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  1. b1gf1sh1

    One lure for river muskies???

    mississippi. not rocket science. black spinnerbait gold blades when mostly cloudy to overcast. white spinnerbait gold blades when partly cloudy or clear. medium sized on both. worked for thirty years that i know of and don't see it stopping any time soon.
  2. b1gf1sh1

    New Michigan State Record Muskie

    state record, world line class. nice few cast before work i'd say. i feel sorry for him though. anything he catches could be a dissapointment now. maybe not. nice to see he caught it exactly like i troll. within that 50 feet behind the propwash has always been my best times. right in the tail is my favorite. pretty fish though. even prettier when it was alive. really deep colors in that live pic. just upstream of the last record, lol. time to take a trip to that area maybe. sure is a beast.
  3. b1gf1sh1

    Lure suggestions?

    Quote: WHich color Shad IMO the ''shad'' color. not the photo-copy spitooties either. oliveish/blue top, pearl white sides and a flo. orange bottom. Rapala just came out with it again after discontinuing it for several years. i went to auction sites and paid up to 40 bucks a pop for these after they stopped making them and i ran out. if that gives you an idea of what i think of them. i bought 10 of the new ones and still have 4 from the auctions. the new ones have a little more gloss, but i'll live with some sanding. they used to be called tennesee shad. can't seem to find a new one in a package. never did read it.
  4. b1gf1sh1

    Let's Play Guess That Length

    judgeing by the angle of the light rays and the misdirection of the waters prismatic impulses outside the spectrums' hemisphere and the left angle of the camera lens' dome in relation to the depth of the fish i can say with total exactness that i ain't got the foggiest idea how big that fish is. 100% possitive.
  5. b1gf1sh1

    Mille Lacs or Leech for a fall trip?

    Quote: Mille Lacs, Leech, or Vermillion for a 4 day weekend trip yep.
  6. b1gf1sh1

    61" Muskie caught on Mille Lacs?

    let's all not forget too that in Georian Bay a 53 1/2 inch fish weighed in at over 61 lbs.(kept). 31 inch girth or something like that. compare that to the state record and it get's clear that certain waters make for different fish genetics. that one i lost looked a lot like the third pic in Jreds post except the head was a lot bigger on mine. and maybe fatter but i only got a glimpse of her belly. pics are hard to judge. heck i've had fish at 47''s that look smaller than some 45'' out of the same waters. but because he said he couldn't turn her helps me believe him. it's something that needs to be experienced to really understand. it's like pulling on a tree floating downstream stuck in strong current. been there done that too and that's exactly what it felt like. and i'm going back again i can promise you that. lose or no it was a special feeling. again, nice job F&F.
  7. b1gf1sh1

    61" Muskie caught on Mille Lacs?

    beautiful. absolutly beautiful. my favorite is the part about 'turn the head, turn the head''. i had an experience similar on the St. Lawrance so maybe that's why i understood it enough to get a good laugh (thanks BTW). had her twice, lost her twice. easy 57'' maybe more. fat as a cow and a head like a horse. the first time i maybe had her on for ten minutes or so. she did what she wanted when she wanted. i was pretty much just there to observe. second time was just a head shake at the surface and gone. but i know i'll never forget it. and she'll be there next time. nice job on the land man. awsome.
  8. b1gf1sh1

    61" Muskie caught on Mille Lacs?

    hey Jeff. that small lake wouldn't be the one that's kind of near a river is it? Partridge family ring a bell? and she wouldn't have a bigger sister would she? if it is i can tell you where those muskie came from. from the nearby river from the old man that passed about 10 years ago. he'd stick them in there after catching them in the river. those underwater stump fields are the bomb. i had a lot of fun there when i was younger. if it's not the same lake then.... the one i'm talking about is, Lake Nevrmind. one of the few places i know where 5 lb bass are a given on any trip and a 7 lb. is easy if you go enough. bid nords in there too. crappie are good some years. anyway...
  9. b1gf1sh1

