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  1. Wish I would have browsed earlier. I live in glenwood springs CO and fish the Green which is 3 hours away maybe 4 times a year. I would have suggested one of the easiest ways to fly fish which is deadly this time of year. One fly setup. A size 10-14 fat albert. walk the banks make good casts and you will tear it up! Hope you had fun and if you go again this time of year try this method..
  2. Just scrolling through this post I have read that fishing is not all that great here in Colorado. Funny, I grew up in MN fishing my tail off for 18 years. I have been in Colorado for 18 now and you would have to shoot me and drag me back to MN. The fishing here is in my opinion awesome and I enjoy it much more. I love banging big lakers through the the ice flyfishing for giant browns and rainbows and am 100 yards from catching large mouth left and right with my flyrod. Go to colorado fishermen.com and you will get a much better understanding of the scene here. I love it here but am also glad t
  3. how about Scott linehan. He certainly can do just as good as Tice and my guess even better..
  4. ooops sorry Lost. Good luck in the contest! [This message has been edited by smellzalilfishee (edited 05-10-2004).]
  5. Lost, I think it is time to find a new spot if that is the case. Carp are all over in just about all waters so explore and find yourself a new spot. A lot of my enjoyment in fishing is being away from people.
  6. jpz, what is it you are doing now?? Also, are you fly fishing??
  7. A quote from the late Lee Wulff " Game fish are to valuable to only be caught once"
  8. Are you going to sell this book?? I agree with you though. On some rivers there are biggest fish contest on opener. How sad!! I have seen huge trout dragged out all so a guy could win a case of Old Milwakee or something. I can't even stand to watch anymore so I never fish opener. [This message has been edited by smellzalilfishee (edited 04-12-2004).]
  9. Yes, trout feed at night.
  10. smellzalilfishee

    trout regs.

    Thanx Renneberg, I like the purposed changes. You brought up a good point that it only affects some 137 miles of water out of 680 or something so everybody should be able to find a place they enjoy. At least it is worth the study to find out the affects.
  11. smellzalilfishee

    trout regs.

    what are the new regs??
  12. Good call on buying from Cabelas jpz. They back anything they sell and if you have any issues they will return them with no questions. I think the pair you bought will work out nicely.
  13. jpz, I think you will find that the breathable waders you bought will be your favorite yet. As for durability, you need to take care of them like anything else. They are however much easier to patch than neoprene because what holes you may get are much easier to find. The quality of the wader makes a big difference in these waders to. A less expensive pair may use a thinner piece of material or of lesser quality and may not double up areas of key point like knees and backend. I like a pair with built in gravel guards as well, then there are no worries of losing them. The "you get what you pay
  14. Yes Renneberg, I agree that is a great setup, escpecially in the later months of the season. I think the adding of the boots is key for utmost comfortability. The attached rubber boots to waders are to me so uncomfortable. They tend to rub and cause blisters and if you like to hike they are not the way to go.
  15. Just my two cents on the wader thing.. I would stay away from neoprene waders at all cost unless all you do is fish when its 10 degrees or lower, same thing with rubber. The neoprene waders will feel clammy and do not breathe at all so if your fishing when it is 50 degrees or more you might as well go without because you feel as wet by days end. The rubber wader, well my personal expierence has told me there is nothing more uncomfortable then these. More so in the boot then anywhere else. I like hippers if comfortable but then you need to think about where you sit so as not to mud up your back
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