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  1. dartsportsteve

    Best GPS on the ice?

    Some use triangulation, some use satellites. Depends on your phone and what you subscribe to I believe.
  2. dartsportsteve

    Best GPS on the ice?

    Some handsets use triangulation, but if the phone states it has GPS, it should use satellites to locate your position. I believe some carriers charge extra monthly fees to use the GPS feature. Mine doesn't have built-in GPS, so it uses triangulation as you mention and I have the same issues.
  3. dartsportsteve

    Best GPS on the ice?

    This would be a great application for smartphones with built in GPS... I haven't seen any but would sure be interested if it becomes available...
  4. dartsportsteve


    I wish I could get my wife interested in hunting, although... I do like being able to smoke cigars and drink good whiskey once in a while without her looking over me. If it is a tradition though of not having wives there, I'd have to lay down the law, though.
  5. dartsportsteve

    2nd season shotgun... advice?

    I would scout now. Find yourself a nice funnel on the edge of a cornfield and plan to sit tight. The party hunters will push deer to you. Just make sure if you're out there by yourself on public ground that you wear as much orange as possible.
  6. dartsportsteve

    MN Bow Monster?

    Anybody know anything about this buck? mike hanback's HSOforum says MN, but text messages have been going around in Iowa saying that it is from NE Iowa...
  7. dartsportsteve

    WOW - CCCold outside today

    I recorded a -34 here this morning too... Although it didn't feel much different than the -24 yesterday. "It is butt cold and I'm fresh outta beer..."
  8. Any reports on the ice conditions and bite? I don't know much about ice fishing the river so any advice is much appreciated. I think I'll be getting out for the first time next week.
  9. dartsportsteve

    Doesn't anybody from Iowa visit this site anymore????

    I'm lurking... No monster buck for me this weekend. Shot one doe to fill the freezer Saturday morning but no opportunity for the right buck. Now onto the ice...
  10. dartsportsteve

    looking South for ice fishing over Xmas break

    Lake Meyer might be worth trying while you're in Calmar. Of course, it might not be worth trying too...
  11. dartsportsteve

    Awesome PIC (Graphic weak tummys beware)

    Nobody has mentioned the corn on the ground yet? If it is real, somebody's breaking the law....
  12. Saw this on another board.... I don't even have deer this big in my dreams!
  13. dartsportsteve

    Deer Cough?

    Quote: Maybe you heard a buck getting his pre-rut physical... Turn your head and cough please... Ok, so my joke wasn't funny.
  14. dartsportsteve

    Deer Cough?

    Maybe you heard a buck getting his pre-rut physical... Turn your head and cough please...
  15. dartsportsteve

    Wireless / Cellular Trail Cameras

    Note from admin, please read forum policy before posting again,thank-you.