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  1. Schwanny

    Just a reminder!

    I guess so...that is what the book says.
  2. Schwanny

    Just a reminder!

    Need a new license by the weekend! For some reason I thought we had until April.
  3. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the replies! I have alot of my own equipment/decoys, so I probably would just take a week off & drive until I found something that looked good. I might try North Dakota first before Canada, but I would really like to experience a Canadian trip also. Is it worth looking for an outfitter? I seen the cost of a guided trip. OH MY! I better start saving my pennies if I go that route.
  4. Since the duck hunting is getting worse every year (in our area anyway) I was thinking about taking a trip to Canada for a waterfowl hunt in a couple of years. Does anybody have any suggestions as to where to go?
  5. I have a pair of free tickets for the Show in Minneapolis this weekend. If anybody is interested they are yours. Probably won't get them in time if they are mailed, so available for pickup. I live close to Glencoe,MN.
  6. Schwanny

    Lindy Giveaway Sunfish Package!!

    Please include me too!
  7. Schwanny

    Nephews first tom

    Shot last Friday (Yes I know the date wrong)(had dead batteries in the field) 24# 1.25" Spurs 10.5" beard
  8. Schwanny

    HSO Deer Photo's

    Here is my 13 year old niece. Shot 11/8/09 @ 5pm. Her first year hunting and first deer.
  9. Schwanny

    Lake Winnipeg update...

    Stu, Do you have some info. available. E-mail me: [email protected]
  10. Schwanny

    Walleye Photo Gallery

    Why not be first. Here is a couple from LOTW. My nephews 25 1/2" walleye (released)
  11. Schwanny

    Correct me if I'm wrong???

    I thougth I read in the Outdoor News that our 2007 fishing licenses are good until April 30, 2008. Is this true? I know once I buy the 2008 license it is good until April 30, 2009.
  12. Schwanny

    Deer Hunting

    Hey Jason, how the heck are you doing? I was thinking about doing the same thing next year in one of the five states west of here. I have some info from a an outfitter in that Pine Ridge area. I also had a post in the "hunting" section titled "Deer hunting out west". I might not get a chance to hunt out there next year, but I should have my homework done for the following year. I might just drive out this next fall and see what's available during the rifle season. I guess time will tell.
  13. Schwanny

    Deer Hunting out west

    I'd love to do a combo hunt. I will take a look at these areas and do some research. Thanks for the insight you guys offered. Hopefully I can make this a reality for next years hunt.
  14. Schwanny

    Deer Hunting out west

    I don't know if anybody can help me out, but a couple of buddies and myself would like to take a trip out to one of the western states. We would like to try Mule deer hunting and we would probably camp out. I don't know if I could afford a hunt at one of those lodges and I don't need to shoot a trophy class animal. I just want to go for the experience. Suggestions anybody? How do I search for something like this on the web?
  15. Schwanny

    Bringing gas into Canada

    I posted the same thing in the "what to bring...what not to bring" subject above. I don't think they know themselves. Two years ago I went through with an extra 20 gallons and I was told I would have to pay duty at the border. I had made a phone call before I left and talked with a guy and he said I would be alright. It ended up that they left me go without paying duty. I guess I'm going to take a chance and bring some extra this year also. Maybe 15 instead of 20.