coleman types, and cook all kinds of things while icefishing. Food taste better when cooked in the ice. We would grill vegetables and steaks and burgers… you name it That Buddy heater grill looks like a neat idea. I should give it a try
  9. I have been reading more and more how hamstring curls are an unnatural movement and could put strain on your lower back. I have read that deadlifts and squats will work the hamstrings in a more natural movement. I’ve been doing hamstring curls since I was 16 years old and I’m 58 now and my back feels just as good and strong now as then. Is this bogus information and what about the claim that squats and deadlifts work your hamstrings just as well?
  10. tacklejunkie

    2018 Grouse Report

    So how was everyone’s grouse season this year? It was tough getting out this year between work and the lousy, cool, wet fall but I did get some birds
  11. tacklejunkie

    Just Food and Drink

    You also
  12. tacklejunkie

    Just Food and Drink

    What are the toenails and bone made of?
  13. tacklejunkie

    2018 Grouse Report

    Now that the weathers had a chance to dry I’ve headed out when I can after work and I have seen birds. I can’t say if this is a peak in the cycle or not but it does seem better than last season. Has anybody else been seeing a lot of Woodcock this year? I don’t shoot them because I don’t care for the taste but I have been seeing a lot of them
  14. tacklejunkie

    2018 Grouse Report

    Has anybody been out as of late? I brought the boat in Monday to be winterized but the weather‘s been so lousy but I see the sun wants to peek out so maybe after work I’ll take a walk in the woods The woods look like they thinned out quite a bit since the last time I was out
  15. Mine went in Monday. I usually wait till end of Oct or early Nov but this cold, windy, wet weather doesn’t look to improve soon. Anybody else give it up early?