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  1. wish i could join the conversation guys, but i haven't been out since opener! hopefully in the coming weeks i will have something to report...at least maybe get out on some metro lakes from shore if nothing else.
  2. http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/sports/97973334.html Story in the Milwaukee Journal about a guy who caught (and kept) a 48 inch musky on Government Pier in Milwaukee.
  3. I will be getting out there on saturday and possibly sunday. not sure where we are going to go yet, but probably a combo of deer/bone/apple/yellow. looking forward to getting out in the boat and making my shoulders sore!!
  4. I think I will make it on Sunday. I have a new rod that I still need a reel for before the season starts. Like Chris said, there are usually a few musky related deals at the big retail shops.
  5. I saw a group of 10 toms together in a field the yesterday. it was absolutely hilarious, a couple were fanned out, a couple were laying in the dirt, and a couple were just chasing each other around. sort of a "guys" weekend before they start chasing the hens in the coming weeks. can't wait for the season to start!
  6. Did anybody get out this weekend? I was out saturday morning with the fly rod and caught a few nice fish on a small stream near home, biggest was around 14 1/2". Small scuds/pink squirrels seemed to be the trick. Talked with a guy that was spinner fishing and he did pretty well also. Great weather and just great to be back on the streams!
  7. I did a musky float last spring (either opening weekend or the weekend after) with my dad and we didn't have much luck. It could have been simply inexperience and not having musky fished out of a canoe before, but I think there was something to be said about the water temps. The water was still very cold in the river and we struggled to find active fish. Had some nice follows, but most were very lazy. Threw a lot of bucktails and small swimbaits. We did several different floats around the oxbow area. Just my two cents from making the trip last year.
  8. I have been fishing muskies for three years and am hoping that the excel spreadsheet charts that I keep will start to pay some dividends. Currently I chart the obvious (lake, location, time, bait, weather, water temp) and I have recently added moon phase to the chart. What categories do you include on your musky log/chart?
  9. I dont hunt the doe season and I haven't heard of very many people who have shot deer that do around the Prescott area. On another note, I saw about 30 deer in Willow River State Park just north of Hudson the other day. Four bucks (one appeared to be a nice 16-18" wide 10 pointer) and several large groups of does and fawns. I thought some state parks do an open season?, but apparently not Willow River.
  10. I have caught decent blue gills, a few crappies, and some really small perch. I think people bass fish there in the summer, but that obviously isn't as effective in the winter.
  11. i had about 6-7 inches in the spots that i fished today. it was a tough bite, but we ended up getting enough for a meal. you had to be quick on the hook set as many of the fish would just tap at the bait.
  12. Unless you want to fish the river (which wont be fishable for a month probably) your best bet is to head north. Some of the lakes I have had the most success on during the hardwater season include Bone, Deer, White Ash, and Bear Trap/Wapogasset. Those are all around an hour drive and have good panfish action and Bear Trap/Wapo has a decent walleye population. Bass lake and Cedar lake are a little closer and there are good walleye/pike/panfish numbers in each, but they both get a ton of pressure. Let me know if you have any more specific questions about certain lakes.
  13. Hunting around webster this weekend, passed up a small buck and a few does thursday/friday. then when we wanted to fill our doe tags later in the weekend we didn't see many deer. my friend missed a doe friday night and we saw a few other deer around, but didn't get any more shooting.
  14. I saw one buck opening afternoon, but didn't get a shot. Turned out to be the only deer I saw all weekend. My uncle shot a doe opening morning, that was the only deer he saw. Our 4 person party only saw 3 deer the whole weekend. I am going out with a friend on some private land around Prescott this afternoon . He has been out the last few afternoons and has seen bucks chasing does and sparing so apparently they are still rutting if they haven't gotten pressured.
  15. I will be hunting around Webster after Thanksgiving and hoping to see the moose that has been sighted around that area! Good luck to everyone and be safe!
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