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  1. hhguide

    Adding color to dawgs

    Spike-it stuff works alright but it can get messy and it bleeds alittle not that the fish care but I would look at some of the stuff. I used a q-tip or small brush to get it on their or just dipped things directly into the bottle. Sharpies also hold on fairly well
  2. hhguide

    Lake Osakis Carp Shoot

    Just wanted to let everyone know that their is a big carp tournament on osakis this saturday night. Registration start at 7 pm and tourny starts at around 8 pm and goes until 4 in the morning should be a great time to get out. Its $25 per head and you can have as many people in the boat as you want. They are paying out most fish and bigest and a few other prizes. There also is a youth one during the day that has some great prizzes for them! Good luck. Hope to see people there!
  3. hhguide

    Avid or Smoothie

    Smoothie! hands down
  4. hhguide

    Musky guide - Musky season

    Because that traveling guide is one of the best in the business. He has fished up there for a few years now and I know he catches them. I've been in the boat multiple times fishing when hes up there and its something else. Nothing against Jerry as He knows how to fish too and hes good. But I know Greg is on the water every single day looking and finding those fish. Who cares if he's a traveling fishing guide. He helps bring business to the lakes area he fishes.
  5. hhguide

    Trolling Rod Holder?

    Down easters I have seen a "different" plastic one shatter and rod gone. This was during the late season. I wish I would have taken pictures becuase I didnt believe it could happen.
  6. hhguide

    Musky guide - Musky season

    Greg Thomas for detroit or Alexandria Area for me. Greg is on the water every single say of the summer and knows where and exactly where the fish are.
  7. hhguide

    Why do they suspend?

    my theory is.... because they can. Those are the biggest fish in the system they can do whatever they want to do. They can be in 2 feet of water or 60 but I would say this that i bet is has alittle something to do with the bait but who knows.
  8. hhguide

    2012 shows

    Rabbid Squirrels. I heard Bill at Monster Lures is now making them! Those baits caught alot of fish for me!
  9. Is there a substatute for suckers? I know you cant use carp and such but what about redhorse or bullheads anyone tried those? Just ccurious were out of suckers up here.
  10. How many teams? and How many spots are you paying down?
  11. hhguide

    What's Your Minimum Mounting Size

    My opinion is that if you think its a trophy fish mount it. I have had clients anywhere from 23 inches up to 32 inches mount fish. I wouldn't worry about the 30+ mark anyways... thats my opinion. Alot of thos "30 inchers" are 29 inchers that people want to stretch. The "10 pounders" are usually around 8.5 to 9.5. It takes a truely big walleye to hit that mark. So if you think you caught a great fish that you think you should mount do it. I would suggest though taking pictures of the fish from 4 different angles and letting it go. There are so many good replica makers out there that 10 years down the road if you dont have a bigger one get it mounted. Once again this is my opinion. who knows. As for the perch... Idk I have never caught one big enough to think about it.
  12. hhguide

    Black Panels on Ranger

    I'm sure this has been covered but How do I restore or get the black back in my panels or any other black stuff on my Ranger 620 Tiller. Anyone know the best chemicals or sprays. Thanks guys and gals.
  13. hhguide

    New pb walleye

    Congrats thats a great fish!! I love it when they inhale the jig and your line jumps like a lighting bolt hit it!
  14. hhguide

    best night time cranks

    I think it all depends on the moon. If the moon is full I will stick with the darker colors and more natural colors. If there is no moon then I go for the more flashy and more bright colored crankbaits. As for size I would say the one that matches the forage of the lake best. If its shiners 5's and 7's, if its perch longer stickbaits, if its sunnies short Salmo's. Just my opinion others may tell me i'm wrong. Good luck!
  15. hhguide

    Storing bottom bouncers...

    Cheapy two here... Wrap a piece of velcro strap and wrap it around the wire by the eyelit. when you want a size unwrap it grab the size and wrap the others back up.