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  1. Hester

    Bird id help.

    I checked them and definatly not those options. Thanks, I'll try to catch a pic. I did hear the call several times. It made a two word call like "wa waan", almost a grunting sound.
  2. Hey guys, I have a bird at the feeder that looks like a nuthatch but it is twice the size. It also goes up and down trees like a nuthatch. It had a long beak, kinda reminds me of some a woodpeckers without any color.
  3. Going to be wide open for this one. Bucket e will make or break you.
  4. Yeah, getting lucky so far, a lot of fishing left. With the warm weather, I switched to a couple shallow water studs...Hack and faircloth.
  5. Yeah, not a lot of guys signed up yet. Splitting the forums sure has chased a lot of people away.
  6. Hester

    Marcum 825sd

    I want to get a new camera for the boat and thinking of getting the 825sd. Anyone know if the you can see the Marcum screen while the sun is shinning? I still use the old aqua vu and have to wear a hoodie to block the sun. thanks,
  7. I'm in, always a good way to pass time in the late winter/early spring.
  8. I believe the AOY is only a 3 day tourney. Not that it matters. That would make winning totals in the 60 to 70 lb range imo.
  9. Hester

    Fall tactics

    Nope I haven't. I have fished a few tourneys above the Sartell dam, so that is my only experience up there. Absolutely one of my favorite places to fish.
  10. Hester

    Fall tactics

    I love that stretch of the river. Lots of fun and you can catch fish many different ways.
  11. Hester

    Fall tactics

    Juan, where has rum been? Haven't seen him on here in a long time.
  12. Hester

    Wild vs Blues

    Now what do we do?
  13. Sounds good bb, let's go.
  14. Great night for hockey fans last night. I dvr'ed and watch all games except the Calgary/Vancouver game. Here are a few things I took away from it. The islanders are the real deal. Washington is for the most part punchless, if you stay out of the box. Give them a reason to quit and them will. Montreal and Quebec series is going to be a dog fight. Probably go 7 games. Don't 2 hand chop someone in the wrist and be surprised you get tossed. If your going to fake an injury, stay in the locker room longer than the tv timeout. Nashville, stay out of the box when you have the lead. Chicago can play so bad for 80% of a game but still beat you. Nashville stay out of the box when you have the lead. Nashville better win the next game. If your in OT with Chicago in the playoffs, nice try but they will win the game. Nashville stay out of the box when you have the lead. Go wild! Go Isles!
  15. Playoff hockey starts tonight. My wife is going to hate me again......"do we have to watch this" is what I will hear for the next month. I will say no "we" don't. And that is how the fight will start.
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