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  1. you're right IRISHSOBNO4. i googled african goose and the pic that came up was exact. now i wonder who's goose wandered far enough to get between the sartell and st. cloud dams. needless to say it definately looked lost!!
  2. we kinda figured thats what it was when it struggled to cross the river and never tried flying. we were at the canoe access where the sauk river comes in, not much biting around there tonight. thanks and i guess i won't be naming a new species. haha!!
  3. I was fishing the Mississippi River in Sauk Rapids tonight and this goose/ or whatever it is came swimming by and nobody around us knew what it was. Any ID would be great thanks guys. Sorry if its not clear I had to zoom in quite a bit.
  4. I've been using the fastsnaps all winter as well. They do seem a little tough at first but after changing jigs a few times they sort of break in. I think they are small enough that they wont scare fish, and also you'll probably break your line before a fish bends it open. Love them for my tip-up leaders so I'm not constantly cutting line and re-doing the leaders.
  5. Quote: but I can't seem to keep the droppers from tangling up on the jigging raps You can take a wire snipper and cut of the front and rear hook to eliminate the tangling. Kind of makes it a permanent dropper rig though.
  6. I think 6 lb. crystal with a properly set drag can handle most anything.
  7. Try putting this up in the equipment/expert information forum.
  8. Perch Extravaganza makes sense since we're renting out of Hunter's that weekend.
  9. I've caught four bullheads through the ice this year. They were my first four ever ice fishing. All have come while fishing walleye structure. On the flasher they looked like finicky walleyes so I kept changing lures until I got a bite. Once I pull up a bullhead and realize what I was seeing on the flasher give me 5-10 min. and I'm packed up and on my way to shore!!!
  10. In my experience which ever has the most power will usually get the least interference. LX-5 2,000 watts, FL-8 400 watts.
  11. I bought an Aqua Vu Scout mainly because of the $25 rebate offer they had going that made it cheaper than most of the competition. Works great during the day, have had every kind of fish swim right up to it and check it out. After dark my marcum is the center of attention. I think as long as the water is clear enough they will all be satisfactory. My camera is always second to my flasher, after drilling a few holes I look around in each w/ the cam and see if one hole "looks" better than another to decide where to put the portable. From there it's jig and flasher w/ the camera as a novelty/learning device.
  12. I was in 50 FOW on Gull w/ an LX-2 there was plenty of interference but I could clearly see my jig and a fish below whereas my brother w/ a Vex couldn't even use it and turned it off after about 15 min. Just wish they made em bite. I could've used a new truck!!!
  13. Hey sparky we must fish the same place. When I'm in Luverne we always have to go to a certain place that we get these HUGE crappies. Our biggest yet was just under 17.5", and that number has grown every year for the past three. The first big one we caught we laughed at because it looked deformed, unreal, and barely fit up an 8" hole, it must be all that fertilizer run-off. It's like miracle-gro for crappies. How big will they be THIS year is said everytime we go. Water as small as that won't take long to be fished out if word is out. Truly a great fish worthy of mounting and we've considered it ourselves but remember catch and release is crucial to these minute bodies of water. For us a pic and a laugh about where we got it is worth a lot!!
  14. I just picked up a nice combo from gander for $25. I originally went in to buy a genz stick but I thought that gander threw in a better reel on their combo so I went with that. After using it five times it's become my favorite rod. I also put fireline crystal on it and after always using mono I may switch over more of my rods, very impressed. Just remember to tie a palomar knot.
  15. I like reading the two ice fishing mags that in-fisherman and f+w outdoor sports put out. each one usually has two walleye specific articles with good tips. I like all the articles though b/c you can learn tips on passing the day up until prime time catching pannies and pike. I think this HSOforum is the best info though because you can ask a specific question and get a lot of very useful responses for your situation.
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