    On the water angler ethics

    Quote: Don, this spring it was that bad. In one day alone I had 3 people cut me off on one spot and then get cut off another 2x. are you well known on the lake? or is your boat the one with stickers everywhere? just asking because it sounds like your marked for death man. how about that big lakeland or two in plain view? ranger with a 250 says serious, add anything else on this list, not limited too, and your marked. clothes can be a give away too if they look tournement like. personally i own a '92 allumacraft phantom f/s. pretty unassuming to look at really. but the name says it all. ''phantom''.. dual casting decks, nice sized. 7 foot wide interior. it moves out decent with the 135, i get to 52 mph in the right conditions but generally i go no more than about 35 or 40 anyway. i enjoy the ride. i only open it up to avoid the wake makers trying to pass me. it's different on a river, it's all straght away like a road, and passing pretty close is common and needed sometimes. i wear catfisherman clothes mostly, a couple stickers that's it. the lakeland's stays home with what i won't use for that day. but like i've said i don't fish lakes much. when i do it's durring the week. i'm no professional muskie guy but i do ok and some people know it. people know me on the rivers but it's, no joke, about 100 to 1 walleye or catman to every muskie guy i know. add a few for the sturg. there's so much water to cover on a river i almost never see one. really on a river you can go through a 25 gallon tank pretty fast if your not carefull. normally your not going to drive 30 miles to get to a spot. put in where you want to cover and cover that stretch. about 2 or 3 miles is where i try to stay, that's 4 to 6 miles or more of shoreline structure to cover. then add semi to midriver structure and there's enough for three days easy if you want to get to all of it. i think that's why it's so barren of muskie boats, there's just too much water. when i do see a muskie boat and go by i'll see them later and not once in all these years has any ever came to where i'm at fishing. they just keep going. anyway, that's why i'm lost on this. i guess i just don't see 50 boats competing for 10 spots. more like 2 boats competeing for a couple hundred in that 2 to 3 miles. heck i could give GPS co-ordinates and the river might change and there's no fish for a month in that area. so i don't mind telling this stuff in the least. my advice hasn't changed Shawn. find a river before you quit. you know as well as anyone they are self populating and won't be on a stocking list... some small areas are.... but overall not. if peace and quiet is what you want you won't find it on a river, there's plenty of activity, but water skiers and jet skies are minimal at most. and the area you see you like won't have a boat in it 100 to 1 times you go to it. and if there is a boat that one time it's got a hottie sunning herself on the deck. plenty of reason to see if there is a fish there somewhere. i've also heard and seen that if you catch a muskie in a lake it's mouth usually looks all beat up from multiple releases? i get virgin fish all the time on rivers. some probably never even been hooked before, or at least a few years since it saw a lure. again, i ponder.... why?
  10. b1gf1sh1

    On the water angler ethics

    Quote: somebody moves in 30 or 40 yards behind you and now you can no longer turn around and try that fish with a different bait etc cause oh thats right a MUSKY fisherman who works his butt off to catch fish but thought that was a better id i mean c'mon at least let'em leave first, sheesh. honestly, i can't believe it's really gotten as bad as everyone says out there. this has to be embelished right? when i fished lakes it was here or there a goof showed up sure, but the way it's sounding in here you can't even go out anymore without getting this stuff. that's too bad. fishing for me is to relax. i'm not so sure i would enjoy it as much as then if this is really the case. sounds like the only times it would be fun is in the rain or 25 mph winds. that really is too bad. ... maybe more lakes is the only answer. by the sounds of it this state is going to lose some money from muskie fishers quitting if they don't fix this before it's too late. lol, that's when they'll come with the stamp... when it's too late.
  11. b1gf1sh1

