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  1. I bought one last year; I see no problems with it but it was my first foray into fancy fish finders so maybe I'm missing something. I think I paid $899 for it and I think I saw them going for $599 now since humminbird has replaced them totally with the Helix line.
  2. Yup my grandfather bought it in preparation for the Y2K scare, not even joking. So it got passed on to me. A friend of mine mentioned the bent shaft possibility. I guess I don't know how to check for this or if it can be fixed so I'll probably just shelve it and use the 7" drill I have. Cuts better anyways. Thanks guys!
  3. Not sure, you could call one of the dozens of bait shops/resorts in the area, I'm sure they could give you ice conditions.
  4. I have a 10" strikemaster auger that I don't use real often but when I used it yesterday it would hardly cut and would kind of slip around on the ice and not really drill down into the ice. About a minute of fighting it and I got about 6" of a hole drilled. The blades were new last year and have maybe cut 20 holes. I noticed that the sharp point at the tip of the drill is not there. Now, I can't say for sure that it ever had one but in looking at other similar units, they have one. I can't see any signs of damage. I've always traveled with the plastic cover on the bottom and it's had pre
  5. If 3 or 4 feet of ice is reducing the amount of habitable area for fish to the point that it is fatal, I doubt that lake has much chance of sustaining fish populations anyways.
  6. Everything I've ever read says ice thickness has little impact on winterkill. It makes sense, winterkill is primarily caused by low oxygen levels due to a lack of sunlight getting to the aquatic plants, inhibiting photosynthesis. Sunlight can penetrate ice pretty well - a foot or two of snow not so much.
  7. UMC

    Auger Size

    What are some pros and cons of the various sizes of auger drills from 6-10"? Weight, speed of cutting, landing fish, etc.? I have a 10" at the moment but was thinking of dropping down for less weight and ease of cutting for hole-hopping...mostly a panfisherman.
  8. Looking for a new pair of around-town shoes. Walking the dog in winter, mowing the grass, going to the grocery store. Anybody have any that they really like?
  9. Had it happen about 2.5 years ago as well (lived in the house for a little over 5). Both times on a weekend, with people visiting - go figure...Extra inconvenience and a more expensive service call! Guess I'll just have to start having them drill it out every 18 months or something...
  10. I had to have roto rooter out recently to drill out tree roots. A friend told me that copper sulfate can be used regularly to keep tree roots from growing in the pipes. Any of you have suggestions or experiences? Seems like a much cheaper alternative than a $150 service call.
  11. You'd have to look at the secondary market. They made chips for the H2O (I have one). Not sure if they made that specific chip.
  12. Will find birds on either side of the river. Don't be afraid to knock on doors this time of year as many are pretty willing after deer season, especially if there's only a couple of you. First words out of a farmer's mouth a couple days ago when I asked: "how many guys are with you?" Was just me and the pup, got on and we got done so fast the dog had a look of like "why are we leaving already?" when we got back to the truck. Public land is usually tough this time of year to boot.
  13. I live in Bismarck and pheasant hunt quite a bit and I'd say bird numbers are about the same as they've been the last couple years. Where there's habitat, you'll have birds. Definitely less CRP nowadays though. Cattail sloughs in/near cornfields are what I like to look for this time of year. I hunt almost all public or unposted land and most of that is pretty well hunted out by this time of year but sometimes you find a honeyhole. We only have an inch or two of snow so the birds aren't quite as grouped up as some years but you will still see big groups in certain spots. Permission is def
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