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  1. I heard there were fish in the lake across the road on the south end but that was when the water was much higher (15 years). I'm not sure about the other one on the south end it was connected to bass before the dam was removed but I think its shallow. The lake on the north end had fish in it to but that was when the water was higher not sure if they froze out or not haven't seen anyone fish them in years.
  2. I'm pretty sure it dried up after they took the dam out for the trout fisherman along with most of the other little honey holes around there.If you look at it on google earth its not much of a lake anymore.
  3. I would guess they are talking about a different three lakes. I have lived near there most of my life fished it 2 or 3 times when i was a kid and only caught bullheads but you never know.
  4. I'm going to Bonita springs in march any pointers on bait and lures would be great. We are not bringing any fishing gear with so I might buy stuff off Craigs list when I get down there because i cant bring the stuff back . And any other tips such as good restaurant entertainment cheap boat rental etc... Thanks Arne
  5. I was on pike in Amery last night there was a truck on the ice but I had 10" where I was I parked on shore. Saw 5 full size trucks on Mary park Wednesday. I Haven't had much luck.
  6. Minnesconsin gloves in Roberts WI
  7. I would like to know where people think lead comes from? It is a mineral that comes from the ground.
  8. Fished pike in amery last week caught 2 8" wallys got out on wapo on monday it was slow went to pine lake by horse creek the last 2 nights caught a bunch of minnie crappie Anyone been having any luck on round or balsam i think im going to try round on sat GOOD LUCK
  9. Thanks for the reports.Going to Little Shab June 16th to the 23rd. Have you ever fished it? Looking for the Northerns, any advise on lures? I'll be getting some white and green jigs today. Can't wait to leave.
  10. Stopped at wapo yesterday about half the lake was open it will be open by the weekend and bear trap is open and a guy was unloading his boat there. GOODLUCK
  12. Buena vista in Alma WI she will love it if the wind is not to bad and not afraid of hights. Its about 5 miles south on the WI side.
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