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  1. After seeing what my one kids 20ga is capable of I'm really considering going back to one.
  2. Basseyes

    Franchi Affinity 20 gauge

    I have a AL48. It's earned the knick name "Slappy". Gun weighs in a hair under 5#s. You don't get something for nothing when you give up that much weight. I love the gun for grouse hunting, but I could care less about recoil grouse hunting. The weight savings is what I'm after. I'd never suggest the gun for a kid. When we get together and shoot clays with our group, I'm about the only one that shoots the AL48. And I rarely shoot more than half a box of shells through it at clays, just to painful. Has been a very reliable gun, but it is an older one. Good luck with it.
  3. Early in the year, especially when woodcock opens, I really like a 9. Latter in the year go down to 8's and 7's. Once woodcock are gone, leave it in the 7 range.
  4. Basseyes

    Dealing with wolves at bait sites?

    On a side bar, are sweets a good wolf bait in the late season? We are thinking of sitting on sweets vs road kill if we get drawn for wolf tags. And we had a doe and fawn at this bait site. How does a fawn or any deer live with these things all year long.
  5. Basseyes

    2014 bear hunt pics

    Thanks for posting up pics! I'm desperately in need of seeing bear pics, not wolf pics and videos. Great looking bears.
  6. Basseyes

    Dealing with wolves at bait sites?

    Chain a live puppy with parvo to the tree next to the bait site? I'd never do that but was told a story about an old school guy who did that. Wolves are a wickedly cool predator. I feel some semblance of kinship with them being hunters. But am seeing why old schoolers and cattle guys have such a hatred for them. And we have a lot of cattle in our neck of the woods.
  7. Basseyes

    Smallies are biting good on Mille Lacs

    I like to fish for both. I have no problem with a guy wanting to catch a meal of fish or two, be it whatever you like to eat. When I think of myself as a fisherman, I don't like the segregation that has happened. It is either I'm a died hard bass or muskiy cpr guy or I am a walleye guy. We are all fishermen, correct? This idea that one is better than the other is redonkulous! If you fish for sport and cpr everything, it does not in anyway shape or form make you any better. If you fish for a meal, that doesn't mean you are better cause you fish for food. Fishing is nothing more than a stupid past time or hobby. We all need to get over ourselves and thinking we are cool riding around in our boat brand, fishing for our species of choice. I was an avid bass guy for a long, long time. Now I own a big walleye boat that I still fish bass out of and am a lot more comfortable fishing out of with more than two people and in crappy conditions. But it doesn't make me a walleye guy. After stretching my wings on many other species, I've learned a lot more about fishing and the resource. There are a lot of bass lakes that could use a large harvest on bass. The size structure can get skewed. One thing that really irkes my craw is fishing lakes that get a tremendous amount of bass fishing pressure and cpr, is the fish with multiple hard hook sets and goofed up jaws and sores all over their mouths. Most bass fisherman could learn to help the fish they love to cpr, don't be so hard on the hook sets, then laughing about sailing little fish out of the water and over the other side of the boat. I've seen it so many times it is stupid. I hope the smallies can withstand the onset of all the launch pressure. They are not what is harming Mille lacs currently. It is suffering from being out of balance, to many big fish are cpr'd. That needs to stop. More small fish need to be cpr'd and more big fish need to be culled through harvesting them.
  8. Basseyes

    Dealing with wolves at bait sites?

    After this last weekend we have at least 8 different wolves on one site. They have driven everything off. Even have bear hair in wolf scat. Had a run in one night checking on a bait site. We didn't see them but they were howling under 75 yards away with a truck running at the bait site and 4 guys talking loudly. After the howling a couple rounds were let off into a stump. This did not spook the wolves only brought them way to close for comfort. They closed the distance to under 40 yards of us and the bait site and the bait site has been clean for a while now. We even had some trying to come through our camp on our land one night sitting around the camp fire, with multiple lanterns going. This does not seem like normal behavior. Called the local CO but not a lot he can do, but he was helpful. Have taken a leak in the bait and all around it multiple times, put gas on the bait logs and a little dribble in the bait and have opened it up. Nothing has stopped them, and we have not even baited that site in a while after opening it up. I am going to leave a radio in the bait pile and see what that does and see if that is a deterrent at all. One thing is for certain, they do not like licorice. After this there's no baiting alone or without a firearm. And we've baited without firearms in the past. The guy who showed me how to bait, baited for 30 years and never baited with a firearm and never had any issues. He thought your best weapon was between your ears. We are getting a lot of nice trail camera pics and videos of the "elusive" wolf. The ones we really like are when we bump them off and when they come back behind us in broad daylight. We probably have as many daytime pics and video as we do at night, if not more. Going up this weekend and going to be checking trail cameras and will post up a ton of pics up next week.
  9. Basseyes

    Dealing with wolves at bait sites?

