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  1. I Love it
    Rick reacted to chaffmj in Random Daily Pics   
    My friend Mr. Velvet came into the yard today shortly after 3 does left. I was wondering with all the shots I heard this last weekend if he was still alive. 

    Maybe his small rack has kept him alive.

  2. I Love it
    Rick reacted to rundrave in Random Daily Pics   
    I’m pretty sure the rut is on? this guy wouldn’t run away from us for nothing. then I realized as we got closer he had a doe bedded down with him. he was pretty curious about my dog for a minute there I thought he was going to charge us and finally the doe got up and ran off and he followed 

  3. Thumbs Up
    Rick reacted to nofishfisherman in Blood trail ran cold   
    Yeah I looked right away. A lot of deer bed there so could have easily been a different one. I saw no signs of blood in any of the beds.  Planning to look one more time before I have to head home.  
    This one has me stumped.
  4. Thanks
    Rick reacted to Wanderer in Blood trail ran cold   
    If you think that deer was bedded when you bumped it, it would be wise to look at its bed if you haven’t.
    Best of luck to ya.  Hard to accept that loss but sometimes you have to.
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    Rick reacted to nofishfisherman in Blood trail ran cold   
    I've been out searching and I'm starting to lean toward long gone. So far I've grid searched likely routes and came up with nothing. I've walked the bedding areas and did bump a deer out of one spot but couldn't say it was the same deer. If it was it looked healthy.
    Never found the arrow or where it would have bedded. 
    I've searched up to all the property boundaries but will need to get permission to go any further.  At this point with no evidence of direction I feel like options are limited.  Came back in for some food but will head out one more time later this morning before I have to start packing up.
  6. Thumbs Up
    Rick reacted to nofishfisherman in Blood trail ran cold   
    Thanks guys. I had a little help last night but that help came from my 80 year old aunt and uncle. They were troopers out looking for blood in the dark.  After awhile I sent them back in and i searched alone for a few more hours.  Back out at sunrise today.
    I have the blood trail marked and plan to grid search in direction of travel.  I'm pretty sure we didn't bump him last night. He's either dead nearby or long gone.
  7. Thanks
    Rick reacted to hugonian1 in Blood trail ran cold   
    Good advice here.
    Things look much different in the daylight. Hopefully it didn't get bumped. They can go a long ways.
    Hopefully it bedded down and expired. Sometimes you just have to grid search.  Get some help if you can. More eyes the better.
    If there is water close look there. 
    Good luck.
  8. Thanks
    Rick reacted to Wanderer in Blood trail ran cold   
    The crack you heard was either a rib or the bone the broadhead stopped in.

    Looks like meat blood, not organ blood to me.  If it’s a high entrance and no exit the body cavity will have to fill with blood before you get a good, reliable blood trail.  Also in that case when the deer is moving fast what little blood comes out will be spread over a long distance.  You almost have to predict where the deer is going and look ahead.
    Take a string/thin rope or whatever you have (The longer the better) and leave one end at first blood, then play out the string at any blood, hair or likely track, overturned leaves, etc. as you find it.  That helps draw a better picture of the deer’s true direction.  At first that deer will probably take the most obvious route back to its last bedding area because that’s the last safe place they know of.
    Good on you for keeping on the track and picking back up this morning!  It’s tough sometimes.
  9. I Love it
    Rick reacted to hugonian1 in Random Daily Pics   
    View from the stand this morning. 

  10. Wow, ❤
    Rick reacted to Macgyver55 in Random Daily Pics   
    It’s the day before deer hunting opener and this popped up in my yard today....

  11. I Love it
    Rick reacted to chaffmj in Random Daily Pics   
    Sorry jbell1981. I've had 3 dogs and it is never easy. The sun will set on us all some day.
    These were taken last night from the Burntside river bridge.


  12. Sad
    Rick reacted to jbell1981 in Random Daily Pics   
    He was 4. Ate something he shouldn't have. Had surgery to remove it but couldn't recover from the surgery. 
  13. Thanks
    Rick reacted to DonBo in mule deer?   
    Sure looks like it.  A picture of the tail would tell you for sure.
  14. Thanks
    Rick reacted to Mike89 in mule deer?   
    a few years ago there was one taken north of Osakis...  so they get here..
  15. Thanks
    Rick reacted to Wanderer in mule deer?   
    Without a doubt!
  16. I Love it
    Rick reacted to h8go4s in on board chargers   
    There's no need to worry about good batteries stored over the winter. You don't need to take them out of the boat and lug them down to the basement. Make sure the water level is full and they're fully charged. Then disconnect ALL the leads. Tie-wrap the positives together and the negatives together. That way, next spring, you'll be sure to clean all the terminals. Attached are voltage readings from my batteries before and after storage and a chart of charge percentage at different voltage levels.

  17. Thanks
    Rick reacted to BobT in on board chargers   
    I check the electrolyte to make sure it is optimum (add distilled water if it is low), make sure the boat key is turned off, and leave my batteries in the boat stored in unheated lean-to. I just plug the charger in about once a month for about a day to make sure they are topped off. As an added safety precaution, you can disconnect the boat wires from the starting battery because some boats have electronics that may use a small amount of power from the battery even when the key is off. 
    Even so, batteries will lose some charge over time and as they do they become more susceptible to freezing. Please note that a battery at 50% charge can freeze at temperatures right about -10 F give or take. Keeping them topped off will protect them. Here's a chart showing the freezing points of batteries at various charge levels that I found from Trojan Batteries. 

  18. Thumbs Up
    Rick reacted to knoppers in on board chargers   
    thanks for the reply's, I know heat is the battery's worst condition, and cold is better. I think I will leave the battery's in the boat, and plug the on-board charger in every now and then. I have been removing the battery's for years, and placing them in my basement, which has worked well. I do keep the starting battery in the boat since its very difficult to remove, but putting a battery tender on it all winter.
  19. Thumbs Up
    Rick reacted to delcecchi in on board chargers   
    My boat is stored in unheated space over winter, batteries not plugged in.   In spring they seem to still be at like 2/3 charge.   No major problems.   Been doing it that way for 20 years.   
  20. Thanks
    Rick reacted to huntnfish in on board chargers   
    I store my boat in an Unheated shop for the winter. I pull all batteries and keep them in my heated garage and periodically charge them throughout the winter. I try to put my digital float charger on each one once every few weeks. I did store my boat in the garage the first winter I had it because I wanted to add and make a bunch of changes. That winter I would plug the onboard charger in every so often. I don’t know if this is the best way or not but it’s what I do. 
  21. I Love it
    Rick reacted to LHarris in My Trout Season Closed   
    hiking yesterday

  22. I Love it
    Rick reacted to LHarris in My Trout Season Closed   
    wife hikes a lot and drags me along often....really weird being close to water without a rod in my hand.

  23. I Love it
    Rick reacted to LHarris in My Trout Season Closed   
    Wife and I pointed the Jeep northward and saw sights.

  24. Sad
    Rick reacted to Scoot in Plans this Fall   
    Thank you guys very much.   It did indeed suck.   The end was tough and slow and I felt terrible for him.   9 weeks in the hospital and the last two were not got- on a vent and in a lot of pain when conscious.   But no more pain and suffering and in a better place now.   Better times ahead for all.   
  25. Thumbs Up
    Rick got a reaction from chaffmj in Vikings 2020   
    You can't make this shiat up. What are the odds of that sequence of events leading up to and during that last drive.
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