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  1. f5chaser

    $1,000.00 flathead caught

    Its a great area for some monster flats, I have fished it many times and have never been disappointed
  2. f5chaser

    Are there Catfish in there?

    I have heard of a few caught in the Fulda - Talcot dam area but personaly have never seen on despite fishing that area extensively
  3. f5chaser

    50+ lb Flathead #2 (Video)

    Nice fish!!!! Congrats
  4. f5chaser

    Redwod Falls

    Thanks everyone!!! I appreciate the help If anyone would like to go fishing on this Saturday and needs a partner ( I'm a pretty good net man ) And I have some good equipment give me a call at 507-430-6570 Thanks again
  5. f5chaser

    Redwod Falls

    Helloooooooooo Anyone out there????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Please
  6. f5chaser

    Things that go "bump" in the nite

    A lot of you are gonna think this is crazy but my boss swears there is a Sasquatch in the Minesota River area. He and some of his friends have seen and heard many things that are making me believe that there is something to his stories Just wondering if anyone has had anything unusual happen while on the river ie....rocks thrown, strange musty smells, wierd noises etc? PS, no he doesn't drink, not on drugs and for the most part isnt crazy
  7. f5chaser

    Redwod Falls

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any good shore fishing spots for flatheads or channels in the Redwood Falls area Also any ideas about fishing the high water from shore Just moved here about 1 and 1/2 years ago and have caught some nice flatheads but that was in my fishing buddies boat and they don't get up here very often Thanks
  8. f5chaser

    overlooked catfishin hotspot

    I realize most of ya fish the cities but you have to come and try the Franklin-. Redwood Falls area.... beautiful scenery, lots of BIG BIG flatheads, although my boss is convinced that there is a bigfoot in the area....seriously Take a picture, catch and release
  9. f5chaser

    One more for the Safari

    Nice fish, congtats!!!!
  10. f5chaser

    mono or superbraid

    anyone have any thoughts on whether to use monofilament or superbraid, such as berkley gorilla braid for fishing for flatheads? Take a picture...catch and release
  11. f5chaser

    " Wer'e gonna need a bigger boat"

    Fished the Franklin area Friday nite and caught 3 small flatheads 10-16# missed 2 using small bullheads.... river is REALLY low! Best of luck to everybody... take a picture...catch & release
  12. f5chaser

    shore fishin redwood falls are

    we went out friday nite with buddy who brought a boat and ended up catching 3 flatheads in the Franklin area, they were all between 10 and 16#, missed 2. Thanks for asking
  13. f5chaser

    shore fishin redwood falls are

    Yeah, my bad....computer troubles, isn't modern technology great. Thanks for the response
  14. f5chaser

    shore fishin redwood falls are

    anyone know where to fish from shore in the redwood falls area? any info would be greatly appreciated!
  15. f5chaser

    shore fishing

    thanks for the info, anyone else have any spots to try?