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  1. fishnhunt

    New Remington 887

  2. I am looking at purchasing this gun for spring turkey hunting and fall waterfowl. Wondering if anyone has put their hands on one or actually got a chance to shoot one and if so what you thought? Looks like a pretty sweet shotgun.
  3. fishnhunt

    ATV Plows

    I do have chains, ordered a plow today. Hopefully it works.
  4. fishnhunt

    ATV Plows

    Anyone have an opinion on if which is better, the stadard blade or the country plow? Also, I have a Can Am 400 HO and I am wanting to plow a road out to my fishouse. There is about 14-18 inches of snow on the lake (no slush yet). Will I be able to plow this out? Should I get a 54 inch plow? Thanks.
  5. fishnhunt

    Hunting story from Yesterday

    Thanks everyone! I'm still on cloud nine. Musky Buck. Sounds like we hunt in the same area. We've been trying to be selective for a few years now and it's starting to pay off. We have a good crop of 2.5 year olds I passed on this year during archery. Our neighbors are all on board with letting them grow so the future looks good! Congrats on your 14 pointer. Got an pics you can share? Sounds like a stud.
  6. fishnhunt

    Hunting story from Yesterday

    Thanks! He's off to the taxidermist today.
  7. Had the day off yesterday. Hit the stand early in the morning and was about froze out when finally some action started. Fist saw a decent 8 point (probably 2.5 year old) chasing a doe and he eventually moved down wind from me after a few looks back. 10 minutes later I heard him come running back into the bedding area he originally came from and I could tell he was in hot pursuit. Thinking he was the only buck in there I was listening and not all that excited when all of a sudden I catch a glimpse of a big antler running through the brush. This buck pops out directly behind the stand and runs straight away chasing a doe. I see the antlers and the adreneline starts pumping. He hops back into the brush and disappears. A few minutes pass and again he pops out in the same location. I have no shot because there is a thick spruce tree between me and him. But I get an even better look this time and now my heart is up in the my throat and man is it pounding. He darts back into the woods and again disappears. I sit and wait. I hear the crunch, crunch of leaves and in the distance I see a big deer run off after the doe on a trail that leads out to another bedding area. I think to myself, he's gone. I am upset, I just saw a monster and never even got a shot! Suddenly I hear the doe and she had turned and is headed my way in a full sprint. She pops out in an opening about 10 feet wide in between a spruce tree and some thick brush 30 yards from my stand and darts away. I hear another deer coming. This could be him! I pull up and set the crosshairs on the opening. I think to myself this will probably be my only chance. I see antlers and then chest. He turns broadside for just a second. Boom! I let one fly. Crash! he falls to the ground like a ton of bricks. I grab my binos frantically looking to confirm that this is the big dawg and not the little 8 I had seen earlier. Through the trees I can see a big G2 sticking up. I sprint down from the stand and am overjoyed to find him. Can't wait to see what he scores. Wish he had 2 more points to up the score a little but I'll take him. 25 inch outside spread and 8 points. Longest tine is just over 9 inches. Here is a pic with my Dad and I. Hopefully it loads. Couldn't get it to work. Here is a link to it. Flickr
  8. GOLDTIP. I don't believe the normal dream season has a zip out liner. You have to make sure it's the dream season PRO. Just wanted to clarify. Here is a link to it. Robinson Outdoors Dream Season Pro Jacket Good luck with your purchase.
  9. I just purchased the Scent Blocker Dream Season Pro and it is very nice. It has a zip out wool liner so it will keep you warm during the colder days. The shell is decent for warmer days as I was comfortable in the stand on Monday night (with only a t-shirt under the jacket)and the temps were in the upper 60's low 70's here. I also use the Scentblocker outfitter and that is a little bit warmer but is waterproof and also features a zip out liner. The dream season pro has a lot of nice pockets and some pretty cool straps in the front for calls, binos, range finder etc. Good Luck!
  10. Bear55, I tried to send pictures to you e-mail address and it failed. Is there another address I can send them to? Thanks
  11. ChompChomp, Perham is located near Detroit Lakes on Highway 10. I currently have the boat in storage here. I wish I could sell the trailer but I need it for another boat. Sorry. Lance