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  1. Finally got drawn again this year! Me and a buddy both got drawn for area 26. First time since 2012! I probably haven't logged on this forum since then either. We've already spent a weekend scouting and have 6 bait sites and stands locations ready to go, with 2 backups we can switch to if we have a slow one! All they need is bait! August 14th can't come soon enough! Good to be back on the forum where I'm not the only one who's this excited about bear hunting already!
  2. Well I may not be as patient as some of you but I killed one last night (opening night). It was my first bear and I killed him with my bow. An average MN bear, it was a 160 lb boar. He only went about 70 yrds after I stuck him and I heard the death moan and the works. It was one of the coolest hunts I've ever been on. He came in pretty early last night, I shot him right at 6:00. I stayed on stand for a while and left at 7:30 to go get a buddy to help me track him. The craziest thing is, when we got back at 8:30, the site had been hit by another bear! This was after I shot mine at 6:00 and then went and got on blood and walked through the bait multiple times. Now I'm heading back out to hunt tomorrow night with with my dad and hopefully he has a chance at one also. Its not a huge bear but for my first one I'm thrilled! I have no idea how to post pics cause I havent been on here for a while. Good luck to everybody! Pintail
  3. I will be honest with you. The 601 area has lots of deer but it will be difficult to find someone to let you hunt, especially with a firearm. Many cities will not let you hunt with firearm, and others will require you to obtain a city hunting/discharge of firearms permit. I just happen to know a few people who have land to let me hunt and trust me, the deer are there. I have killed 4 this year so far, (all by archery), 3 mature does and one decent 8-pt, the last weekend of october. Since then I have had to pass up two different mature bucks, bigger than the eight I killed. One was a 125-130 class 9-pt and the other was a 140 class 10 pt I had at less than 10 yrds from the base of my tree. As I said the deer are there, you just have to do the footwork of learning each cities requirements and then finding a place to go. My best advice is to put in some work at city halls and simply do a little checking on the internet to find who owns land and where. After that, do some simple scouting just driving around in your truck, looking for even small woodlots you can see from the road. These small spots can produce some great deer, even though it may be strange hunting within eyesight of roads and possibly even other houses. Though I wont get specific the south, southeast metro have hidden spots but as I said, you just need to put in the time and work to find them. Good luck!
  4. I am not a very experienced bear hunter but have attempted in the previous two years. This year I did everthing right and got out there right at the beginning of baiting and set up my two bait stations north of grand rapids. I used a variety of things including sweet corn, sunflower seeds, dogfood, bacon grease and any other old food I came across in the freezer. I soaked grease rags and hung them from trees and had trail cameras over each site and used an anise and hickory smoke spray to add extra scent to each site. I baited at noon on the first day and one of my sights was hit by 10:00 that night. It was continued to be hit by 3-4 different bears for 3 days, I presume until the bait was gone. In this three days it was hit during the day, the night and anytime in between. After about 5 days I baited again and was very pleased to see all the great results on my baits. Three days later I made it up again and I believe puts me at the sunday before the season started 8/25. In the pictures from the three previous days it was only one bear and only at night. I baited again that sunday doing all the same things i had done prior. I went up again on that tuesday to bait again and it hadnt been hit and it was the same story when I went out on saturday morning to hunt. I did nothing different when I baited the last 3 times time but the bears just quit coming around. I am very limited in my hunting as I am a student at the U of M and could only hunt opening weekend and possibly this coming sunday. Does anybody have any idea what might have happened?? It seems strange to me that they so suddenly quit coming to the bait when things looked so good. (I had 250 pics of bears in three days right after I baited the first time though I had my camera set at only a 1 minute delay) Please let me know of any advice or things I should try, or any possible reason for my lack of luck after the initial start of my baiting. Thanks
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