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  1. HootTooten

    HSO Deer Photo's

    NOTE TO SELF......take out peanut butter and honey and start packing cold salami sandwich! Great Story! HOOTTOOTEN
  2. HootTooten

    metro bowhunters resource base

    This was the first year for me applying. To be honest it seemed like a lot of hoops to jump though to do these METRO hunts. Online test, shooting test, field day, pay for this, fee for that and hope you get drawn. I wish they could have make it simpler. However, on the flip side it helps assure those who realy want to hunt local and should be allowed to hunt local do get that chance. That being said I am happy to say that I was picked for the Battle Creek hunt and an alt. for the Crosby Farms hunt. Looking forward to a new venture to add to my hunting portfolio. Hoottooten
  3. HootTooten

    Waxing your bowstring

    I wax mine often during the season and a few time throughout the year. Here is a tip for you...once you apply the wax try using a hair drier to melt it into the string. It helps keep the inner weave as moist as the outer. Just be care full not to hold heat in one spot to long. Maybe you already new that one.
  4. HootTooten

    almost a year?

    GOODLUCK jloomis. Lets see some pic's of the mount when you can.
  5. HootTooten

    almost a year?

    Yes LOTW, I agree. I agree constant phone calls does get bothersome. But if the guy is not calling you back, then I think a visit may be in order. I don’t think that a simple returned phone call is going to break him. A phone call once every couple three weeks is not unreasonable IMO
  6. HootTooten

    Hone your shooting skills!

    Looks like I'm in second with 65.
  7. HootTooten

    almost a year?

    WARRNING...a vain has been opened...venting will ensue...bear with the story and a point will be made. I had a situation a couple years ago. After a $50.00 deposit a call at month 3, 4(x2) and 5(x2) with no return call. I finally, at month 8, got a call back stating it would be another 2-4 months and that things got backed up around the house and he over booked himself, blah, blah, blah. Mind you this is for a Euro Mount that was to take 4 months not a shoulder mount which many times can take 10-12 months. I asked him, harshly, about the progress and he said it was almost done and He just had some bleaching and mounting on a board to do. After month 10 I called asking(loud and harshly) for an exact ETA for just the skull and horns. He said another 2 months. I was fed up with dealing with this guy and told him I would be swinging by that afternoon to pick up the mount AS IS. When I got there I noticed a box sitting next to the door and a closed sign in the window. It was 2:00pm on a Thursday why are you closed, I'm wondering? There was a note on the door. "sorry about the delay, your deer is in the box, I will be mailing you back your deposit." I opened the box and here was my deer with the skull scraped but nothing else. It still needed beetles, bleach, and board. I took the box home STEAMING mad. Sent it to SoDak to a new Taxi that had done a couple deer for a buddy and his family I sent it with another shoulder mount project and had them both back within 8 months, beautifully done. Never got the deposit from the first guy. But I figure it was a $50.00 lesson and I got $50.00 of frustration out of telling all my hunting buddies NOT to get their stuff done there. I think he has since gone out of business because I do not see him advertised in my local outdoors newspaper anymore. A long store I know BUT here is the point....THE SQUEEKY WHEEL GETS THE GREESE....THE REALLY SQUEEKY WHEEL GETS REPLACED WITH A NEW WHEEL AND GETS HIS MOUNT BACK HALF DONE AND OUT $50.00. Call him often (once every couple three weeks). Swing by his shop if your in the area and check out the progress for yourself. Be upbeat when you talk to him. Stay level headed. Be polite and ask for a deadline and hold him to it. I agree with Coach, your are paying for a service and should expect prompt/accurate feedback on your questions/concerns. I think there was a point in there somewhere......
  8. HootTooten

    Ripley Results are IN....maybe

    I checked the DNR site this morning and it now says CONGRATULATIONS!My guess is that the link before was just the web page that was set up for the results but the results where not down down loaded yet. PLEASE EVERYONE CHECK YOUR #'S AGAIN.
  9. HootTooten

    Ripley Results are IN....maybe

    Here is the first season.....maybe http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/licenses/lotteries/campripley1.html
  10. Not sure why I couldn't find this page going through the dnr's web site. I found it using Google....Is this the right site? I could also only find 2nd season. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/licenses/lotteries/campripley2.html Hoottooten
  11. HootTooten


    A tip of the hat......thanks to the brave.
  12. HootTooten

    Maps of boundries

    Walleye, I am definetly going to get it surveyed this winter. No dought thats the best way to get true markings. Any idea what such a project costs? HOOTTOOTEN
  13. HootTooten

    Maps of boundries

    here's the senario. i am going up to hunt a piece of land that has been in the family for 20+ years. I nor anyone else has hunted the land since 1997. What I am woried about is the neighbors that have figured this out and have started to incroch on to our side of the "line". It is in Aitkin county and LBG has it spot-on. I was able to get a general idea of the boundries but their site leaves alot of wiggle room. the best peice of information that I got out of the maps they have is the Names of the owners land around ours. I dont expect any issue but i feel better atleast having the added knowlege going in. Thanks! HOOTTOOTEN
  14. HootTooten

    Maps of boundries

    Hey all, Any idea how to get a map of property boundries? I remember seeing one a long long time ago. It had the owers last name and a "Rough" outline of where their propertys borders where? If it is online some where that would be great! Thanks HOOTTOOTEN
  15. HootTooten


    Keep reading HSO. It helps me!!!!