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  1. thanks for all your replies. I have 5" lazer hand auger and want to get the converter. It really doesn't mention in the product description what sizes of augers it works with. I assumed all but just wanted to double check before I purchased. almost all the time I just use my 5" since Im a pan fisherman, I have pulled some pretty big walleye and pike thru a 5" hole as well. If it works as good as good as Im reading I see myself selling my Nils next year. I ice fish northern IL/ southern WI rarely ever pop more than 20-25 holes in a day and are ice normally is not as thick so I think this drill deal is going to be my new go to. thanks again for your guys help and quick replies.
  2. Hi Dumb question. Im planning on converting from gas auger to a drill/plate. Does that clam plate adapter work on any size of auger? I see you guys talking about 6" and 7" just wanted to make sure the clam plate will work for my 5" lazer thanks
  3. Add me to the list that has the turkey itch....I hope the weather cooperates for you guys up north. My only obstacle will be leaving for camp on easter sunday. I hope the kids find all the eggs fast so I can get out of the house and up to my camp hunting northern MO.
  4. Did you know that Tanaka went back to 2009 and extended retroactively consumer warranty to 7 years? You should take it to service facility and have them fix it under warranty. They have the best warranty in the business.
  5. Good luck to all you MO bow hunters out there! All this cool weather we are getting should get them deer on the move. I will have to wait till November for my turn. good luck
  6. dust_stl

    Vex vs. Marcum

    Marcum….I have the lx9 for when the kids are around and want to use the camera. Personally I like the target separation and never thought I would but I love the graph Im slowly being converted to using the graph only. Its super heavy but thats why I have my lx5 and mini showdown for hole hopping.
  7. Just got back from deer camp.....I was able to get a 6point buck not a monster but it will make some nice sausage. After not getting a deer last year I was pretty ancy and took the 1st one I saw. Which was a good thing because I didnt see another deer the rest of the week. 1900le....we go to Riverbend we have all our own gear... but for the LOW trip we take the lazy rout and just use their hut and have them do all the work its a lil more relaxing. Charlie the owner is a real nice guy and hes done us right every time. I know they have some of the cheapest rates thou if you wanted to bring your own gear and stay at one of their cabins. This will be are 4th year 10th trip with them.
  8. Here we go again!!!!!!!! Headed to deer camp tomorrow and back up to lake of the woods dec 12-19.. cant wait!!!!!!
  9. Well nov has come and gone as well pretty much dec. Are deer trip to upper north east missouri on the iowa border was pretty good. I saw 8 deer but not 1 ever gave me a good broad side shot so I got skunked for deer season. My buddy got a nice 9pointer hunting over the river bottoms in the stand I wanted to hunt from. And then there was ICE the ice gods smiled upon us and we where some of the 1st guys out on several local lake's in upper mn the ladies let us out of the house from 9dec-16dec We fished blackduck 6" ice,uppper red 8" ice, and lake of the woods 12" ice. We landed a couple big pike 4 jumbo perch and nice limits of walleye and sauger on almost every day. To many fish frys to count! You have to love early ice they say its some of the best ice fishing for a reason. Im headed back up to Illinois to go ice fishing almost every other weekend they have close to 4" of ice on almost all of the northern il and southern wi lakes. If anyone from missouri wants some tips on where to go ice fishing in IL send me a msg your only 3-4hours away from some fun on the ice there is nothing like walking on water. good luck to all.
  10. All of those lakes above are good but if I was you I would try Bull Shoals there you have a good chance and some big smallmouths as well largemths and there are some really big walleye’s and crappies in shoals as well. You will also be a stone throw away from white river which is one of the best places in the world to catch some montster brown trout on full size raps.
  11. Missouri is one of the best kept secrets for a chance at a real booner buck. There are a lot of public hunting opportunities especially the farther south you go. Shannon co which is near the Ozarks has more public hunting land to hunt more land than there is private land. Tags are all over the counter anyone can get a tag most counties have unlimited doe tags. Non resident is 225 for any sex and 25 per doe tag. We have extended antlerless season as well muzzleloader. As for the bucks most counties have had antler restrictions on them anywhere from 1 to 4 years so there are going to be more nice bucks in the future seasons. Find the counties that have had the antler restrictions the longest and there you will find the older bucks. I have the itch so bad its not funny 3 more days....
  12. Good luck to you guys..Im heading to downing mo which is just north of kirksville for a 6day hunt starting tuesday. Looks like we are in for some rainy weather..
  13. Please pinch me... are we really only 1 week away from opening of gun season and only 5weeks away from early ice fishing on Lake of the Woods cant be true can it?
  14. my guess is that would be the missouri river, I dont think you will have mutch luck casting lures normally to much current. What you will need is some decent size weights and some "worms" you then use the worms to catch a drum/sheephead/bluegill or even shad you then cut the drum up into chunks/cut bait you then will have a chance for some catfish and thats your best chance at some action.
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