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  1. JustLOVEit

    5 month lab hunting this weekend?

    Bad idea, puppies can get scare of anything (gun shy, water, tall grass, etc...) and it would be hard to correct it. You will be surprise that everything new to a puppy will have to be introduce slowly, over and over again.
  2. JustLOVEit

    Real Beef Bones vs the Rawhide stuff and all the rest.

    I have been feeding my lab everything right off the dinner table (only exception is chicken/turkey bones) and real beef and beef bones. I won't feed my dog any cheap rawhide or rawhides at all. Spent way too much money on her to go cheap.
  3. The best Opener i have ever had in my 18 years. Would not care if i don't get a single duck for the rest of the season, might just call it quits and wait until next years opener.
  4. JustLOVEit

    Fog----Good or Bad

    BAD!! Keeps them coming in too close and too low!! My gun isn't setup for that!
  5. Mod (extended) + 11-87 (super magnum) + 3 1/2 inch (cheapest shell you can find) shot size 4 = drops everything within 40 yards.
  6. Yup, every drake woodies we shot this weekend all 6 drakes were fully colored, also shot 2 that were banded, my first ever in 18 years of duck hunting.
  7. JustLOVEit

    Opening day Musings

    Where we were at on opener we had limit on both days. Everyone we talked to either had their limits or had ran out of ammo. The best Opener i have ever had!
  8. JustLOVEit

    stinky boot smell

    I use hunting scent eliminator/killer for elminating all kind of bad odors. Works everytime.
  9. JustLOVEit

    Auger Poll

    Strikemaster lazer 8"
  10. JustLOVEit

    Fish house poll

    04/05 Eskimo Quick Flip III
  11. JustLOVEit

    Just his luck!

    OR atleast a camera... so we can all see what he missed out on.. LOL
  12. JustLOVEit

    shorts checker

    Wow.. Had the same thing happen to this year too on the opener. It was like fireworks in the chamber. The shell got stuck half way out and the leftover powder kept burning inside and there was a LOT of smoke coming out. After checking the gun over, i found the pellet casing stuck by my choke. I was shooting Winchester Xp steels (unused from last year). I don't know if it got wet or the powder was just too old, but i decided to get rid of the whole box and everything single one i had that was not purchase this year. Just so i don't relive the same scary memory.
  13. JustLOVEit

    SE MN corn harvest.

    Yeah, i also notice that the farmers hasn't started yet on the beans. Don't know how that's going to effect this weekend's opener if not at all.
  14. JustLOVEit

    Already Nocturnal

    Most of the deers we saw this weekend was all moving thru out the day and this with no pressure at all. They weren't spooked or pushed out, just walking around doing there business..