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  1. captainshane

    Your Favorite Photo of the Year

    My wife and I went out to Colorado in mid September and things were "heating" up in the elk family. This bull had 30+ cows and calves in his harem.
  2. I recently found out that some of the Ski Doo sleds have a removable 2up seat. I am not familiar with the newer Ski Doo sleds. Looking for a mid 2000's sled. So if someone knows what model(s) has the removable seat and when was that an option. Any help would be helpfull. Thanks, Shane
  3. captainshane

    Loons, duck, swans, fox,

    Sweet pics man! Hwood has been getting after me to go through the rest of pics from that weekend so here are some more. Iris Reflection This is the lake we camped on. We also camp here Memorial Weekend for the last 14 years. Arrowhead Lake Sunrise That friday Hwood put me on a fox den. This was the 1st chance I have had taking a pic of a fox. A loon showing off to another. Here is Hwood taking a pic of me taking a pic of him.
  4. Hwood and I spent last weekend in the great north woods of Minnesota for some fishing, relaxing and some camera time. All 3 of theses warblers were a first sighting for me. Blackburnian Warbler Chestnut-sided Warbler Yellow Warbler My favorite bird
  5. I went out to a county park yesterday where there is an abundance of orioles. The orioles didn't cooperate with me but the butterflies and this bird did. 5/20/12 This bird I was thinking song sparrow but it wasn't singing, instead it was chirping.
  6. captainshane

    The Eagle and the Raven

    Nice series. The 1st one is great!
  7. captainshane

    Filter ?

    I don't use filters but if you use them just to protect your glass I would use a lens hood instead and call it good. Just my thoughts.
  8. Great shots Shawn!!! Lots of birds I haven't seen before.
  9. captainshane

    A few ducks and mother goose

    Went out to a Izaak Walton League Wetland Area yesterday and saw a few ducks and plenty of geese laying on eggs. Blue-winged Teal Mother goose trying to hide
  10. captainshane

    Bird call...Ya there's a app for that!

    It's a iPhone app called BIrdtunes.
  11. captainshane

    Kestrel and couple others

    Nice shots. I really like the red-wing.
  12. I found a app that has over 700 bird calls on it. The kid and I were sitting in the backyard and I could hear some chippers next door. So I found the chipping sparrow songs and put it on the ground feeder and pushed play. I hear you... But I don't see you...
  13. captainshane

    A few and a ID please...

    Thanks ShawnZ! It's a 1st for me to photograph both of those birds.
  14. captainshane

    A few and a ID please...

    Thanks everybody. Some of those birds look similar. I was able to get a shot of a Greater Yellowleg this afternoon.