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  1. I would look at the diamond infinite edge. I picked one up for my 7 year old son and it will fit him from now all the way up to adult. 5 to 70 pound draw weight and 13 to 30 draw length.
  2. He has a widgeon of mine for like 2.5 years now. and I emailed him 4 months ago and got an email back that he lost the paper work. but has now found it and will get it done asap. and I have yet to hear from him. maybe next duck I will have to take it somewhere else.
  3. i am heading to north dakota tomorow and was wondering what the waterfowl population is and maby even a clue to help me to know were to start looking not looking for exact spots. any help would really be appreacieated
  4. i am heading to north dakota tomorow and havent heard any new reports. i was wondering if anybody could help me out any help is appreacieated. will be in the eastern part of the state staying in Michigan. thanks for the help. i will let you know how i do when i get back.
  5. Any new reports on ducks and geese out there i am heading there tomorow.
  6. for those of you that are deer hunting public land how earley are you goin to get to ur stand to make sure u get ur place
  7. What does everybody use for rattling real antlers fake antlers or them rattle bags u can buy?
  8. I got a hard time understanding the regulations bout motors out there. I am wondering if u can use motors out there and if so can u use gas motors just a lil 3 horse
  9. When u go out opening day and fire 4 shots between 4 guys but can't wait to get back out there tomorow
  10. I want to say that my muck boots say they are comfortable from 70 deg to -20
  11. I have just purchased a pair of muck boots and they are the best pair of rubbers I have ever had. And u can walk forever in them they are very comfortable.
  12. two coyotes came running to me when i was trying to call in a turkey last weekend they wanted to get my decoy i had out there.
  13. i personaly went with the tom tom xl 330. and that one workes perfict. i went with that one cause of the bigger screen and the voice directions and has quite alot of nice features.
  14. i know of a place to get personalized duck or goose calls the duck calls are 35 and the goose calls are 60 i think if you would like more information email me at derek_grothen at hotmail dot com
  15. this may be a stupid question but if i did not get drawn but i go buy a surplus turkey license will i loose my preferance point that i got this year?
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