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  1. ilovehardwater

    Best ice in years??

    I have to say this year has produced the best ice I have ever seen here in the southern part of the state, I was driving on the ice before Christmas, I think it has been the first time for that. The ice seems to be solid and clear, hopefully it will last until June!!
  2. ilovehardwater

    most recommended plastics for pan Fish

    Ratso/ratfinkee for this guy.
  3. ilovehardwater

    That Darn Heavy Sled

    Hmmmm,for some reason my pic did not upload.
  4. ilovehardwater

    That Darn Heavy Sled

    I'll try to explain what I did when I had my otter cabin. I purchased some old fish trap poles for 1$ on a popular auction site, they were the top and back/bottom poles. Round aluminum conduit would work well I'd imagine. I then cut the ends off leaving approximately 8-10 inches of strait pipe. I then fastened 2 probably 10 inch long pipes that were a bit bigger in diameter made from some type of alloy vertically and the same width as the fish trap poles on the sides of my sled,this allowed the the fish trap poles to slide up and down inside the larger diameter fastened alloy poles. The fish trap poles were my runners.I had 2 holes drilled horizontally through the mounted alloy poles, one at the top and one a few inches from the bottom. I only had one horizontal hole in the runners that the cotter pins would hold the runners in place while up or down. They could be retracted or pulled out to cut through snow/slush with ease and only took a few seconds to deploy. It worked well on freshly fallen snow and slush. they cut right through the snow and glided on the ice with ease. When there is crusty/deep snow it is best to just use the sled as is and glide over the snow and not use the runners. The total cost was probably 20$ I will try attaching a pic. BTW I have been fishing with Truth years ago and he is a BIG,BIG man!!
  5. ilovehardwater

    Skis added to sled w/ pic. Also looking for help...

    I had a setup on my Otter Cabin that used a system of poles sliding in to one another similar to what the flipovers do. I found some used Clam poles from a smaller Clam flipover and cut off the ends of the U and made them into the skis. I then found some metal that was just a tad bigger than the U's and secured them to my portable. I drilled 2 holes in the secured pipes that held the skis, one near the top and one 4-5 inches near the bottom. I also drilled 2 holes through the top of the U shaped skis. I could raise them up when not in use and lower them when traveling through softer snow/shush. I secured the U shaped skis into the secured poles with easy on/off cotter pins. It took me 30 seconds to pull the pins out and lower the skis and just as much time to raise them back up. This is not ideal for thick crusty snow but worked awesome for fresh show/shush. I would load my sled up with at least 200 lbs of weight and never had a problem with the sled or the poles bucklin. I'm sure this sounds confusing but I hope some get an idea.
  6. ilovehardwater

    Mr. Buddy Heater grill conversion (with pictures)

    I have made a cooking grate for my Big Buddy before to cook on. One tip is to have the grate angled upward in the front to help the heat push away from the heater. I melted my handle on my Big Buddy because I had the grate/pan angled like yours. Otherwise it worked great for beer brats. Nice mod.
  7. LOL, look just south of the hat...Maybe that's why they didn't find anything. They were looking for a place to grow instead of looking for mushrooms.
  8. Wild Leeks, they have a powerful onion/garlic taste and smell. They say if you find a patch you should only harvest 10% of the patch otherwise they will not reproduce. I like to throw a few in while frying some Morels. If you eat these raw you probably would not want to kiss your better half for at least a day.
  9. I found a small cluster of 7-9 morels today too, 2 weeks will be candy picking time!!
  10. I hope this works!!
  11. Amateurfishing, look for trees that look like the ones I posted below, look for the red color behind the bark. I notice a lot of the time the tops of the tree will start to curl inward as you can see in a few of the pictures. If a tree has no bark left it usually will not produce Morels under it. The two trees with the bark falling off have produced well for me for the last 4 years. I hope this will help you!
  12. I hope we get some rain, mother nature always works her magic and everything will be just fine.
  13. The temps are creeping up and I'm gearing up for another great season.
  14. ilovehardwater

    Hub with no regrets?

    I purchaced a Fat fish 749( I believe its a 749), I have used it at least a dozen times and have had 0 issues. If the wind is really strong I secure the hub on the windy side with a ice anchor and some rope attached to the hub.