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  1. I thought I would revisit this thread because I’ve been catching a lot of walleyes out in Lake Superior this year Most of my walleyes that I’ve been catching while trolling for trout and salmon even in deep water are actually no more than 20-30 feet down. All on spoons although I did troll a couple big bladed crawler harnesses after I was done catching lake trout and the walleyes loved them. By big blade I mean size No. six Colorado And these aren’t your average inland lake bottom dweller walleyes. These are good size well fed fish that put up quite a fight
  2. I’ve noticed the quality of leeches at the bait shops have declined. I’m not a real big fan of them but might be time to pull out the crank baits
  3. This time of year I’m a crawler guy and I don’t see too many minnow buckets hanging over the side of other boats in July but how many use minnows all year with good success? Both crawlers and leeches have been slow for me lately and if I buy a bucket of minnows would it be worth it this time of year?
  4. I’m always curious to see what the drumming counts are so I can get some idea how my taking my shotgun for a walk in the woods this fall will go They were up last year so I guess I’m gonna assume the same this year.
  5. It appears that DNR didn’t conduct it’s 2020 grouse drumming survey due to COVID-19. Unless I’m not looking in the right spot, I would think that social distancing would be easy in the woods
  6. It was another example of me taking something that simple and make it more complex than it needs to be. Similar to thinking my trolling motor was bad but it just turned out to be old batteries
  7. Last few times doing just that it's been loading more even
  8. I just put non-oxygenated fuel in it but it was pretty dirty. It started and ran OK it would just miss at idle. It runs good now I’m just wondering if there’s something underlying that could be causing the crack
  9. Changed the plugs in my riding lawnmower and it was cracked, runs perfect now but any idea why it would crack?
  10. I did that after fishing today and it worked.
  11. I don’t see anything wrong with any of the rollers they are all working great so I’m not wondering if it was a crappy boat Landing. It’s done this three times so I’ll be hitting Lake superior in the next few weeks and we’ll see if it corrects itself
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