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  1. Anyone using one of these?? Likey??Dont likey ?? Thinking about getting a black one. I'm 6-4...will I fit ???
  2. So sorry. It's hard to let em go I know.
  3. your right...think i'm going with a asus laptop
  4. Need to put my desktop pc to the grave and decided to get a laptop or the chromebook. Mostly surfin the web and e-mails.Is it a pain to figure out how to put pics somewhere and what if you want to download music for say i pod?
  5. also...anybody...when you bring up the msconfig...what about the tab under "services"? can most of those be un checked??
  6. Does the asus come with a cd/dvd player?
  7. Thanks, but I only use 1 pound bottles with mine.
  8. not sure...could it also be maybe the valve?
  9. My always dependable heater-cooker is not staying lit. I put a new thermo on her and it still runs for about 5 minutes and quits. Used to always have the old whistle thing when you first start it and that doesn't happen anymore either. Any suggestions?
  10. Does Frank still charge $20 to resharpen Nils blades?
  11. Thanks Dave. Didn't even know about google drive. It's awfully slow though.
  12. Yeah...I meant to say I did a re format...i'll call the local geek and see what he says. Thanks. I was so frustrated one day when everything froze up that I said ta heck with it and returned to factory settings. Never gave a thought about the hundreds if not more pictures we had stored. Just lost my little buddy (jack russell)and would like to get those pics back.
  13. Is it possible to recover your pictures you had on desktop if you do a system restore and don't save em first?
  14. Getting ready to buy a new pc desktop or laptop and was wondering if I should have it with 7 or go with 8. I'm using Vista now. I'm hearing 8 is not very user friendly. But 7 installed costs $100 more. Any opinions? Don't do much gaming. Mostly surfing and e-mail etc.
  15. ive had good luck with tire rack and tire buyer.com myself
  16. Downloading adblock makes sure you never see ads again on any page. Thanks for this mention...it works quite well
  17. Thought I read somewhere that "they" don't recommend putting chains on the front of a 2011 Ford F-150. Anybody know if that's true?
  18. Ha ha there mite have been a few questionable things on there no doubt, but i had a million things on there and couldn't find that delete option. Thanks
  19. Anybody know how to clear my history on the you tube places ive been?
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