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  1. Garmin 450t for me, I got it a couple years ago on sale at Cabelas for 200 bucks.
  2. I've been to two worlds fairs and a goat calling contest and I ain't never seen anything like that before!!!
  3. Here's our female "Irish" with her 1 week old pups. And here's our male "Lou" he is hands down the nicest lab I have ever known.
  4. There are quite a few public hunting spots along the Missouri River from Sioux City down to Council Bluffs that hold turkeys in good numbers (atleast six that are well known and quite large). Throw in the Loess Hill (there are public tracts in those as well) and I doubt a hunter could hit all of the public ground in a weeks time; all within a 100 mile drive. Also on the Nebraska side of the river you have the Winnebego and Omaha Indian reservations that offer turkey hunts on their tribal ground (again next to the Missouri river on the Nebraska side). Lots of options for a turkey hunter on the
  5. Fished 3 Buck today 7am to 7pm the bite has apparently slowed considerably. We did manage a dozen or so keepers but bites / fish on camera's and marcums were few and far between for the three of us.
  6. Safety is a good reason to shoot one, broke open it is easily unloaded. Broke open it carries easily over the shoulder or in the crook of your arm from the car to the cover. Broke open it is easily handed over a fence. My 12 yr old son carries an OU 20ga, I like being able to see at a distance the gun broke open when he crosses a creek or a downed log. Admittedly he doesn't need to do that every field but there one's we hunt where he does. For me it's a good gun to practice safe handling habits.
  7. Make the deer a doe in all of the cases and I bet the outcomes are more readily settled and in MOST cases to the rightful hunter. Unfortunately this plays out every season in every state. Each case is going to be different in nature and have different real and what should have been outcomes. The most unfortunate part that I see is the antlers or most importantly the antler size playing the biggest role.
  8. Better question, what does the guy want for it? Happy seller & Happy Buyer ='s a fair price.
  9. First use of the Big Buddy tonight, wow what a difference!!! Love the fan and there was now way could we keep it on high. It really puts out the heat!!!
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