    We are going up today. Kept the site baited after we left up there Wednesday night. Will be interesting to see if the wolves kept trying to hit it after we fortified the site. Or if a bear came anywhere near it. Having wolves squat like that is new to me, so will be interesting to learn how to deal with it.
  10. Basseyes

    Dealing with wolves at bait sites?

    Lol, mmmm choc-ah-latte. Wonder if they prefer milk or dark chocolate?
  11. Basseyes

    Dealing with wolves at bait sites?

    Thanks, good to know!
  12. Basseyes

    Dealing with wolves at bait sites?

    Appreciate the responses, that is what I figured but was hoping against hope this could still be a great option. Has anyone every seen a breeding pair with pups squat on a site like that? The idea to stop baiting it is hard to do but I think now that is a great idea. When we go back up am going to open it up and just be done with it till we stop seeing them on the t cams. How the cattle guys in our area deal with the amount of wolves we have just baffles me.
  13. Sorry, it's late and very frustrated with wolves. This is a new pack in our area, that already has a more than healthy wolf population. We've seen the male and female on and off over the last 2 years and this is their first batch of pups. Had bears hitting 3 out of 3 sites, this is just off one site. Got video too, but way to whipped to post it up. This has been a great bear site and now it stinks so bad of musky wolf p, it makes you gag a bit. Imagine old carpet dipped in a bucket of old dog p for a week and let sit in the sun for a month. It is bad! And not in a good bad way for bears I'd imagine? We spent some time eliminating the end digging issues with big logs laid parallel to the main stack. And used more and better logs on top. But is this site screwed now? Never seen a pack squat on a site like this and hate giving up on a great area. I'm baiting for my two sons who are in school and working full time. The last time we got tags this site was the site my one kid shot his first bear off of and we had 7 different good bears on it. The last night my other son and I hunted it then, we had a big sow with two cubs come in, who was very concerned about a big boar we had hitting it. It got hit quick by bears and now the wolves have found it. The logs are saturated with molasses and the dogs are digging away at the wood and chewing on it to get to the bait. We use no meat, dog food or grains, only fresh pastry, cookies and candy bars and keep it table top clean, well as best we can. Does anyone have any experience with wolves running bear off a site? The dogs all look healthy in the videos and they don't look like they are starving. Just amazed how little fear they have of humans. The friend who is helping bait shot a wolf up in our area the first year they had the wolf hunt, in the late season. He saw 7 different wolves and had 3 in his scope in range. I never considered myself a wolf hater and think they are a cool creature. But the joke use to be funny about wolf tracks compared to deer tracks. Now we are seeing we figure 3- 5 wolf tracks to a single set of deer tracks. Them's not good odds for deer. Now we have to deal with wolves screwing up bait sites? Oh well I guess we will have to figure out a way to deal with this now too. We might just give up deer hunting the next couple years and concentrate on getting wolf tags and starting to put some pressure on the wolf population, especially after starting to be a problem at two bait sites.
  14. Basseyes

    thermacell for bear hunting?

    Never used one but after seeing one in use was fairly impressed with the product. One thing I'd do if I was going to use one is use it baiting and maybe leave it in the stand and just let it run. Trail cameras could tell if it was an issue if it had any affect on how bears were hitting before and after. But there could be a lot of other reasons for a site not getting hit as well. As much as us bear hunters and baiters stink in the August heat going in and out of bait sites, I'd be highly surprised if a bear wanting to get into a bait site would let that stop them, at least at a good site that had multiple bears. Now a big old bruin might have second thoughts and wait you out till he knows you are gone. But if you have access to having a buddy go in with you and drop you off, then leave, doubt it would be a huge issue if you had a tree stand at a decent height. A lower, real tight to a site stand might be a different story though.
  15. Basseyes

    New Trailer Decal Requirement

    Very well said. I'm all for something if it has a snowballs chance, but none of this does. The general public is being asked to do something that in no way, shape or form is going to help anything. We are led by paper shufflers, with no real dirt under their finger nails experience and it is all feel good krap, that is beyond ignorant. It is all theoretical and none of it holds any real world applicable usefulness. Our DNR is trying to pound nails in, with a fluffy pillow. It is all fluff and no substance. We all know it, but they don't. That is the real biz-r-ohh part?