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  1. When I was a kid back in the 60s and 70s, I had one Zebco closed face reel rod that I use for everything. Today I have Dipsy rods, lead core rods, mono trolling rods, jigging rods, Slip bobber and Lindy rigging rods, and ice fishing rods And every one of them gets used at some point in the season
  2. Slow cooked in a crockpot with a porketta
  3. We had that same type of cloud over Lake Superior sometime last week
  4. Got you beat by three rods
  5. A few years ago, I was trolling crawler harnesses right outside the Wisconsin entry on Lake Superior and I caught a 16 inch walleye. When I brought it in the boat it regurgitated a smelt that was half it’s size in its mouth and it looked just like that
  6. Yeah it’s fixed I even ran it and did everything I could to see if it would quit and it wouldn’t. It did get hot at one of the splices from the plug to where it connects the trolling motor. I pull back the tape and it was kind of one of those [PoorWordUsage] moments. The guy who looked at the motor just basically balled the wire together and taped it up so I got a better connection and fixed it and problem solved
  7. Took it out yesterday after work and it ran as if I just bought it I have no idea why I didn’t start from the simplest problem first. But trying to troll with four-year-old bulging batteries probably wouldn’t give me much in performance
  8. I’ve also had a chance to talk to others and they all agree it’s probably my batteries were getting old and worn. I may have taken a simple fix and made it more complicated than it should’ve been. Thanks to everybody who replied. I got fresh batteries fully charged and in the next couple days when I got some time off I’m gonna go fishing again. I have a sense that it probably was a battery issue all along. I also thought for some reason that the batteries were only two years old I have talk to some of that replace their trolling motor batteries after the third season. Those same people thought it was odd that the first guy that tested the battery at Napa on Sunday didn’t seem too concerned about the bulging. I’m wondering if he was the new guy. When I brought the old batteries to get new batteries Monday morning that’s the first thing that guy commented on was the bulging
  9. The first guy at NAPA who tested the battery mentioned the bulging but didn’t seem concerned. When I brought the batteries in today to exchange and get new ones that guy not only commented on the age but the bulging as an issue
  10. BTW, If it turns out that it was just a battery issue all along, I am going to engage some of the cruelest self flagellation in the history of mankind
  11. Any fix is minor it’s just that it’s burning up fishing season. I’ve been using my outboard but I don’t want to use that too much But like I said, I’ll fully charge them and it’ll run perfect till about two hours later.
  12. I had a chance to talk to the Minnkota mechanic and he said he went through everything and ran it ran it ran it ran it and it didn’t use up any battery on their system. So, I grabbed the old batteries that were four years old and brought them to NAPA for an exchange. The guy said he had the same issue with his trolling motor, the battery even checked out OK, but he decided to replace the battery and it fixed the problem. He also said with the batteries being four years old and kept outside in the winter will greatly shorten their lifespan So I have two fresh batteries charging and we’ll see I’m gonna have to get into a habit of bringing them inside in the winter
  13. I went out to check it before work plugged it in, and three bars light up on the trolling motor. I have a battery analyzer and one battery reads 80% and the other 60%. I know there’s not much to trolling motors for them to go wrong but I’m really really at a loss.
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