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  1. I have caught fish on the slide diver but I don’t notice any difference from the regular Dipsey diver and they are a pain in the one-just-like-silly-me to set up. I have Dipsy’s in all kinds of different colors and I can’t tell if that makes a difference either. I have one that actually will glow in the dark
  2. What do you troll behind the dipseys for walleyes?
  3. This is a couple years old but I happened to stumble on it again today and I’m not really a big fan of the slide divers myself after giving them a shot. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but they seem more of a hassle than just the plain old, but effective, Dipsy diver
  4. Are they edible? I mean, I suppose any fish can be edible if beer battered enough or smoked but do people normally eat them?
  5. I went to Menards and they didn’t have it. I took the picture to Home Depot and they didn’t have that exact kit but they had another. I think my issue is solved. Thanks to everybody for replying
  6. I have a pinky nail size crack in my linoleum floor. It’s not major but it’s were I can see it and it’s more of a cosmetic issue. Any recommendations?
  7. The local lakes are open. I’ve been on Lake Superior a couple times as my appetizer for the opener and the fishing has been pretty good
  8. Local lakes still ice covered but soon
  9. Cool. Saw Tarpon a few years ago while snorkeling in ST Thomas
  10. this time of year? i was walking along a local creek and I came across one dead beaver in a trap and another set trap. Can they be trapped this time of year or should I alert the DNR?
  11. I’ve been hearing some drumming starting
  12. Where Is the w-e-b-s-I-t-e that shows what lakes are already ice free and the ice out date?
  13. Are there any lakes open at all in Minnesota? Especially the southern part of the state?
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