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  1. NAMASafetyDirector

    Merc 4 Stroke Leaking Gas

    That looks to be the fuel pressure regulator and yes there should be a hose connected to it. I would guess that the hose is laying in there somewhere tucked under or behind something. Guessing its the return line since the engine will actually run without the hose thats supposed to be hooked to it is not on. There are free downloadable repair manuals on line so you can look and see how and where everything is supposed to go. Good luck!
  2. NAMASafetyDirector

    Motor Height

    As a quick reference you could trim your motor all the way down and hold a straight edge on the bottom of you hull in the center of the boat and see where it lines up in relation to the bottom of your anti-cavitation plate on the motor. Generally the Anti-cavitation plate should be flush or reasonably close to the bottom of your boat. Slightly above is ok but lower is not. I ran into the same issues last year with my "new to me" boat and found that the motor is sitting about 2" high (or about 1 hole) on the transom.
  3. NAMASafetyDirector

    High Hour Yamaha

    Well, i rearranged some finances and just went ahead and bit the bullet and ordered a new Suzuki DF200. Can't wait to get it out on the water.
  4. NAMASafetyDirector

    High Hour Yamaha

    I am looking at an 08 Yamaha F200 that has around 2400 hours on it. Anybody have any reservations about that kind of hours on a Yam? I have read cases online of these engines running good with no issues out to as many as 8,000 hours in extreme cases with proper maintenance. Just looking for either a warm fuzzy feeling or a warning. I am looking to repower my 193 Warrior with a 4stroke.
  5. NAMASafetyDirector

    07 Polaris 800 X2 Not starting

    On the end of the fuel rail which is mounted to the top of the fuel injectors there should be a shroeder valve with a black cap on it. When you turn the key on you should hear the fuel pump cycle, after that push the shroeder valve and see if you have immediate fuel there or if there happens to be some air in the system. In the event your ran really low or out of fuel you may have gotten some air in the line. You may want to try replacing the spark plugs as a first try. Be sure your battery is charged up and at peak voltage as well.
  6. NAMASafetyDirector

    Backup heat

    Thanks for all the ideas guys. Guess i should have clarified that Im looking for something hands off since I do at times leave the state for work for 3 week periods of time. Im going to get something that if the furnace goes down that the backup just takes over. It's really tough to cover all the bases. I like the idea of the plenum heater but if the power goes out while im gone then im pretty much screwed. LP fireplace that does not need electriciy is probably going to be a strong contender. I am leaning towards the heat exchanger for the outdoor boiler as well as that decision is obvious from a cost saving standpoint. Anyway, I'll get it figured out! Thanks everyone!
  7. NAMASafetyDirector

    Backup heat

    Was looking for some ideas or experieces on backup heat for my 1450 sq ft. Manufactured Home. House has a full slab under crawlspace and insulated 2x4 wall skirting. Had my furnace go out the other night (-23 of course) for a few hours till i got parts. At this time i dont have a back-up heat source so I was obviously pretty nervous. I have an outdoor wood boiler that heats my garage but there is already an A-coil in the plenum on my furnce for AC so theres not much room in there for another exchanger. The layout of the living space doesnt lend itself to a LP fireplace. ALso considering some sort of electric source. Any ideas from people with my same layout would be appreciated! Ive looked at a ton of options but sometimes some fresh eye's on the problem helps a bunch! thanks all!
  8. Sometime before spring I am looking to buy a used 200 HP 4 stroke outboard and rigging for my 99' 193 Warrior. Not picky on the brand. Mercury, Yamaha or Suzuki. Nothing older than 2006 in Yamaha preferably unless it has had the exhaust runner/casting updates done. Maybe your looking to upgrade or change?
  9. NAMASafetyDirector

    Trailer ?

    Bak...I ended up buying the trailer i was talking about above. Basically just hauling the snobear on it in the winter and the occasional shorter trip with my compact tractor in the summer along with misc. other tasks. No long trips. Seems like it will work well for what i need. I really like the tilt deck. Haven't towed it with weight yet but pulling it home empty it was the nicest trailers i have ever pulled. The price was right at 3K out the door with a spare.
  10. NAMASafetyDirector

    Trailer ?

    Maybe this is not the right spot or maybe it has been covered before but anyhow, I'm looking at an H&H 20' Speedloader 7K lb. tilt deck trailer and I was wondering if anyone out there has or has any feedback on the quality of the H&H line of trailers or reccomendations otherwise. I was quoted just under 3K so i would definitly like to stay in or around that price range. Thanks!
  11. NAMASafetyDirector

    what to spray on bottom of sled?

    Try a few coats of furniture polish (pledge etc). Works well for just about anything from, goggles, atv plastic, snowmobile hoods etc. If you have ever walked (slid) across laminiate flooring after the Mrs. got a little wild with the furnature polish you'll know what i mean!
  12. Picked up a new custom ice rod this weekend from Hooked Custom Rods out of Grand Forks ND. Bar none the finest walleye rod I have used on the ice (and i have 3 Thorne's and a couple other customs). I got mine in a 28' ML with a shorty cork handle. Brandon at Hooked will build just about any combination of rod with any accessory items you could possibly think of. High Quality ice equipment and 5 star customer service. hookedcustomrods.com is the web page there. I am in no way affiliated with Hooked..just a happy customer.
  13. NAMASafetyDirector

    Eskimo/Jiffy mix.

    Ryan, i am on my 3rd season with my Mako 43 and have not had one issue so far. It's the best auger i have ever had and i've had a bunch of them. I think you will find you just might like the 8" hole vs. the 10". IMO I like the smaller hole for a couple reasons the main one being I have better luck with fish that get off at the top not getting turned around as fast or at all in the smaller hole. For the guys that have little people along it's a lot safer. It's a preference thing.. some people absolutely love a 10" hole but for me I won't ever have anything over a 9.
  14. NAMASafetyDirector

    jet size

    Couple things..one isnt your problem but you should check it. When you clean your exhaust valves take them all apart and replace the rubber belows on them. you will need to heat up the aluminum nut under the plastic cap to get the belows off. There is usually a massive amount of gunk and sludge build up under there and you may have a torn bellows as well. #2) Fuel pump is probably weak or not working. If it's the original, it has had a whole truck load of todays wonderful gas run through it and the diaphram etc could be cracked/torn etc. Also check your impulse line from the crank case to the fuel pump. All it takes is a small crack or rub hole through the impulse line. The 420's are the right jets. You have something definitly wrong but dont go changing a bunch of stuff to cover or remedy. Those sleds ran like a top in stock trim so if it's not, you have some component that is failed or failing. Keep it stock for reliability!
  15. NAMASafetyDirector

    Custom wheel house manufature's

    +3 on Big Bite.