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  1. The local lakes are open. I’ve been on Lake Superior a couple times as my appetizer for the opener and the fishing has been pretty good
  2. Local lakes still ice covered but soon
  3. Cool. Saw Tarpon a few years ago while snorkeling in ST Thomas
  4. this time of year? i was walking along a local creek and I came across one dead beaver in a trap and another set trap. Can they be trapped this time of year or should I alert the DNR?
  5. I’ve been hearing some drumming starting
  6. Where Is the w-e-b-s-I-t-e that shows what lakes are already ice free and the ice out date?
  7. Are there any lakes open at all in Minnesota? Especially the southern part of the state?
  8. I was drilling a hole this winter and it went right up to the engine of the auger. It’s not that the ice was real thick. It was all the snow and slush A lot of slush and snow on the lakes this year Still ice covered in the Duluth area on Lake Superior but it’s turning dark. That’s where I will start my open water season before the regular fishing opener
  9. I’ve always smoked them. When I was a kid, the creek that runs out of Pike Lake through the golf course had a decent run but I haven’t done that in years so I don’t know if it still does
  10. Ok, time for the ice to melt
  11. I’ve heard it can be pricey but a couple of people I know who have used Servicemaster for water in the basement sounds like they didn’t have to tear out the carpet or the drywall. My understanding is they have this great big machine that sucks up all the moisture that they leave in your house for a week The problem it also dries you out from what I’ve heard. When I was growing up, we would occasionally get water in our basement and I remember it being a pain in the one-just-like-silly-me
  12. How far do you live from a ServiceMaster? I’ve heard people who’ve gotten water in their basement give them great reviews
  13. Do you have a full basement? When we built our house we built split basement. We have pretty steep hills going away from my house so we’ve never had a problem with flooding. But I do know my neighbors live lower and they have a full basement and yeah they have water in their basement I knew a contractor who won said that most water in the basement issues have to do with landscaping. Sometimes people like to put raised flowerbeds around their house and they hold the soil back usually with bricks. That can prevent or slow normal runoff And with temps getting even warmer next week, I suspect that problem is going to grow
  14. Went to change oil on my propane auger and it was thick and the consistency of an ICEE. It never was dunked in water and it starts and runs no problem. I’ll get a picture of it later. Should this concern me?
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