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  1. I’ve heard it can be pricey but a couple of people I know who have used Servicemaster for water in the basement sounds like they didn’t have to tear out the carpet or the drywall. My understanding is they have this great big machine that sucks up all the moisture that they leave in your house for a week The problem it also dries you out from what I’ve heard. When I was growing up, we would occasionally get water in our basement and I remember it being a pain in the one-just-like-silly-me
  2. How far do you live from a ServiceMaster? I’ve heard people who’ve gotten water in their basement give them great reviews
  3. Do you have a full basement? When we built our house we built split basement. We have pretty steep hills going away from my house so we’ve never had a problem with flooding. But I do know my neighbors live lower and they have a full basement and yeah they have water in their basement I knew a contractor who won said that most water in the basement issues have to do with landscaping. Sometimes people like to put raised flowerbeds around their house and they hold the soil back usually with bricks. That can prevent or slow normal runoff And with temps getting even warmer next week, I suspect that problem is going to grow
  4. Went to change oil on my propane auger and it was thick and the consistency of an ICEE. It never was dunked in water and it starts and runs no problem. I’ll get a picture of it later. Should this concern me?
  5. When out for the last time of the season yesterday on that Lake Superior ice. Today, it’s a hard northwest/ west wind so I wonder what the ice is doing out there now? I caught nothing but I put away all my icefishing stuff today and now it’s time to bring on the open water season All I did to my auger was take the propane tank off and put a little Vaseline on the threads. I looked at the oil and it’s a real funky color. It never got wet. Is that normal for a propane auger?
  6. Can you leave a propane tank on all summer or does that have to come off at the end of season
  7. Wrapping up the ice fishing after tomorrow. I’ve never owned a propane auger before this one and the one I have was bought used. Any storage tips?
  8. I did the St Croix thing and LOTW and a few local lakes but with all the snow, I'm done fishing till open water. Plus, the walleye season should be closing here soon
  9. I haven’t been out on the ice for a while but I’ve heard that the ice is really bad due to all the snow now
  10. I was taking a walk down a dirt road this evening and I saw a muskrat along side of the road digging into the snow looking for, what it appeared, grass. All the ponds are frozen and the nearest creek is 2-3 miles away. Anybody know why a muskrat would be out in the winter along side the road? He didn’t even run away from me when he spotted me
  11. Lol When I first saw the pics, I thought he baked some chocolate cakes with clock faced icing
  12. Do they still have bunny tournaments? I did one years ago as a young man and it was fun and the hares were good eating
  13. Not sure what we'll be going after. I'm more of a tag a long but I guess anything that bites
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