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  1. skies_and_eyes

    Three wheelers on ice.

    I also have a 3 wheeler that I use once in a while for ice fishing. I agree with most of the cons that McGurk mentioned. I put chains on the back tires, and sheet metal screws in the front tire for added traction, that seems to help. They seem to be best during early ice and late ice. When the snow is down they really run well. I bought a snowmobile to deal with snow conditions on the lake, because it can be very frustrating on a 3 wheeler at times. If you do get one, go right to Fleet Farm and get some chains and that will increase performance.
  2. skies_and_eyes

    Best .22 LR for all around use?

  3. skies_and_eyes

    Best .22 LR for all around use?

    Hello, I got a gun but it was not the Ruger 10/22..sorry everyone. I got a really good deal on a new Mossberg 702 Plinkster with a Barska 4X32 scope thrown in. I like it so far, now to get that scope sighted in better, or maybe it is just me. Thanks for all the input!
  4. skies_and_eyes

    .22 Pistol?

    My brother just got a Walter P22...was out shooting today, and it is super fun! Today alone we shot around 300+ rounds with cheap ammo, no jams, or anything. Seems like a really solid gun for him, he bought it about a month ago, and has really liked it. It is really fast, and hasn't had any miss fires or jams.
  5. skies_and_eyes

    Best .22 LR for all around use?

    thanks guys, I will have to see what I can find!
  6. What are some good guns new/used that would be worth buying? I'm looking for guns that have a good rep, and also scope ideas? I'm in the market, and I would like some input. I would mostly use the gun for plunking and squirrels.
  7. skies_and_eyes

    2009 carp and other Rough fish pics

    I need help. The lake I am fishing has a big shallow mud flat, lined with cattails, depths between 1-6 feet, some spots are muddy and some are sandy. There is a small creek that has a mud bottom also, where crappies spawn. I found out about this spot from an old-timer who has since pasted, he said they would catch monster carp there, and they would be crusing around on cloudy days. I have been there 3 times this week (including this AM) and I haven't seen any so far or had any bites. Is it to early yet? Ice out was last week. I crused with my bow mount, just looking for fish, and didn't see any. Do carp favor sunny or cloudy...windy or calm? I', going to keep trying, just looking for some pointers. Thanks!
  8. skies_and_eyes

    Let's see your boat

    on land on water
  9. skies_and_eyes

    favorite ice fishing photos!

    early ice walter she was around 21 inches
  10. skies_and_eyes

    Recent Ice Fishing Pictures?

    A 22 inch walter Sat. night before/during
  11. skies_and_eyes

    Skeg/prop guard

    The boat has a 15 hp johnson. It is my river boat and used for that purpose only. I have a big boat for other waters, but this one stays in the skinny stuff.
  12. skies_and_eyes

    Skeg/prop guard

    As I was grinding my prop in the gravel, I was thinking that I should protect my prop. I know the welded pitchfork trick, any other sugestions or pre-made ideas?
  13. skies_and_eyes

    MPG towing?

    2006 Chevy Silvarado 5.3 ltr pulling a 2025 Lund Pro-V with a dual axle, I get 13-13.5 mpg. I have tried to drive smarter, and it has helped because last year same truck and boat, I was getting 11.5 mpg.
  14. skies_and_eyes

    Cabbage Weed Walleye tactics

    I really like the Northland Tackle Weed Weasle jig...the smallest size possible with a big shinner minnow. The big shinner makes the jig fall very slow, and thats what gets bites
  15. skies_and_eyes

    New Rig

    I have a 2025 and pull it everyday with a 1/2 ton chevy, and it works fine and dandy...nice to hear you got the right kind of boat;)