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  1. Hoping to try some shorefishing with a co-worker this afternoon. Looking to catch anything but panfish. Any recommendations on lakes in the Eden Prairie area? Catch/Release only. Minnetonka-I've tried several spots before but open to hearing about good shorefishing spots. Riley: Tons of panfish. Haven't had much luck getting anything bigger Staring: Went there once. Lots of panfish. Have people been catching carp there?
  2. Is Pool 2 by hidden falls open? It was closed off last time I went down there. Also, is Coon Rapids dam open (over the smaller da*m) ? Both were closed off due to high water. Looking to possibly shore fish for some cats tonight. Thanks!
  3. cubicleboy

    Help with Carp and Sucker spots

    On the river- doughballs, corn and worms for carp. I've been hitting the Mississippi in St Paul recently but haven't had any luck with carp. Lots of channels/sheep head/goldenye though. Normally fish the bottom with a small hook and a heavier weight. In coon rapids I normally fish under the smaller dA*m or I walk downstream from the larger one. Any other good spots there for carp? Does any one fish above the da*m?
  4. cubicleboy

    Flathead & Channel Catfish Fishing Reports

    Pool 2. Little channels have been terrorizing worms. Very soft but quick bite. Missed a bunch but stil landed 3 small channels in an hour and half. Oh..there were some sheephead and a nice size golden eye as well. Was mainly fishing for carp, so didn't use cut bait last night.
  5. I'm having a terrible time catching Carp from shore this year. The weather isn't helping much. Was wondering if any of you target any lakes in the Roseville or Minnetonka are for carp. I take my little brother fishing,so somewhere with good shore access would be good. I normally hit up Cook Rapids or Hidden Falls, but both those haven't been living up to their reputation this year. Catching suckers/shad would be fun too, as I'll start cleaning up my catfish gear in a few weeks. Not looking for your honeyholes..just for some input of safe shore access.
  6. cubicleboy

    Good Da"ms north of the cities

    I have a week off and am thinking of visiting friends in Duluth and/or St Cloud. Would like to do some shore fishing on the way back. Looking for recommendations-dams, lakes, piers-anything good for shorefishing between here and Duluth. Mainly interested in it cats but definitely up for some rough fish or bass. Since I'll be on the road-all fish will be release, so not worried about the fishing spots being ultra clean
  7. Looking to take my little brother shorefishing this afternoon. Hopefully the rain might trigger some feeding. Coon rapids dam has just been too busy-shoulder to shoulder. Ford dam has been slow this year. Could anyone point me towards some good spots-not too far from the uptown area? looking for shorefishing. I normally fish for cats but it's fun to catch carp with kids. Feel free to email me: [email protected] Just looking to expand my fishing horizons in the cities..
  8. cubicleboy

    shorefishing for cats:need help

    This year I've had terrible luck shorefishing.I'm looking to go out this afternoon and am looking for some pointers. I normally try the Mississippi by Ford Dam, Coon Rapids Dam, Mississippi State Park in Anoka etc. Could anyone give me some other decent spots? Not looking to steal your spots-just looking to find out more spots close to the cities, to take my little brother fishing. Are there any other decent spots on the mississippi not too far from the uptown area? Any good lakes for channels in the area? Just looking to expand my horizons. Email me at [email protected] Thanks in advance..just looking to catch some fish
  9. I volunteer with some kids and they want to catch some catfish (along with other fish, but one saw a giant catfish on tv and wants to catch one). I'm picking them up from Brooklyn Center and am looking for a safe fishing pier in the area. Really, these kids are around 7-10 years old and any fish will make their day. Any good locations in the immediate area? I'd rather not take them to my regular spots in the river, just because I don't want them to run around too much. Thanks!
  10. cubicleboy

    channel cat bait Qs

    I've had REALLY good luck at Coon Rapids dam this year-mainly with channels and northerns. I work in Anoka so go there often. If you want to join me for some catting, let me know. I'm using frozen sucker heads nowadays-it's risky keeping them hidden in the freezer at work!
  11. cubicleboy

    Coon Rapids Dam

    This year I've caught decent sized cats on the smaller dam. I also caught a bunch of bowfin and a 32 inch northern. If you walk down the bank away from the dam, there are decent shore spots for cats. I've caught smaller ones there but am sure some big un's lurk in the slower waters.
  12. cubicleboy

    frozen cut bait

    So I hit the Mississippi from shore last night and my cut bait was still frozen in the cooler. 3 hours later, I had a 27" skinny channel, a 28 inch northern off a half frozen sucker head, and a 20" dogfish. Of course I didn't bring my scale with me or my camera. Have pics on my phone though. Who knew that they would love frozen bait!
  13. cubicleboy

    Cats and Dogs

    Hit the river yesterday afternoon for some day time cats. Instead, pulled out 2 dogs (dogfish). 21" and 22". Both on cut sucker. Both hand DARK green fins and were REALLY colorful. Anyone know if it's their breeding colors? Posting here since I thought dogfish/bowfin are rough fish
  14. cubicleboy

    Cutbait question

    When using smaller suckers for cut bait, do you guys still fillet? I've been cutting them up in chunks instead and having decent luck. Do you guys use fishheads? I've seen a few postings talking about this. I've had runs using fishheads but never caught any kitties. I don't think it matters if there are fish bones in the cut bait (hence not filleting). Just looking for input from you experienced guys.
  15. cubicleboy

    shore fishing tonight?

    Good luck! I just got into catfishing and having a blast. Got a 20 inch channel on Friday near Hidden Falls-using cut bait from shore.Am hitting up coon rapids dam tonight for some more channels. If I was a catfish, I would be ALL over these chunks of bleeding cut suckers I have--but...