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  1. mascad

    Muskie lakes near Cokato??

    No luck so far...dam things are hard to catch!! I have a household of 6 so I'm not too concerned with limits...
  2. mascad

    Muskie lakes near Cokato??

    Thanks for the help, or lack there of. I will try Sugar Lake, if nothing else there are some nice sized pike in there. Didn't know keeping legal fish was such taboo...people have kept muskies for ages.
  3. Hey guys, wondering if anyone knew of any lakes within a half hour or so of Cokato where I'd have a shot at a legal muskie? I'd like to get a couple for the smoker. Thanks!!
  4. mascad

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    What other types of "gills" are there? Everyone calls bluegills gills..I was just making an observation..my apologies.
  5. mascad

    Panfish Photo Gallery

    Hey river rat...don't think that is a bluegill...if it is, it is the ugliest one I have ever seen. My guess would be green sunfish, or some hybrid.
  6. Went to a WIA this afternoon near Lake Lillian...3 birds in 45 min...missed a couple others...was pleasantly surprised. One barely had colors...hopefully there was a strong late hatch.
  7. Great... More bad news for Minnesota pheasant hunters: The state's pheasant population is down 29 percent from last year, due to a long winter and cold, wet spring and loss of habitat. Just last week, South Dakota reported a 64 percent decline in its ringneck population. Minnesota’s 2013 pheasant index is 64 percent below the 10-year average and 72 percent below the long-term average. The Department of Natural Resources predicts pheasant hunters will harvest about 246,000 roosters this fall – which would be down 18,000 from last year's estimated harvest of 264,000. It's also less than half the number of pheasants taken during the 2005-2008 seasons when hunting was exceptionally good. Officials said the recent loss of habitat is hurting the pheasant population Enrollment in the federal Conservation Reserve Program declined by 63,700 acres in Minnesota’s pheasant range over the last year and contracts for nearly 400,000 acres of statewide CRP lands are scheduled to expire during the next 3 years. If not re-enrolled, this would reduce CRP acres in Minnesota by 30 percent. High land rental rates and competing uses for farmland diminish the economic attractiveness of farmland conservation programs. Meanwhile, the DNR said the highest pheasant counts were in the southwest region, where observers reported 51 birds per 100 miles of survey driven. Hunters should find good harvest opportunities in west-central, east-central and south-central Minnesota.
  8. mascad


    The topic was started by me asking if muskies were good pickled, and it was removed for some reason. I've heard that they're actually not that much like pike, like I assumed, so thought I'd ask.
  9. mascad


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  10. mascad

    Rut Activity?

    The rut is on!! Saw a HUGE 8 pointer on the way home from a pheasant hunt this morning. 10:30 AM. It was chasing a doe 20 yards off a tar road near Glencoe, MN. There was a small six pointer chasing the doe that the big buck would chase off every couple minutes. Definitely cool to watch, but if he acts that way next weekend a road hunter will take him I'm afraid. By far the nicest buck I have ever seen, alive anyway...
  11. mascad

    Strikemaster problem...

    They checked the auger pitch when they put the new blades on, said it was good. Maybe I'll head up there tomorrow.
  12. mascad

    Strikemaster problem...

    Where would the spring be located? I'm not too good with these things. Thanks.
  13. mascad

    Strikemaster problem...

    My auger (lazer mag ultra) cuts holes VERY slowly, picked up 3 new blades from SM last year, helped very little. Any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Hey guys, not a big catfisherman, anyway, went out to a local lake the other night for walleyes and ended up catching catfish instead. It was my first time catching them this big, (25", 27", 28"). All I can say is what a fight!! I was using 8lb test and it took me over ten minutes to get each of them in. I didn't expect that, thought they would fight more like a walleye. I wasn't dissapointed, it was fun and I plan to go back for them Wednesday night. PS, anyone have a clue about how much they would weigh?? Thanks
  15. mascad

    Channel Catfish Photo Gallery

    If he was fishing on the Mississippi he could have kept them, maybe thats what he was thinking.