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  1. pulleye16

    Legal question fish spawning did i break laws

    Ticket for what? Far as I know, the success rate for field spawned northern pike is 0% and survival rate is even lower.
  2. I’m surprised by the heavy weights here. 150-165 is more than enough. I’d go 165 grain in a make that is readily available to you. I first started shooting these crazy expensive rounds but had a tough time finding them. Now I have random bullets lying around.
  3. pulleye16

    Strikemaster 40V Auger - Now w/Reverse

    Strikemaster almost ruined the market with their Electra lazer 1200. It'll be a few more years until they get people to bite again...until then the ion and k drill will still take the market.
  4. pulleye16

    Filling in oil tank room basement

    That's good too hear. Thanks.
  5. pulleye16

    Filling in oil tank room basement

    Nope. It's essentially another room in the basement but with earth above it. 3 blocked walls and cement slab on ceiling and floor (no house above it). Since nothing above this room (breaks off from the side of the house) it'll get some water on heavy rains. It was probably not sealed well so bugs find their way in. I'll contact a pro for sure as this seems to be not black and white. Thought I could just block the opening off, fill it in, and essentially that would be my exterior wall now with basically earth and some concrete in my yard... but under ground. Maybe I need to break up the concrete floor for proper draining before filling in????
  6. pulleye16

    Filling in oil tank room basement

    oil tank and all residue or equipment has long since been removes. If I sealed it up, I'd still be worried of slight water getting in there during heavy storms and getting "moldy" and stinky. Figure if I filled blocked the small enter up and filled it in, it would just become an exterior wall....but I'm curious as to why water would cause issues if I filled it in with dirt...wouldn't that just drain like normal?
  7. pulleye16

    Filling in oil tank room basement

    The "room" is not easily accessible and the opening is tiny. It's a cesspool for insects. I'd love to seal it up as it has no purpose and no amount of money would make it useful...that u need to trust me on.
  8. We have an older home that has a roughly 6x6x4 oil tank room in the basement (tank removed) that I'd like to fill in. Any suggestions? I could access it from the outside if I broke free the concrete slab above it. Heres my my plan. Block off the wall in the basement. Break open the concrete on the outside and fill in with dirt. Sound reasonable or am I missing something?
  9. pulleye16

    Nils Slush

    8" Nils owner here. Love this auger but yes, leaves more slush in the whole than other brands. That said, I'd still take it over any Strikemaster I've previously owned.
  10. pulleye16

    Strikemaster Big Volt

  11. pulleye16

    Strikemaster...my opinion..

    Is the only reason so much like them is because their from MN? All you ever read about is all the problems people face with these augers. I own two and they've been nothing but problems. One, which I'd blame the motor over SM, but even after they serviced, my mag2000 won't start in less then 20-30 pulls, sometimes not at all. From cold starts, platsic handles, to broken recoils, and just poor augers-why do we continue to support them? Yeah, people have goods ones that are old, but i"ve seen older jiffys and i'd take an older eskimo over a SM any day. Light weight? I'd give you that but then i'd go Nils. Durability? NIls, jiffy, eskimo...probably HT before SM. Just seems like they're always problems with them and their breaking down. Just watch a see that just about every week another SM auger issue will arise on here. So, why does everyone keep supporting them?
  12. pulleye16

    Strikemaster unleashes a new beast!!

    Quote:Cradling the Honda 4-stroke engine are VANDAR® long filament high impact synthetic handles that yield the strength of an army with the weight of a single firearm. Strenght of an army...maybe an Afghan army! No offense-but I was hoping that after Rapala took over they would fix that and put "real" handles on those auger again. However, the Honda motor might out weight the cons of a cheap (unless you have to replace) handle.
  13. pulleye16

    Rapala buys Strikemaster

    x 2 I just read 6 pages of rants about how people are upset that they won't have somewhere to go to fix/service their auger...Maybe we should be buying ones that last! p.s. This is coming from someone who currently has two SM in the garage! both less then 4 years old and have had 3 handles replaced (one for free),two recoils broke, and one had to be professionally service cause it won't start in 50 pulls!
  14. pulleye16

    Rapala buys Strikemaster

    i'm 0/2 with SM augers and hope Rapala can make a better product! Why's their CS so good? what company doesn't take care of their products during the warranty period? SM did nothing for both my augers when is was out of the warranty period (by a couple months) so how are they better then anyone else? I've never had a company NOT fix a problem when it was still covered! SM needs WAY WAY WAY better QC as I've never heard of so many problems with one auger company yet the only reason we like them is cause their from MN...and that doesn't fly with me. I'll take QAULITY over where it's made any day!
  15. pulleye16

    Boat Inspections

    Nope! why would they arrest you? Unless the dealer covered your new boat in milfoil and zebra muscles, through in a over the limit walleye in your live well and a dead eagle in the storage compartment...maybe then they'd arrest you.