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  1. TheHawgTrough

    Metro Water Temps

    I had 83-88 on Tonka on Tuesday. I'm done until things cool down a bit.
  2. TheHawgTrough

    New Fishing Hours Downtown...

    This has come up more than once in coversation. Wouldn't suprise me if zebra's are thriving in Christmas Lake right now...
  3. TheHawgTrough

    New Fishing Hours Downtown...

    I'm pretty sure it's illegal to ban boats from a public lake... http://www.startribune.com/local/west/159885555.html
  4. TheHawgTrough

    Trolling Suckers

    Thanks for the tips. I suppose it matters what you're trying to do, but about how far back do you usually troll the suckers?
  5. TheHawgTrough

    Trolling Suckers

    Since "Suckers" seems to be a popular topic this year (likely due to the poor fishing this summer?), I'd thought I'd throw a question out there. I'd tried trolling suckers under a float for the first time and wasn't very sucessful. One because I didn't seem to have enough weight (I assume you want them pretty vertical) and two the suckers seemed to spin in a circle on the harness. Now while erradic, I'm assuming a more natural presentation would be better when trolling? We were moving around 1 mph with the trolling motor. How do you guys do it?
  6. TheHawgTrough

    Trout Photo Gallery

    What's the story on this fish? This has to be a borderline world record for a tiger trout.
  7. TheHawgTrough

    Any advice for a 1st timer on Leech Lake?

    JS/10,000- Do you guys add any weight when trolling the spinnerbaits? Just curious. Never tried it before, but might give it a shot when things are slow.
  8. TheHawgTrough

    Round Lake in E.P

    I'm pretty sure there haven't been muskies in there in over 10 years, maybe longer. When there were, there were maybe only a handful.
  9. So this topic of conversation has been kicked around in the boat the last couple of seasons. Having been a little young to be part of the "River Runs Through It" generation with flyfishing, it's still been interesting to watch the dramatic decline of the guys who hopped in to that sport 20 years ago. This also may have happened a bit with bass fishing in the 90's. With basically no more metro lakes to stock and additional lakes not being added quick enough to really spread out the fisherman, is the number of people in the musky fishing sport at it's peak or near it? Seems like a lot of the lakes were at or just past their peak (some are now)within the last couple of years. I have to think that eventually some angers will get frustrated by the packed lakes, decreasing catchable populations and lower catch rates, the overall cost and will drop out of the sport, possibly having the anger pressure stablize? Maybe we just need a meaner, badder, and larger alternative to the musky for everyone to hop to next. Carp anyone... Thoughts?
  10. TheHawgTrough

    Replica Ideas

    That's a small fish. You should wait until you catch a bigger one.
  11. TheHawgTrough

    Trolling Reel Recommendations

    Thanks for the recommendations!
  12. TheHawgTrough

    Waconia advice

    While all of the metro lakes seem to be fishing tough, I think this lake is in a bit rougher shape. It's popularity in recent years has taken its toll, and I've heard rumors that a lot of the really big fish were either kept or haven't made it through real well (Poor handling?). Don't see many of the guides out there any more and I think I'd rather put my time in elsewhere.
  13. TheHawgTrough

    Trolling Reel Recommendations

    Any recommendations for a cheap trolling reel with a line counter? I got an extra "trolling" rod and was hoping to pick something up in the $50-100 range. Don't do much more than around 8-10 hours trolling a year. Not sure I want to completely open the door to the whole trolling deal and all of the fun stuff that comes with it.
  14. TheHawgTrough

    Vermillion River

    My personal opinion on lunker structures is that in theory I guess they are OK, but what happens when the wood they use to build them breaks down and caves in? I've seen the streams with the caved in lunker structures and they become a mess. You don't see any of the premier streams out west with lunker structures. Not sure why they've become so popular here in MN and WI... They are difficult to fish, but the fish do tend to lurk out at night... I also think less is sometimes more (Again, personal opinion). Seems like the more work done on a stream, the worse the fishing gets (And the river looks like [PoorWordUsage])... Give it a little budge (remove straighten stream beds, plant some natural trees/grass, maybe add some natual rock here or there to prevent erosion) and let nature takes its course. The old natural cutbanks and down trees seem to do the job just fine.
  15. TheHawgTrough

    Vermillion River

    This was a world class river year ago, but has really tappered off over the past 5-10 years. I am pretty sure the $$ came from the Legacy Funds. The stream work in those pictures looks pretty cool so far. Hopefully they don't over do it with the lunker structures and the fish can make a comeback. This river at one point had the potential to be the best river in the Midwest for trophy brown trout (Think multiple fish like the one recently caught in the Root River in SE MN).