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  1. Was looking at the RGS sponsors and noticed they are backed by several heavy hitters in the natural gas/fracking industry. Current RGS chairman is also CEO for InterOil.
  2. DanH

    Best handheld GPS? is there such a thing?

    There will also always be a need for carrying a good compass and knowing how to use it.
  3. DanH

    New Shotgun

    +1 on the Monte for Grouse. The 24" 20ga @ 5.5 LBS works well for me. good luck,
  4. The biggest beneficiary of this change is the sulfide mining industry. Chip Cravaack, a liberal proponent of sulfide mining in Minnesota has proposed H.R. 4455 (in hearing today) to expedite opening 86,000+ acres of land in the Superior NTL Forest for sulfide mining by swapping out school trust land in the BWCA for SNF land. The net-net is that Cravaack’s H.R. 4455 seeks to enable the sulfide mining industry to mine PUBLIC LAND with as little environmental regulation and citizen input as possible. SNF land has much stricter environmental protection than school trust land. Sulfide mining is a form of mining that has a legacy of acid mine drainage, bankrupt companies, and superfund sites. If sulfide mining is as safe as the mining industry says it is, there should be no problem adhering to the more rigorous environmental protection that applies to Superior National Forest Land. The solution here is to do a buy-out. Not a swap. A buyout will fund the School Trust, make the BWCA whole, and preserve the integrity of the recreational and tourism value of the Superior National Forest. Good Luck
  5. The net-net of this bill (now signed by Dayton) is that it favors business intersts over hunting/fishing and conservation of public land. This is an especially big win for the sulfide mining industry and their lobgying group Mining Minnesota. This bill is the first step towards enabling School Trust Lands (80K+ acres) in the BWCA to be traded for SNF land and then mined without having to adhere to federal standards. Good luck,
  6. DanH

    Huntng GPS?

    +1 on the Garmin 60csx. Gets a signal no matter where you are or what the conditions are. Many features, maps and data are readily available and you can roll your own maps if your into that kind of thing. Good luck,
  7. +1 H.F. 2164 is in the house now. https://www.revisor.mn.gov/bin/bldbill.php?bill=H2164.1.html&session=ls87 From that liberal group of anti's over at TU: * rolls back laws that protect clean water by reducing oversight of water quality permits * weakens wetland protections * exempts factory farms from air pollution permits * weakens water conservation laws * exchanges 100% of school trust lands in the BWCA with federal lands outside the BWCA (against the advice of the Permanent School Trust Advisory Committee) * changes the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Citizens’ Board, thereby weakening environmental review and public input to decision makers. Good Luck,
  8. DanH

    Need new water softener/filter

    Over time the resin bed loses whatever chemical advantage it has to make soft water and it cannot be recharged. This has nothing to do with the iron additive. One can replace the resin beads. However, it's a pain in the butt, and cost is about 50% of what a new Kenmore softener cost -if you DIY. Where I live the water is very hard. Max life for my softener is less than 15 yrs. Good luck,
  9. I was in the CNF over Thanksgiving weekend and experienced the same thing. Having been shot at for the past 2+ months, the Grouse in the woods today are pretty savvy on gun safety.
  10. Hunted N of GR last week for 5 days. On the windy days had to go deep off the trails to find birds. The bone dry conditions were a big factor when deciding where to hunt. My insecurities got the best of me so I carried that A5 light-12 rather than my 20 ga. Walked about 8 miles each day -most of that bushwacking. Not bad considering the averaged age of our 3 man party is North of 65. Flush 14 Grouse and 2 Woodcock. Bagged 2 Grouse and 1 Woodcock.
  11. FishGuru: No harm intended. If it’s guidance you’re looking for: leave your pistol at home. You’re likely to see more hunters in the field than anything else. If that’s not the case for you –keep it that way, cover your tracks and don’t ever tell anyone where you hunt. But I would still leave the pistol at home. If you’re concerned about safety and risk mitigation remember that by carrying one gun you increase your chances of having a tragic accident. Do the math on carrying 2 guns. If your fear of bears and cougars is absolutely insurmountable consider carrying a can of pepper spray. It’s much cheaper than a pistol, and if you make a mistake the damage you do won’t be permanent. Lastly, if you only use it only on bears and cougars that attack you while you are hunting small game you’ll be able to pass it on to your heirs (unused) when you are too old to hunt. Be safe, don’t take anything too seriously here, and enjoy the hunt.
  12. In addition to a carrying a handgun while hunting for Grouse or other small game, one might also tow a Howitzer 105 or a GAU-8 behind the truck. In the same way that “you never know” about bears or mountain lions; perhaps civil unrest breaks out while you are hunting, or Aliens from outer space launch an attack. You just never know…