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  1. King Canada

    Thawing Frozen Ground

    We did it in January with our Golden. Took 30 hours of tending a wood fire to get through 2 feet of frost. How far north are you ? If you have a water supply hook up a root waterer to a hose and chase the frost out with that.
  2. King Canada

    steel siding repair

    No, you can't but there is a way to cut out the damaged piece below the lap and cut off the nail fin of the replacement piece and slide the piece into position and pin nail it. It is really tricky to do and make it look good.
  3. King Canada

    Questions on siding products

    Consider painting the steel.
  4. King Canada

    Recommendations on a new water heater

    I have a 40 gallon Rheem sitting in my basement with a bad tank. Chances are the fans are interchangable.
  5. King Canada

    Gravity Boiler Troubleshooting

    Every once in a while I'd have to remove the bleeders and boil them out. Used one of these wood fired for 20 years.
  6. King Canada

    Chimney flashing

    If it's Kerfed into the brick you will do more harm than good trying to replace it.
  7. King Canada

    Open water jigging spoons for walleyes

    Fall of the year Acme Kastmaster in gold with a minnow head....
  8. King Canada

    ridge vent vs turtle vents

    The four probably aren't enough...you should do the calcs and make sure they're adequate...we've used the new shingle over baffle style with no problems. You'll probably have to cut back your roof sheathing for air-flow.
  9. King Canada

    Adding and addition with basement to house on slab

    You must still have a frost footing that supports the slab. Since that must be the case believe the original builder. If it is floating slab you shouldn't tie them together at all.
  10. Caman is right... don't worry about it.
  11. King Canada

    Boat hit by careless driver. Now what?

    Start with your own insurance conpamy and insist that they represent your interests
  12. King Canada

    Buck Lake near Henderson, MN Eagles

    Great stuff Marc...Keith Swenson
  13. King Canada

    Original Contractor got by?

    Since you indicated in your original post that you had the house built I assume it's new enough that the concrete guys were required to use poly under the slab. Many communities require an inspection before pour. The original inspection records may verify the poly. In another instance I had to prove to an inspector that there was poly on an unpermitted project we were making legal so drilled a series of holes in the mechanical room till I pounded out a plug of concrete and exposed a little poly. It would be such a rookie mistake for a contractor to skip the treated (if required) that I bet there's poly under that slab.