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  1. tacklejunkie

    Woodstock nests

    That picture Leech posted looks appetizing so maybe I'll have to shoot a few this fall and try some recipes for woodcock.
  2. tacklejunkie

    Woodstock nests

    Do you like the taste of woodcock? I never took to it
  3. tacklejunkie

    Bait for the opener

    The best entertainment is watching the boat landings on the St. Louis river on opening day
  4. tacklejunkie

    Legal question fish spawning did i break laws

    This might of been one of those cases where contacting a conservation officer first might have answered questions and potential future headache
  5. tacklejunkie

    Bait for the opener

    Plus, weather wise, it looks like a typical Minnesota opener
  6. tacklejunkie

    Bait for the opener

    Shiners...... if you can get them
  7. tacklejunkie

    Ice off predictions

    I think our local lakes may just make it for opener.
  8. tacklejunkie

    Legal question fish spawning did i break laws

    Did this many years ago when I was young on Wild Rice lake in Northern Minn It's a reservoir and they drew the water down one spring and below the dam there were walleyes trapped in a small pool. We netted them and threw them back into the lake. Someone called the St Louis County Sheriff and he came out with the warden and were going to write a ticket for illegally netting walleyes out of season. We told them we weren't keeping them but throwing them back in the lake. At the time, he told us he could have technically written us a ticket but gave us a warning
  9. tacklejunkie

    Spring suckers

    I think they're going to be late this year
  10. tacklejunkie

    Ice off predictions

    There’s a nice stretch of warm weather. I just wonder if it’s enough to melt our local lakes by opener Then the fish have to spawn
  11. tacklejunkie

    Ice off predictions

    I just read as of today, no lakes in Mn are ice free
  12. tacklejunkie

    Ice off predictions

    Predict lakes around Duluth will be open two days before the fishing opener. Places like Lake of the Woods a week afterwards. Now I’ll get to see how accurate I was
  13. tacklejunkie

    Another new Invasive

    Saw it at the home show. If I recall, the fella behind the table saidit is native to the US but not the SLR
  14. tacklejunkie

    Cooking Elk

    It was tasty
  15. tacklejunkie

    Cooking Elk

    I came into possession from a family friend an elk tenderloin but have no clue how to prepare it. Is it at risk of drying out like venison? When do you cook it medium rare?