    On the water angler ethics

    Quote: And some people say they "like" to do it, but to be honest I'm sure they don't prefer it. here's me on a weekend packed to the hilt lake... i'm the one just outside your ''muskiespace'' fakeing like i'm jigging for walleye, watching you but not letting you know it. i'll even wave at you if you ''catch'' me looking your way. might even yell where the heck you get crappie in this lake? and when you get a follow and your figure 8 doesn't work i'll know it but you won't know i know it, because i'm acting like i'm trying to untangle a knot or retying so i look oblivious. then when you leave to come back later i'll slide in and get your fish. or i could be the guy with binoculars looking at ten boats casting a bunch of water... waiting... just waiting. but that was a long time ago. now i don't fish lakes. wink wink. side note. by and large i've found river anglers more adept at ethics than lakers. most are better boaters overall than lakers too IMO. i'm not sure if i could narrow it to one reason because it's muli-facetted. sure you get the fly-by-night newbies and visitors that don't know better but not too often. it starts with the fact you drive a boat for several miles at a time on a river, for an hour sometimes. unlike most lake's where you go maybe five minutes max and shut it down. practice makes a better more informed boater. but i think the biggest reason for ethics is the amount of ''fishable'' water on a river is humungous compared to most lakes. fishable muskie water on the croix for example (just muskies) matches pretty much any lake around minnesota. all of it is accesessable all the time. big lakes are only fishable if a boat can safely get to it. try a 14 footer on mille lacs once. most wouldn't go out very far i'm sure. heck i'm chicken in my 18 footer. on a river pretty much the whole thing is get-to-able in any boat. maybe not when it's real busy. but most times it is. put the mississippi in this and there's not a single lake in this state that has more ''fishable'' water. just sayin' if you want true ettiquette, rivers, IMO, offer some of the best anywhere when your talking fishing folk. pleasure boaters not so much because they drive houses out there and can't really help it. but they can only go so many places with big boats. easy to avoid. but river fishers by rule are pretty tight lipped about those honey holes to strangers. so don't even bother asking without a smile and a cup of coffee handy. we're suckers for that.
  12. b1gf1sh1

    Setting your drag for trolling?

    i'd add... consider using mono. 20 lb. is good. the stretch helps for not ripping out hooks too. good luck on that river if you get bored, don't pass up casting those eddies.
  13. b1gf1sh1

    On the water angler ethics

    i liked reading this stuff. when i fished lakes a lot i ran into people like that all the time. if i trolled i'd get the hurry up and run in front and act all mad this troller is still coming my way and cast my lure at his boat guys. i always just laugh at people to be honest. i don't care what they do really. why give them any power over me is my thought. then there's the stalkers. my favorite is to just change tactics and fish areas they couldn't. like severely heavy weeds. didn't take long and we could fish where ever. but just to rub it in... again... i'll give you a week off, 9 days including weekends, i took last year and fished the croix/ssippi... just one time, but they all pretty much go the same way. day one, beautifull morning on the croix. partly cloudy, 70 degrees. drank coffee and planned. we fished muskie hard till noon, had a couple show and a few northern landed. decided it was walleye time after bag lunch. went and got minnows at beanies, talked a bit with people there and hit the bridge. got dinner, some walleye/sauger and a few crappies, then headed up for shore dinner on a nice little island. built a fire, walleye crappie and potatoes, mmmm. drank more coffee, loaded up and went to look for the two we seen earlier. hide nor hair but got two more northerns. went back to beanies and got some suckers before dark. put some cut suckers out on one line for cats and jigged for whatever came by with another. drank lots of coffee. pretty dead but managed to release a few sheepshead and a skinny cat. didn't see one muskie fisher all day and night. we pondered... why? packed up and decided to go home. day two. drank coffee. buddy caught a muskie on the third cast. pretty much the same deal as the day before with everything else. except the cats were biting better. still seen no muskie fishers. again we pondered... why? buddy had to work so i fished the ssippi. drank coffee then pounded muskies all day, boated four and seen a few more. buddy called me and met me after he ate. brought me mikkie d's and some more coffee. fished some more didn't get any. i bragged and did the shimmy shake about how my buddy missed out on all that hot action. buddy was calling in sick in the morning with the 48 hour flu or food poisoning, he'd just wing it. still no muskie fishers. we pondered... why? next day at the ssippi, drank coffee with my sick buddy. pounded muskie all day and boated 4. me 1 three for him. he was feeling better. but that pizza must have had something in it. he needed another day for sure to recover. buddy did the shimmy shake, i acted like my battery was dead. HA. told him he's gotta paddle. got the battery to work somehow and motored back to the launch. we got moored and saw something weird. took a bit but we figured it was a muskie fisherman because of the size of dare develle he had on. but the rod was pretty flimsy, and a zebco 808. so we figured he was a part timer or beginner. hmmm. still no muskie fishers.. we pondered... why? all week. no muskie fishers... why?
  14. b1gf1sh1

    muskie locations

    a river. the bigger the better. just fish eddies, near the bank, that is formed by fast water... insta'ski.
  15. b1gf1sh1

    River Tip... Eddies

    great. can you explain a few details of your strategy without giving exact co-ordinants of the spot. like... it is below a dam and before they open or after they close the west gates the water is cleaner... or something like that? i'm here to learn too!!