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  1. olski

    Rod for Pitching Jigs & Texas Rigs

    I do think the 734 Savvy is a great rod for quite a few things, another one you might look at if you want a little more meat for pitchin would be a Savvy 766 flip. Nice flippin rod for the $
  2. olski

    Minn Kota Talon

    Have one as well, it's awesome. You will be amazed how often you use it for things you never thought of. I.E. break off on a dock and need to retie, fish gets hooks tuck in the net and it takes a bit to get them out, and the best one a buddy of yours noses up to a culvert with current running through it, puts the his Talon down, sits in that spot and weighs just under 19lbs. when you are out fishing weed lines and manage 1 fish for 2.6lbs. I'M NOT BITTER . Not sure on the bracket but shouldn't be hard to find out which one you need.
  3. olski

    Dobyns or Powell?

    The local Cabela's does have the Savvys and Champions in stock. Can't speak for the powell's but I can say the Dobyn's rods are awesome. I would put the Savvy up against any rod in that price point and a few that cost quite a bit more.
  4. olski

    Dahlbergs Frog

    Had some at the big store in Rogers. Sold out in 2 days but more on the way.
  5. olski

    WI Northern Zone Question

    Well Bdawg if you are quiet enough and I yell loud enough you should be able to hear me from across the street. I had the same ideas the jerkbait will be in play for sure and I think I will have tell myself over and over slooow down. But I will be thrilled to be out!
  6. olski

    WI Opener

    Hey Cecil, Heading out by ur lonesome?
  7. olski

    WI Northern Zone Question

    Heading that way myself. Where are you headed? Are you going for largemouth or smallies? I will be checking with some buddies in the next couple days and if I get any info I will pass it on.
  8. olski

    Bass Baitcaster Questions

    To throw another good reel out there, take a good hard look at the Lew's tournament pro for $179 or for that matter the tournament at $139. Good solid reels for the money and if you want a crankin reel the 5.4 tournament with the long sweeping handle is pretty tough to beat.
  9. olski

    Phoenix bass boats

    If you are talking about the one where the guy is jumping the wake of another and flips that is a Stroker not a Legend.
  10. olski

    Looking for some Spro McSticks

    Cabela's has quite a few and also some of the new sizes.
  11. olski

    Saturday and Sunday

    Hey sounds like a good time, think I'll have to stop in.
  12. olski

    Bassmaster Classic Coverage

    AMEN Cecil. My thought exactly
  13. olski

    Bassmaster Classic Coverage

    KVD and Martins bantering back and forth...... HILARIOUS! Good luck next time Aaron. Oh ya might want to worry about what you are doing not what everyone else is.
  14. olski

    Most Well Balanced Flippin Stick Under $200

    It's been a pretty good trend the last few years that to keep up with jones' most rod manufactures have had to build a rod of quality and keep it in a good price range, heck a guy would have had to pay double or sometimes more for these same type rods a few years back. Shoot you couldn't even pick up a set of the guides they are using for what you can get a rod for now. (We win!) I guess my point is alot of good rods for that $ and it's always fun to shop. Totally didn't answer your question. Sorry All the rods mentioned above are nice along with Lamiglas Excel, Carrot Stix wild. Abu Veritas, Etc.
  15. olski

    Dream Bass Trip

    I think the next month or so is a great time to get out of town and head south for some big LM. I am heading to Fl. next week and talked with a buddy who is a guide in the Lake Placid area down there and today was one of those days. He caught 28 fish by 4 o'clock 1 just over ten, a couple 8's and a ton between 4 and 6. He said there best 5 would have been in the mid 30's. Pretty sure there will be a cold front next week...