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  1. Don’t forget to add some exercise and build some lean tissue. Congratulations on the weight-loss.
  2. Lol.... Smart one-just-like-silly-me Anyways, it turned out my hunch was correct and it is a machine for doing back rows. I guess this is a $1500 device. Does anybody use this pretty regularly as part of their back routine?
  3. Picked up one more yesterday after work. The woods are soaked
  4. were you lean forward on it and pull up like you were doing push-ups. I see were the gym now has one at the gym but there’s nothing on it that tells you what it’s for. You’re kind of at an angle and you have a foam thing that rests on your sternum. It has a bar like a lat bar and there’s a place to put weights on it. It looks to me like it would be for doing rows for your back but it feels very awkward. I can’t find a picture of it but maybe next time I go to the gym I’ll take a picture of it and someone can tell me what exactly it’s for
  5. If anything you can wrap your spinners on it after you’re done fishing
  6. I've seen a few and gotten a couple. Saw quite a few on my way up to Baudette last week. Need more leaves off the trees, I'm guessing
  7. Darth Vader's voice Glory Platoon Pretty much anything. One of my favorite actors but the most recent one I watched was "Lean on Me" were he played Principal Joe Clarke Too many to list. But Pulp Fiction is the first one that comes to mind
  8. Doesn't anyone troll spinners in these spots? I trolled crawler harnesses one year over a deep part of a local reservoir and did well
  9. I did this and smoked it and not too bad. I use that same recipe for my lake trout and it worked OK for the goose
  10. Do I smoke these like I would smoke a turkey or a chicken? And does somebody have a very simple brine or rub recipe
  11. Along time ago, we were camping and we caught some walleye. Instead of filleting them, we just removed the guts, wrapped them in tinfoil whole, and put them on the coals of a fire. They were really good that way
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