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  1. fishing is hot

    Mille Lacs Rescue 12/21/11

  2. fishing is hot

    Strikemaster Solo Lazer

    I leave my switch on all the time and use the decompression button to shut down.
  3. fishing is hot

    Headlights on Polaris Ranger

    My prowler had a Low/high switch. It was really easy. Unplug the stock head light. Plug in the transformer (ballast). Find somewhere to mount the ballast. I tek screwed mine under the hood. Mount the HID lamps just like the stock you removed. Plug in the new HID headlamps to wiring harness on the ballast. (DON’T touch the lamps. Use the foam that they come with. You are done I think it took me longer to explain then to actually do it. The stock Prowler lamps are 880. You need to verify what the Polaris has. This is what I ordered and installed 3 years and have not had any issues. [NOTE FROM ADMIN: Your post has been edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank You] Like I said before I would try just relacing your high beams and leave the low beams stock for when you don't need alot of light. I hardly ever use my high beams because the lows are bright enough. There are alot of HID kits for sale but this what I used. Good Luck. Let us know how it turns out.
  4. fishing is hot

    Headlights on Polaris Ranger

    I did a lighting upgrade on my Prowler. I did both the high beams and low beams. What a difference it made. If I was to do it again I think I would do only the high beams and leave the low beams stock. Go them from VVME. Someone said make sure you buy the digital slim ballast and that is what I did. From start to finish it took 20 minutes to do. Now I am thinking of doing the headlights on my truck.
  5. fishing is hot

    Cabin Ownership?

    Here is what I did and would do again. Tell the other party what you are willing to sell your half for everything. When they say that’s too much you tell them you are buying them out for your price and give them 30 days. Now you are paying them too much and they can either agree to the price or move on. Mostly they will agree to your price.
  6. fishing is hot

    09 Bearcat auger holder

    Where did you find your Bearcat? I been looking for one.
  7. fishing is hot

    Eelpout Festival?

    Then you have not chance of winning. All the winners for years have cheated.
  8. fishing is hot

    free electric turk and surf fryer.

    I could yae it off you hands.
  9. fishing is hot

    Lawn Service too soon?

    So who is a good applicater in the NW suburbs?
  10. fishing is hot

    Best Snow Tires

  11. fishing is hot

    What are your thoughts on........

    Why not just follow the guide around and save that money too. It gets done all the time. You should realy ask the quide if he would mind if took out GPS and saved his wavepoints. What I do then is take him to all my known spots that I know don't hold fish. Make for a long day. Either way I most likely would never see him again.
  12. fishing is hot

    anybody tried these folks ?

    I emailed and asked on 2/9 to purchase another GPS module and power supply cord for LCX 37. And, I am going to need a new trolling motor for a 620 Ranger and would like the Ipilot. Never heard back.
  13. fishing is hot

    Marcum face cover

    http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1761422/1 They are $10.00 and $5.00 for shipping.
  14. fishing is hot

    Marcum face cover

    There is guy in Duluth that makes them. His name is Vic Krause I like it. It keeps the snow off and keeps it clean. Note from admin, please read forum policy before posting again, thank you.